Flabs2Abs Review

Flabs2Abs Review
Flabs2Abs Review

Flabs 2 Abs is a 30-day body transformation program that offers strength training exercises, plus cardio and nutritional advice. Brothers Matt and Craig Lewandowski founded the company in 2011, and their headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. When initially creating their product, they were looking to take a different approach to weight loss than the rest of the market. Their approach is rather different, when right on the website they are marketing “Burger 2 Abs” saying you can eat all the burgers in the world, and still have a six-pack.* This not only makes me feel nauseous, but it leads me to believe these brothers really don’t have your long-term health in mind. To see their Better Business Bureau report click here.

The 3 Sections of the Flabs 2 Abs Program: Nutrition, Cardio, Weight Training.

They market that most of your training can be done right from the comfort of your own living room, but this does not always work for everyone. Not everyone has access to weights or workout space, nor do some people want to workout in their homes for social reasons. The cost for Flabs 2 Abs is $29.95 for the regular bundle and $39.95 for the Ultimate bundle. You can order it off of Amazon, or directly from their personal website. They provide you with absolutely no customer support number, just an e-mail address for any questions.*

What You Will Receive In the Flabs 2 Abs Bundle:

  • 6 Workout Routines, 10 Abdominal Moves, Cardio Section, Nutrition Instruction, and a Print off of your own schedule.

What You Will Receive In the Flabs 2 Abs Ultimate Bundle:

  • 6 Workout Routines, 10 Abdominal Moves, Cardio Section, Nutrition Instruction, Print off of your own schedule, Online DVD Access, Recipe List and Modification Guide, Favorite Food List, Meal Plans, and Burger Abs.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Flabs 2 Abs?

A large majority of the reviews were negative, which did not really come as a surprise to me. Many of the reviews said that the company is a complete scam, and that they do not honor their 60-day money back guarantee. Anytime you have a company looking to sell a product from the website, and then offer no customer service number, you know it is going to be difficult to get your money back. The nutritional guide is nothing more than a low-calorie and high-protein guide, and the exercise routines are apparently nothing you couldn’t find on YouTube. This is another gimmick weight loss company that does nothing but take a customer’s money and leave them frustrated, to say the least.* No, dieters using this program as a majority have said that they have not seen adequate results.

Is Flabs 2 Abs Easy To Follow?

The Flabs 2 Abs program has so many moving parts, which can lead to confusion. There are random workouts thrown in with a less than impressive eating plan. It is no wonder I haven’t really heard about this company, until taking a deeper look into the nuts of bolts of what they are all about. Their customer rapport is rather weak, and their program leads people not to weight loss, but to frustration. I would call this program rather detailed and not easy to follow, especially if you are looking to make a lifestyle change by eating healthy and exercising regularly (burgers aside). Side effects are much different for each person because this is a workout program not a supplement you take.


The Flabs2Abs website is hard to follow, the product is hard to wrap your mind around when following, and their customers have spoken the truth when it comes to the effectiveness of the product as a whole. Not only do they fail to provide a customer service number that is easily available to the customer, they do not have any social media platforms available to support the customer. This company is quite a scam, as they have been known to not honor their 60-day money back guarantee (which isn’t that great by the way). I would not support this business or waste my time trying to lose weight with Flabs2Abs today or in the future. If you ask me, their claim “You’ll lose weight faster than anything you have ever tried” seems like a stretch of the truth.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.
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