Flexitarian Diet Review

Flexitarian Diet Review



Update: Aug 08, 2019

The Flexitarian Diet book is a diet plan that was created by Dawn Jackson Blatner, who contends that vegetarians weigh less. However, she is also a realist and knows that not everyone will want to go 100 percent vegetarian, so she created a way to be a flexible vegetarian, or Flexitarian.

The premise of the diet is to get dieters to eat less meat. This is done in stages, with beginners encouraged to have two meatless days each week. As time goes on, advanced dieters are supposed to go for three to four meatless days, and expert dieters are to shoot for five or more meatless days. Without all this meat, Blatner says more greens and healthier alternatives are added into a diet, and weight loss will naturally occur.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Flexitarian Diet?

Dieters who can stick to the Flexitarian Diet will no doubt lose weight at least in the short-term. Taking a significant amount of calories out of a diet, like dieters who will be eliminating meat on certain days, will result in less calorie consumption, at least at first.

However, there are no eating restrictions while on the Flexitarian Diet. However, dieters have to be wary of what they are adding to their diet in place of meat, and how much of it they are adding. While greens may be better for the body than meats, too much of anything is a weight loss deterrent.

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Is The Flexitarian Diet Easy To Follow?

Those on the Flexitarian Diet will likely have a hard time with it; maybe not at first, when they are only cutting out two days of meats, but as time goes on and the days increase, so too will the cravings. The human body was simply not designed to go totally meatless, and when pushed to such cravings, headaches and lightheadedness can all be unwelcome side effects. This can make it all but impossible for those who enjoy high levels of fitness and activity.

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The Flexitarian Diet is only around $15 for the book, but for something that simply encourages you to eat less meat, it really isn’t worth it. If it is your intention to eat less meat, then you can do so on your own without spending any money. However, you should realize that no matter what you eat calorie-wise, there is no substitute for proper nutrition and fitness, which are not going to come by simply cutting meat out of your diet a few days a week.

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