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FenTrim is a white and blue-specked diet pill manufactured out of Draper, Utah by the company called Sutra Health. The product is sold exclusively on Amazon.com and does not have any other means to a website known at this time. The company claims that this little magic diet pill will curb hunger, break down fat cells, increase your energy levels, level out your metabolism, and reduce the stress you may have.* It has been said to resemble the supplement Phentermine, but many people think it is a worse product and does not do its job like it says it is going to do. There is no customer support line to call in to, because there is no website for the company selling these diet pills. This already seems like a complete train wreck of a diet pill, but lets investigate a little further.

FenTrim Diet amazonThe Ingredients:

L-Phenylalanine, Theobromine, Caffeine, Synephrine HCI, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, and DHEA. In each bottle of FenTrim there are 60 capsules, and you are instructed to take one a day on an empty stomach before breakfast. The cost for one bottle is $40.00 plus shipping and handling which is not cheap!

Do Dieters Lose Weigh With FenTrim?

Because there is no website, there is only room for authentic customer reviews from many different outside sources. To my surprise, many people were saying this diet pill did literally nothing for them, except give them major headaches, thirst, and anxiety. It has not been a popular pill to purchase for weight loss, and long-term health and wellness when looking at the customer voices. The company also endorses their own product by sending out free samples, or discounted product so that people will leave reviews. To their disservice, many of the reviews were very poor.

FenTrim Diet woman headacheI was on Phentermine on and off for a year and I will tell you this DOES NOT work like Phentermine. I saw reviews on here saying it was comparable which is why I decided to try it. I felt NO energy, NO suppressed appetite. I did however get migraines everyday (yes I was eating and drinking correctly).” This Amazon Customer* also said that the best way to get an appetite suppressant is to get it prescribed by your doctor. You can return this supplement for a full refund, so take advantage of this while you can.

 Jody Harrington* said,“I am not super happy with the Fentrim. It does nothing for my appetite. Some how when wanting on the buy on get one free I ended up with another full bottle at the larger amount.” Jody said the service was quick, which was a relief but that she wishes she could exchange the product for credit. Overall she just wasn’t happy with the pills and wanted to get her money back.

 “I started using this because I ran out of my doctor prescribed medicine and I thought with this looking the same that it would work about the same. Unfortunately I haven't really felt much of a difference. I have been taking them for almost a month and still nothing” said Tazfairy*. No appetite suppression happened, at least not enough to notice a difference for Taz Fairy, and this comes as a major disappointment. This customer also received the diet pills for an honest review, which goes to show the company needed to get the pills into the hands of customers.

 Is FenTrim Easy To Follow?

Because this is simply a diet pill you are supposed to take once a day before breakfast and then never think about it until the next day it will be simple to follow. There is no nutritional plan suggested, nor is there any multivitamins suggested to couple along with FenTrim. There is not a visible money back guarantee to the user unless you contact Amazon directly, and there is no one to call in regards to support as mentioned above. To top it all off, there are a lot of empty claims describing the pill but there is no scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness anywhere on the bottle or site that represents FenTrim.* Overall, with the many side effects and lack of anything substantial this diet pill has not been said to be a favorite with its customer base so far. Many companies are trying to emulate Phentermine, which is a very potent pill that has to be prescribed and they are getting let down with a watered down version that doesn’t do its job.

FenTrim Diet pillConclusion

After looking at all of the data and facts swirling around the weight loss pill FenTrim, the consensus does not look strong. The company provides no website for the product to help educate the customer more about why it may be effective, nor do they offer any means of support both physical (call, or e-mail) or social media. This is just a diet pill company that wants to take your money, and never hear from you again. This is more or less a scam product with less than impressive weight loss results from its customer base. For the expensive cost of the bottle, you should be given more for your money and instead you are given the bare minimum. Think twice before putting FenTrim in your system.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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