Forever Living Forever Lean Review

Forever Living Forever Lean Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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Forever Lean is another weight loss supplement produced by the company Forever Living. This supplement is meant to help the body better absorb calories from fat and carbohydrates. This is a bottle of supplements that comes with 120 capsules to take for around $25.00 with shipping. The pills are also said to help regulate the blood sugar to help the metabolism function better, as well as inhibit the body’s ability to absorb sugar (wouldn’t that be great).* You are instructed to take one capsule before each meal or snack. The maximum amount of capsules you can take in one day is 4.

The Ingredients In The Forever Lean Capsules:

Opuntia ficus-indica, Chromium Trichloride, and white kidney beans. These combined ingredients are meant to do their job in regulating blood sugar and proper absorption of fats and carbs.

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Do Dieters Lose Weight On Forever Lean?

There was a complete split down the middle of customers who said it helped them kick start weight loss, to others saying this product did absolutely nothing for their weight loss. Overall, it is a rather expensive product for what you are actually getting when it is all said and done. The lack of customer success stories has me thinking this is just another weight loss supplement that promises the world, in return for little to nothing.

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Is Forever Lean Easy To Follow?

The overall idea of the pill is easy to follow, and there were no noted side effects that seemed horrible (to make the pill hard to take). You are instructed to take the pill before each meal or snack throughout the day so that it can absorb sugars, fats, and carbs. On the back of the container it says you must eat healthy and exercise to see any weight loss results (which is finally an honest statement from these companies!). They are essentially saying this pill alone is not going to be enough for weight to come off, without the effort from the other factors. It is not easy to continue to purchase this item however, as one bottle is nearly $30.00 which is an equivalent to an expensive and high quality probiotic. This is not cheap for a supplement that has not been proven to really work wonders for your waste line.

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This product is okay, but not stellar. There is nothing harmful noted about Forever Lean, which is uplifting. It is however, rather expensive for what you are actually getting at the end of the day. There are no studies done on the ingredients showing how they are actually effective in helping with weight loss, which is nice for the customer to see for affirmation. The company is not primarily a weight loss company, and it is evident in their lack of popularity within their individual products overall. I would not put all of my hope and dreams into Forever Lean, as it’s reviews and results were less than impressive!

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