FucoTHIN Review

FucoTHIN is diet pill that is a proprietary blend of all natural substances derived from cold pressed pomegranate oil and seaweed. The founders from Garden of Life named the product “FucoTHIN” because it’s an actual acronym for the word Fucoxanthin that is a carotenoid found in brown and olive seaweeds. In many different studies done primarily in Japan, it was shown that fucoxanthin produced a Thermogenic effect in the body.* When searching for an actual ingredient list, I was unable to find one but know that the product has seaweed extract in it. On the bottle it says, “Xanthigen Proprietary Blend, Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin Concentrate, and Pomegranate Seed oil. If there are any more ingredients, we will never know.

diet pillsThe product is said to support healthy fat reduction with little to no side effects due to the all-natural ingredients present in the pills. There is no caffeine or guarana present in the FucoTHIN diet capsules. The Garden of Life is a large vitamin, greens, and Protein Company so they are rather difficult to directly get ahold of. When clicking on their contact us page, it was under construction with no way to actually call or e-mail them with more inquiries.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on FucoTHIN?

Sadly, this pill wasn’t giving customers the results they wanted to see upon purchase. From the terrible smell of the pills (due to the seaweed), to the way it made their stomachs feel there were not many positive voices. Some of the side effects noted: Stomachaches, diarrhea, weight gain, warm patches and rashes on skin, and cramping.

Kiakam* said, “I really wanted this to work for me. But right after the first use I experienced extreme stomachache. I continued for two more days, hoping it would get better, but my stomachaches and cramps only got worse. I did experience less hunger and a boost of energy. I was also disappointed to find out that these contain beef gelatin. I was under the impression that all Garden of Life products were vegan/vegetarian.” 

 seaweedThis is the 2nd bottle that I purchased and it had no effect on me what so ever. I had no side affects, which is good, but I also didn’t loose any pounds when taking it. I was taking 2 to 3 pills a day and still had no affects on me. I wish I knew what i did wrong while taking it. I wasn’t eating as much but still did not loose any weight. Unfortunately I guess this product was not for me. Mom*

 “I was so eager to use this product and (hopefully) see some results, however, that has not been the case. I have been taking the recommended dosage of this product for close to three months now and have seen little-to-no results. I have also been watching what I eat and working out at the gym for two hours, six days a week. Also, this product is a little over-priced considering that you only get 90 tablets. If I felt like this product was increasing my metabolic rate and helping me lose some weight, then I would be more than happy to shell out the $30/mo., but for me, it's just not worth it.” K Anderson*

 K. Kulig * said, “I decided to try fucothin because of recent articles I had read on the product and its ability to increase metabolism without changing your diet or exercise habits. I bought two bottles because it claims to take six weeks to work. My job is extremely physical, but otherwise I did not change anything. I was about halfway through the second bottle before I noticed the smelly urine. Luckily I had read the previous reviews, so I knew what was happening.” She went onto say that she did not experience any weight loss at all, and that if she would have seen weight loss she could have tolerated the smell. To get rid of the pills faster, she decided to double up on the pills which then led to side effects such as hot spots all over various parts of her body. She was getting the thermal effect but no weight was coming off.

 Is FucoTHIN Easy To Follow?

The directions on the bottle say that you are supposed to take one capsule with each meal three times a day. Once your system is used to taking one pill with each meal you will gradually increase it to three pills per meal three times a day. You will have to carry the bottle around with you by the end of it, as 9 pills per day is quite a lot to remember to take each day. The smell of the pills have been said to replicate the smell of rotting vegetables, which is quite unpleasant to have to take with your meals. The most difficult part of this process will be actually stomaching down the pills.

The price for 90 capsules comes out to $30.00+ shipping, which is not terrible and we have seen much more expensive on the market. The company states that actual human tests have been done on this specific diet product, and they talk about these tests here, if you are interested in reading more about them.


green pillThe diet pill itself is not very impressive regarding working for actual weight loss, and you will need to still implement a healthy diet and nutritional regime into your daily routine. They state you should stick around 1,800 calories in your diet which is quite a lot if you think about the average diet program has the dieter sticking to 1,000-1,500 calories at most. The Garden of Life Company does offer social media sites, which is a nice touch but the followers and activity is very small at best. There is not a lot of activity going on their social media sites, and it might have something to do with the effectiveness of their products. The voices have spoken, and the FucoTHIN diet pill does not work for really kicking those pounds down, so why should you go through all of the struggle choking down the pills?

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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