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From Junk Food To Joy Food Diet Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

From Junk Food To Joy Food Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesFrom Junk Food To Joy Food is a diet book rather new to the scene written by Joy Bauer. She makes a point in her book to name all of the delectable foods that only people dream of when they are dieting such as lava cakes, macaroni and cheese, milkshakes, and chicken wings slathered in sauce. The point of her book is to take a high caloric item and reduce it down to a dieter’s meal by adding in different ingredients. For example, her macaroni and cheese dish is made with spaghetti squash versus actual starch filled pasta. If you are looking for a cookbook full of substitutions, this may be the book for you. If you are unsure of how all of this food is going to taste with the substitutions, just read on for more information.

Joy has a website that she promotes her book on, and it features her on different shows like the Today Show, where she makes a few sample recipes from her book. When watching these videos you can tell she is very passionate about what she does, and really believes that the food she is providing as an alternative is healthier than in its current state. When looking into any contact information on her website, there was a contact page with media information but no real ways on contacting Joy directly. See it here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With From Junk Food To Joy Food?

This is an interesting concept, and who doesn’t love a good healthy chocolate milkshake? The real premise on whether or not this book is going to work, and be useful in the dieters everyday life is whether or not the food actually tastes good. No real side effects have been noted with this diet, as many times cookbooks fall on the safe side because the dieter is cooking the meals for themselves. When looking for authentic reviews, I found quite a few people who have given her recipes a try and here is what they said.

Mel Eitelijorge* said, “I was excited to get this book after seeing demos on TV. It’s a beautiful book with many pics. I may revise my rating after trying a few more recipes. But I started with the black bean brownies, following instructions to the letter, and oh my gosh. They were horrible.” Mel then continued with the fact that she had to dump the entire pan in the trash, which then set her up to be skeptical of the rest of the recipes.

Was so excited to try some of these recipes. Very similar concept to Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. Hide vegetables in food while cutting fat. The “sweets” we tried were an absolute flop and inedible.” Peekeeko* then went onto say that recipes that she tried were not edible, and therefore had to be thrown away in waste. The idea that the sugar from natural fruit is enough to sweeten an entire dish was another let down, as many of the dessert dishes tasted to bland. Finally, the sloppy joe recipe was said to be just ground turkey and ketchup (which has a lot of hidden sugar). In a nutshell the recipes were a massive letdown, and did not taste good.

 J Peterson* expressed that the book was misleading and the recipes made on her infomercial did not match the selections in the book. “She was making entrees and appetizers and comparing them to popular restaurant food items, but her recipes had less calories. I was excited about that and was willing to pay more than I usually would ($16) for these healthier versions. I was extremely disappointed to see no comparisons in the book. She went onto say that the recipes titles seemed very simple, but when you looked at the actual list of ingredients there were a lot of items that were unheard of. Due to this fact alone, she found it very hard to get motivated to try these new recipes that did not seem appetizing at all.

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 Is From Junk Food To Joy Food Easy To Follow?

No, because this is a book of substitutions it is going to take a lot more time in the kitchen to get used to the new ingredients you will be shopping for and using. Long gone are the days when you can open a box of pasta and put it in a pot of boiling water. Instead, you will be cooking spaghetti squash for over 45 minutes and then will be scraping it meticulously out of the squash for another 5. This is just one example of many that could be when it comes to actually getting in the kitchen and fixing new meals that have new flavor. Just because they are a healthy version of the foods you like doesn’t mean they are going to taste the same or be similar in preparation. Just because it takes more time, does not make it bad (because it is going to be much healthier for you in the long run) but the reality of it is much harder.

Many of these recipes are made up, and they are coming from a place of creativity from Joy herself. There are not many “facts” on the website that tell the reader why the substitutes are actually better for them. Maybe that just comes with a little common sense from the reader, but it still would be nice to see some sort of substitution chart from the author.

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This is a very creative book meant to help a person cut calories out of their daily lives without sacrificing all of the good foods they love. While this sounds really amazing, the food is indeed different from its original form and ingredients. Some of the recipes have said to taste awful, while others are pleasant. There are social media sites linked from the main website, which is a great sign from the author and they have regular activity. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be healthier, and this book surely promotes healthy living with seemingly unhealthy foods.

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