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Freshology Review

Freshology Review
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The Freshology Diet is a meal ready delivery service that makes eating all the right things a no brainer (or so they market). Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Lopez, Ricki Lake, and Cheryl Burke are all clients of this food service that puts an end to frozen foods and store bought cuisine. Their customer service number is: (877) 893-7374 and when I called in to order my food I was put on hold. It didn’t feel like premier customer service for a “premier” food delivery service. This company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, see it here. The company is based out of Southern California, and you better believe you are going to pay an arm and a leg for these meals just like you would in California.

The Freshology Diet allows you to choose from a wide variety of eating options, including one option for those trying to lose weight. For the weight loss option you simply select the foods you like and you will get them delivered to you in portion controlled servings that will range from 1200 to 2000 calories per day depending on whether you are male or female.Each day you will get fresh made foods to the tune of breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, and a dessert. All foods are prepared by 5-Star chefs and the menu is rotated every 60 days to ensure new meals are added to your list of options.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Freshology Diet?

Any weight loss that might come from this diet will be due to the restricted amount of calories that you will eat each day, as well as the portions you are given. However, diet alone is not going to allow you to lose much weight. Exercise is almost always needed to compliment any diet program and unfortunately the Freshology Diet only delivers food. They offer a program called the Gold Program which is run by Jillian Michaels and it couples the meal plans of Freshology to mimic recipes from Jillian’s book “Master Your Metabolism.” Although there is no exercise involved, people have said they like the recipes for the most part. Regarding the actual meals, the breakfasts consist of a lot of eggs, and they are always well done due to the shipment process. (Kind of hard to ship a runny egg via FedEx!) The lunches include a lot of salads which have been said to wilt upon shipment (naturally), so that is a bummer and most definitely far from gourmet. Among the list of foods were noodle salads with beans, seafood salads, as well as chicken and veggie dishes.

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Is the Freshology Diet Easy to Follow?

As far as diets go the Freshology Diet is pretty easy as you do nothing but eat the food that gets delivered to your doorstep. However, there are a few inconveniences such as limiting your alcohol intake and eliminating sugary drinks and other snacks and meals. This diet can be especially hard if you like to dine out frequently. Should you decide to do so then you will throw the entire portion control advantage that this diet offers right out the window. There were also complaints of the foods variety, which made people feel like they were eating the same things each day (even with the meal rotation). Some of the meals also have not been said to taste “gourmet.” That word is often thrown around these days anyways. With the cost of $40.00 per day, this program screams expensive. All in all, the idea that you can ship full blown meals to someones door is pretty amazing and up to date.


By the list of movie and television stars that are on the Freshology Diet you might think this is the best diet ever and if you participate you too can look as they do. Just keep in mind that they not only have the money to have their food made and delivered every day, but they also have the money to hire a personal trainer and the time to work out like crazy.

In addition, the Freshology Diet is not cheap. Plans vary, but most cost around $35 per day with a 14 day minimum order. For a family of four that means spending $140 per day to eat which is out of reach for most average families. So, it might be a nice luxury that the movie stars enjoy, but it is not a good diet program for those who have a family or are on a budget. There is no sign of workouts anywhere to be seen as well, and we all know that this must be coupled with a healthy diet to see large gains.

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