Fat Burning Furnace Diet Review

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet is an eBook that was created by Rob Poulos. Poulos claims that in order to effectively lose weight and continue to lose weight you have to focus on getting your resting metabolic rate (RMR) up. This is what constitutes the “furnace” part of the diet plan.

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet is meant to be a comprehensive guide that takes a participant through both working out and proper nutrition. By eating the right kinds of foods and by working out in a certain manner, Poulos contends that you can kick your RMR into high gear which will see your body naturally burn hundreds of more calories every day which in turn will see you drop weight quickly.

Exercise is mostly in the form of short weight lifting sessions and videos are available to make the process easier. The nutrition is covered in great detail and a link to a website that offers free recipes is also provided.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Fat Burning Furnace Diet?

If the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet is followed to the letter then some weight loss should be expected. However, this weight loss very well may be temporary and any long-term success will depend on your ability to stick to the diet and exercise routines the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet teaches. Should you stop the specific workouts and/or go back to the way you’ve eaten in the past your weight loss could be ended in a hurry.

Is the Fat Burning Furnace Diet Easy to Follow?

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet eBook itself is one that is filled with too much information. Though every aspect of the program is covered in great length, the eBook starts out slowly and is hard to follow at times. There is also no indication of how much weight you can expect to lose, it just claims that you will lose weight.

The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet program does come with guidance in the form of email support. But, the support team can take up to two days to respond to inquiries which means you may be in the dark should problems arise.


The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet seems gimmicky at best. The actual website is nothing more than a long “sales letter type” site that offers little in the way of what to expect. Should you decide you want to try the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet then you will have to spend $69.97 to get the “Ultimate” package and more if you want workout videos. In addition, the company that owns the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Diet also attempts to get you to buy ProGrade foods by pushing them throughout the eBook which means you have to deal with yet more annoying advertising type talk.

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