Fast Food Diet Review

Fast Food Diet Review
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When Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD was tired of giving advice to his patients about how they should change their eating habits only to be ignored, he decided if he couldn’t beat them he would join them. With that the Fast Food Diet was born and a book by the same name was written.

Basically, the Fast Food Diet is one that restricts your caloric intake to between 1,500 and 1,800 per day, but does it while allowing you to eat some levels of fast foods. However, there is a catch.


Of all the food that is consumed, you have to eat 80% healthy and only 20% of the fast food type. Additionally, no soda is allowed or any fried foods of any kind. Sinatra also suggests substituting mustard for mayo and gives other calorie saving tips when eating fast food. Exercise in the form of at least 10,000 walking steps per day is also recommended.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Fast Food Diet?

Any weight loss that would be experienced on the Fast Food Diet would likely be due to the restriction of calories. While the diet does incorporate fast food, the calorie limits pale in comparison to that of someone who eats almost all fast food.

Additionally, any weight loss would be questionable on a safety level. Even though fast food is reduced it is still consumed. This can lead to negative impacts in the long-term.

Is the Fast Food Diet Easy to Follow?

With a name like Fast Food Diet you would think it is an easy diet to follow. However, it is just another diet plan that gets you to think about what you are putting in your body. Even though fast food is allowed to a certain extent, there are many forms of fast food that are not, like french fries. Those with a weak resolve might find it hard to enjoy a burger without the sidekick fries they are used to which can easily lead to going off the diet.


The Fast Food Diet book is not that expensive at $14.95, but the costs unfortunately don’t end with the book. Eating even moderate amounts of fast food can really add up and when you then add to that the cost of the lean meats and other whole foods the Fast Food Diet recommends, the overall costs can be quite considerable.

In the end, the Fast Food Diet it is little more than a clever marketing name. Those who think they will buy the book and learn the secret to eating at their favorite fast food restaurants on a daily basis will be greatly disappointed. While fast food can certainly be enjoyable, it is not a solution for long-term weight loss.

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