Flat Belly Overnight Review

Flat Belly Overnight Review



Update: Jul 09, 2024

4.5 Out of 10
The Flat Belly Overnight Diet was created by founder Andrew Raposo, and the product comes in the form of an eBook. The eBook contains a series of dietary training guides, exercises, and detox formulas, as well as different training guides to help optimize fat loss, especially belly fat. The total program comes with three different guides that are supposed to help you lose fat overnight when followed to the letter. The two program guides are the detox guide and a helpful template, which comes with three minute exercise videos to follow for the third. For this online diet program you will pay $37.00 plus shipping, and they give a 60-day money back guarantee.

Flat Belly Overnight Claims

The product talks about not taking their name “literally” assuming that you will lose actual belly fat overnight. They claim, “First and foremost this program is not to be taken literally as an overnight cure to your belly fat, it is instead a program that works at night while you sleep with the aid of three minute sequences and detox.” [1] They say that on top of weight loss, it can help with joint pain, better looking skin, and decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease. These are all very large claims tied to just an eBook.   They also say that the book does not require you to take any supplements, go to the gym, or starve yourself by any means to get the results you want. The program offers the three parts as mentioned above, but what are they really? As said on the website, these programs, “The Done For You” template which has been said to guide people through what their bedtime ritual must be in order to see progress. This includes what herbs to put in your tea before bed, how to relax your body, and which foods to consume to rev up your metabolism. The second is called “The 3 Minute Belly Flattening Sequence”, which are simple exercises to strengthen your core muscles.   The third book comes in the form of the detox, and is called “ The Detox Formula.”  It is meant to help people flush the harmful toxins from their body and all while they eat the foods they want to eat. They advise food pairings that cause the least amount of inflammation, as well as what foods to avoid in general. These are all interesting topics that need to be addressed, but how effective are they in an eBook really? Many people like physical copies of a program to take to the grocery store with them, read in bed, and just have on hand. The overall layout of the diet program is not the most user friendly program out on the market today, and the information seems to be readily available on the internet by simply searching keywords like three minute stomach exercises.

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Ingredients In The Flat Belly Overnight Program

Because this is an eBook with no supplements required, there is no ingredient list to look into at this time.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind The Flat Belly Overnight Diet

There are many different claims made above about why this product and template can work for losing weight, but they only site one reference in all of those claims. According to the study that was sited, “If you are obese or overweight, you are 90 times as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as someone who is not, according to a review of medical literature published in 2003 by University of Kentucky and other researchers.” [2] The study goes on to say that increased body fat can really harm the body in many ways from blood sugar issues all the way to joint problems. This is very basic information in general, but this program is not 100% proven to take away belly fat, which will in turn take away a whole other host of problems.

According to a study done by CDC Government, “To lose weight, you must use up more calories than you take in. Since one pound equals 3,500 calories, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 500—1000 calories per day to lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week. The good news is that no matter what your weight loss goal is, even a modest weight loss, such as 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight, is likely to produce health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.” [3]

The claim that you do not have to go to the gym or take any supplements to achieve weight loss may be true, as this is a very general statement. Many people do exercises in their homes, as well as take a natural herb or maintain a healthy diet which helps them with weight loss, making this statement viable overall. It is too broad to call it false.

Regarding heart disease, the claims that you will have a healthier heart was explained by Obesity Action, “A 5-10 percent weight-loss can result in a five point increase in HDL cholesterol. This deserves applause as raising HDL by these few points can lower the risk of an individual developing heart disease. HDL cholesterol of more than 40 mg/dl for men and more than 50 mg/dl for women is protective against heart disease.” [4]

As you can see, many of these points are spot on, and they have been researched and proven true. The question lies in the mystery of whether the eBook really is as effective as it claims to be. Is it worth the time and money to invest, and will you see results? In the next section, there are real people who have tried the program, and their results are a true testament to how the program actually works. Overall, there is science behind why weight loss is good for the body, but there is not actual science behind how this particular program was created to work and if it is really effective for those who need to lose fat.

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Word On The Street About Flat Belly Overnight

To lose fat you need routine, constancy, and a clean diet, if anything. These promises made from the Flat Belly Overnight Diet almost sound too good to be true. First they name their book one thing, and then immediately say it won’t work overnight as advertised, which is confusing. The creator goes on to talk about this highly dramatic story about a woman named Amy, who was on the risk of dying and now is healed. This seems rather dramatic to me, and it most likely is not true at all. This is yet another marketing ploy to get people interested in trying a product that potentially worked for someone else, since there are no other reviews on the main website.   For the amount of money you are spending, you are not getting a lot of content when it comes down to it. One user explained, they paid for the program and were disappointed in the large claims and marketing tricks that were thrown out there with little to no execution on the information side of things. For example, “Try this groundbreaking tip before bed to help you lose inches.” Claims such as this are let downs because they are not groundbreaking by any means. [5] The videos were bare bones, and the templates were almost laughable with only 20 pages being offered. The things offered in the template are: tips and tricks for weight loss, which are similar to pop up adds; a list of healthy foods, which are not groundbreaking (proteins, veggies, etc.); and three example menu plans given.  There were no independent reviews on this product overall, which was rather unsettling to find out. This means the product is somewhat of a gimmick to many people, which is why not many people are talking about it. The videos come with no sound, and there are only 7 of them. You could go on YouTube and find more information than what this product is offering. Overall, the content just seems weak, which leaves the customer to do all of the work after they have purchased. With weak content, this diet does not really have legs to stand on because there are no support groups or voices to vouch for its effectiveness.

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The Bottom Line: Is Flat Belly Overnight Worth A Try?

Risky.  This eBook is sadly just another ClickBank product that promises to let you in on a million different secrets, but really gives you shallow information at the end of the day. Sure, their claims are backed by actual studies that weight loss leads to less health problems overall in life, but they are very vague and general claims. The content has been said to be poor overall, which does not make spending $37.00 seem like that great of a deal when it is all said and done. The name alone misleads from the very beginning, as this diet will not lead you to losing your waistline overnight, it will just give you basic tools in the form of an eBook to educate you on how to eat better so that inches may be lost overtime. The keyword here is “time” as this program will take time to get used to and actually work if followed directly.

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