Fat Smash Diet Review

Fat Smash Diet Review


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Updated on May 21, 2019

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The Fat Smash Diet was developed and written in book form by diet guru Dr. Ian Smith. The diet is actually a 90 day program that is designed to do what the title says and smash excess fat from your body’s existence. The Fat Smash Diet is broken down into four phases, each designed to gradually move participants to new levels that include different foods and exercise regimens.

The first phase is the Detox phase and lasts for nine days. During this phase the dieter eats primarily raw and/or steamed fruits and vegetables as well as works out for about 25 minutes, five days per week.

The second phase is the Foundation phase and lasts for three weeks. During this phase exercise is increased by about 15% and some foods, such as seafood, are added to the list of what can be consumed.

The third phase of the Fat Smash Diet is the Construction phase and is meant to last for four weeks. More foods, like pastas and small cookies are added and the workout load is again increased.

The fourth phase which is the Temple phase lasts for the remainder of the 90 days. This final phase has participants ramping up exercise time to about an hour each session, five days per week, and also allows for most forbidden foods to be reintroduced in limited quantities.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Fat Smash Diet?

When followed without fail dieters can expect to lose weight on the Fat Smash Diet.* This is due to the combination of calorie cutting and exercise on a regular basis. However, should the dieter go back to eating the way they did before starting the Fat Smash Diet then a lot of the weight loss progress can be quickly given back making long-term weight loss harder to achieve. The initial detox phase is very restrictive, which almost guarantees some pounds lost when followed correctly. You are not eating meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, dairy, bread, refined sugar, fried, or fast foods. Pretty much all drinks but water are not allowed.

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Is The Fat Smash Diet Easy To Follow?

The Fat Smash Diet book is easy to follow, but actually being on the diet might not be so easy. The diet restricts many foods and food groups, especially in the beginning, making it hard to follow to the letter for many. In addition, certain phases of the diet require a good deal of food preparation which can be taxing on those short on time, especially when taking the added exercise time into account. The initial detox phase is so steep, and strict that many dieters have a very hard time just getting through the nine days.

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The Fat Smash Diet is indeed one that is gaining a lot of popularity. This is due in large part to the author’s involvement with VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. However, the diet itself is not a viable long-term solution and while it might work in the short-term, there is little to no guidance for what to do after the 90 days is up leaving you to either be disciplined enough to stay on a regimented diet and exercise schedule or risk losing any weight loss success you might have gained.

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