Fit For Life Diet Review

Fit For Life Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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Harvey and Marilyn Diamond founded the Fit For Life Diet in the mid 1980s, and the main idea that helps the diet stand is the notion that food combinations trump calorie counting and portion control. The founders truly believe that if you eat foods of the right combinations rather than the wrong combinations, you will lose weight no matter the calorie consumption. This may seem appealing to some, because they will automatically think no dietary changes need to be made in order to lose weight, but there is more to it. In the plan itself, there are foods like starches and meats that are considered “dead” foods that you should stay away from, and foods that are seen as “living” foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables.

A basic day while following the Fit For Life Diet may consist of:

Breakfast:  A simple carbohydrate by itself is allowed, or you can choose to consume only fruit juice and fruits until noon, as the Diamonds believe fruits cleanse the body.*

Lunch & Dinner: You are allowed to consume either carbohydrates and vegetables together, or vegetables and proteins such as meats together. You are never allowed to consume a protein and carbohydrate together. Dairy is always off limits, and no water should ever be consumed during any meals. Proteins are encouraged at dinner, but animal proteins are seen negatively, and not encouraged.*

The authors also educate on the body cycles, which are:

  • Eating and Digestion – noon to 8:00pm* Absorption – 8:00pm to 4:00am* Elimination – 4:00am to noon*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Fit For Life?

While this program markets the fact that you can eat different types of food and still lose weight, there are many dietary restrictions such as dairy, animal protein, and all beverages (except fruit juice and water). The food combinations the Diamonds propose as the “magical secret” to weight loss are not scientifically proven to help anyone actually lose weight. This seems more of a switch to becoming a vegetarian than focusing on losing weight in ways that work for your body. Many people who go through reading the book and following the diet have seen weight come off, and the reviews were split evenly for those who enjoyed the diet to those who saw little to no changes. The testimonials overall seemed like the book was full of unproven ideas, but it seemed to work for some people.

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Is Fit For Life Easy To Follow?

No, because this book requires you make an entire dietary shift that includes the elimination of foods your body may be used to. Any time you are restricting foods and adding more nutrient dense items like veggies and tofu, you may feel a withdrawal from the not-as-nutritious foods your body was once used to. The side effects that may come from withdrawal are nausea, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog.

The theory of the diet itself is sold all over the website, but there are no real tips and tricks to incorporating the diet into your own lifestyle, which can make the program tough to follow.* Whenever you are marketing a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle without outright saying it, the risks can be malnutrition for the dieters. Many people get nutrients and vitamins from dairy products, as well as lean meats. Finally, the higher fiber diet may pose some digestive issue with some individuals who are not used to consuming mainly plant-based foods.

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This book is very fanatical, and has some health professionals questioning its validity and methods when helping someone lose weight. This idea calls its readers and participants to essentially switch over to a borderline vegetarian way of life, which can pose many challenges up front. Fit For Life is sold on Amazon, as well as popular chain bookstores around the nation, and costs about $15.00. The total investment is not extravagant, but the likelihood of success goes down when there are no support systems involved or customer support channels you can tap into when investing in the Fit For Life Diet. I would not call this diet a complete scam, but all of the theories in the book are not proven to help you regain your health and lose weight for good.*

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  1. Total Nonsense.Not only is Fir for Life successful Diet that sheds pounds in no time its also one of the cheapest way to eat.Many years ago I went on Fit For Life and lost 40 lbs in a Month and a Half effortlessly,I not only felt better but lost inches.Love this Diet.

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