Fat For Fuel Diet Book Review

Fat For Fuel Review

Fat For Fuel written by Dr. Joseph Mercola is a diet book that is said to help combat cancer, boost brain power, and increase your overall energy levels. Dr. Mercola has this idea in the book that cancer might not occur from chromosomal damage in the cells, but from a defective metabolism. By trade he is a natural health practitioner, so he is in tune with the body and how it can be affected by both environmental and physical elements. This “book” is better known as a guide for taking back control of your health and body just by eating the correct foods.

How Does Fat for Fuel Work?

Dr. Mercola’s research suggests the Ketogenic diet to be effective for overall health, body restoration, and weight loss. Healthy brain function is fed by consuming fats that will give nourishment instead of cause harm. This is not an actual diet book with weeks and meals planned out, but it is rather a factual book with proof and different studies tied to the author’s theories about a healthy body and brain.

Dr. Mercola is not a plant-based doctor by any means, and he promotes the consumption of protein like fish. This is not a vegan diet, but it does promote eating real foods and avoiding processed foods that have little to no nutritional value in them. In the book there is a list of foods you should be eating. Both keto and glucose meters are recommended for purchasing which gives the reader a little insight that this is not a walk in the park to follow.

The book is really more about educating the reader on how the body works at a molecular level. Once the reader understands the backbone of how the cells can be disrupted by the foods that are consumed, they will steer clear from those foods and pick up a more ketogenic style diet to better combat the disease.

The Bottom Line: This book promotes a Ketogenic way of eating, all while educating the reader on how the body works at a molecular level.

Pros and Cons of The Fat for Fuel Diet

Fat For Fuel ReviewThe premise of the book has a solid model, but the actual structure has been said to be very scientific and wordy for the casual reader. The Fat For Fuel book is more about educating the reader with the information, and then having them take that information and try to apply it to their everyday lives. This is a con!

Another con is the complexity of the book and diet, which many referred to as the “flow.” Following a plain ketogenic diet is much easier than going through this book and trying to follow along with how Dr. Mercola wants you to think about cellular regeneration. Another con.

Pros are the fact that the book promotes healthy fats which are great for the body. It is no secret that low fat diets are a thing of the past, and for very good reason! Those diets are loaded with hidden sugars, making weight loss slow and painful for those going through it. He comes up with great points if you can make it through the scientific lingo! The book is also affordable for most people, which is a nice touch.

The Bottom Line: There are more initial cons than pros when looking into reading and following this diet book. From measuring food, to measuring glucose and ketones in your food it will not be a simple task to follow.


Dr. Mercola meets his goal of educating the interested reader on how this style of eating and living can greatly reduce your chance of deadly diseases such as cancer. Of course not 100% proven, as science and facts are always changing and evolving. The book is cheap to purchase. It can be wordy and hard to follow which was a turn off for a lot of people. The premise and idea it conveys is spot on however if you can get through the words. Is it worth a try? Many people said just following a ketogenic diet is a lot easier than trying to navigate through Dr. Mercola’s “flow” of the book.


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