Food Combining Diet Review

Food Combining Diet Review


Update: Aug 12, 2019

Food combining generally works off the theory that certain foods should be combined and others should not. By combining the right foods it supposedly makes digestion easier and helps you avoid gas, bloating, and even weight gain. This theory has spawned several versions of the Food Combining Diet.

The Food Combining Diet has very specific rules of what you can’t do. You can’t combine carbs and highly acidic foods. You can’t combine proteins and fats. You can’t combine proteins and acidic fats. You can’t combine sugars and starches. You can’t combine proteins and carbs. Additionally, you can’t combine milk or melons with anything and you should limit your serving of either starches or proteins to one per meal.

By following the rules of the Food Combining Diet it is said that your body will be better able to break down the foods and burn off the excess calories. When followed long-term, the Food Combining Diet claims weight loss is a sure thing.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Food Combining Diet?

Weight loss is the subject of much debate when it comes to the Food Combining Diet. A lot will depend on how much of the different types of foods you eat no matter how you are to combine the foods. If weight loss were to be achieved then that would mean always having to stick to the rules of the Food Combining Diet as going back to a normal way of eating would mean you giving up any progress you might have made.

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Another factor would be that of exercise. Of course there are no specific guidelines for exercise with some of the most popular versions of the Food Combining Diet so again your results will likely vary to a large degree depending on the version of the Food Combining Diet you choose to follow.

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Is the Food Combining Diet Easy to Follow?

The Food Combining Diet is easy to follow in the sense that there is really nothing that is off limits. However, there are many food items that you might normally enjoy having together on the same plate that you will no longer be able to have side by side. This might make it hard for you to follow the Food Combining Diet for any extended amount of time.

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The Food Combining Diet sounds great in theory, but there are many experts that challenge the claims of the diet and rightfully so. While it’s important to eat the proper combinations of foods, so too is eating the proper amounts. If you were to eat ‘till your heart’s content and simply avoiding putting certain foods together you would likely lose little weight, if you lost any at all. Unfortunately, for defenders of the Food Combining Diet, losing weight has more to it than the complicated balancing act it teaches.

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