Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet Review

Joe Cross was in his own words, “fat, sick, and nearly dead” when he decided to do something about it. What he did was an extreme 60-day juicing cleanse that he said rebooted his body, as well as allowed him to lose a tremendous amount of weight.

With his success he wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy, and thus was born the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet. The idea behind the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet is to consume nothing but juiced fruits and vegetables with some foods for a period of either 15 days or 30 days (each plan being five days of only eating and juicing, with the rest being all juicing). This helps dieters reboot their bodies and lose weight immediately.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet?

Dieters on the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet will almost certainly lose weight, but the type of weight lost will mostly be water weight. This is weight that is not only easily lost, but it is easily gained back. Once the 15 or 30 days of the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet are over, dieters will quite likely gain back a lot, if not all, the weight they lost as their diets return to normal.*

Is The Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet Easy To Follow?

The Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet will likely be one of the hardest diets to complete. The utter lack of food that has any substance to it will make it extremely difficult for many dieters. Another negative that will come with the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet will be a probable lack of energy, which can be bad for those who are used to being active.*


The Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Diet is not only an expensive diet at $149 for the 15-day plan and $289 for the 30-day plan, but it is also a diet that is not totally safe. Juicing or liquid,diets lack sufficient solid foods for the body to safely sustain itself, and while there may be weight loss as a result, that will simply be due to the body being starved.* When this happens, the body will shed first water weight and then possibly muscle mass.

While proper nutrition is a must when it comes to weight loss, extreme liquid diets should always be a last resort. You are far better off simply finding a program that offers a combination of proper diet and exercise and go about your weight loss with your health in mind.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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