Gastrobiplex Review

Gastrobiplex Review


Update: May 26, 2019

Gastrobiplex is a weight management system that contains two parts, the first part being the replacement shake made up of different proteins, and B-vitamins and the second part being their diet pill line.

The company Tru Derma claims that the product is meant to make you feel fuller with less food. There is a warning right on the box in red letters saying that this diet is not for the casual dieter, rather one who needs to lose a significant amount of weight.* To guarantee weight loss the customer is instructed to replace two entire meals a day with the shakes, as well as take 1 capsule per day after your meal or replacement shake.

The Gastrobiplex System can be purchased for $74.95 and includes shakes, recipes, as well as the capsules. In this box you will get 30 servings, which will give you ample amount of time to try out the product. The company does offer a money back guarantee for the first time buyers, which always makes me breath better as I do not have to hold my breath in hopes for the product to work.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Gastrobiplex?

Because this product is not for the average dieter trying to get ready for a bikini season, it is not meant to be taken lightly. The shakes and capsules are meant to completely replace meals for a certain amount of time, which in turn will significantly reduce your caloric intake. There have been customers who jump on this diet plan before getting gastric bypass surgery to lessen the load, and shorten the recovery time. It will not work wonders for someone who doesn’t follow the directions. The real question is, do the shakes actually keep you full and are they pleasant tasting? Those are the two main questions that will make or break this product as far as returning customers are concerned.

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Is Gastrobiplex Easy To Follow?

The directions are not hard to follow at all. You take 2 shakes in the place of 2 meals, which is nice because it can save you time used to cook. Directly after that, the instructions say to take the capsule at least once a day. The problem with all of this is the terrible taste the shakes leave in your mouth, as they have been said to taste awful like a terrible artificial sweetener gone wrong. This is going to be hard to follow if you can’t even get the shake down in the first place. The concept seems convincing, but it is really too good to be true with the horrendous taste of the shakes. There has also been word of the shakes not being very filling, which is what they are supposed to be doing for the body. It is going to be hard to follow if you are constantly starving, because the shakes are not doing their job.

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This company has a good reputation with the BBB, which is always wonderful to see. However, their shakes are said to taste awful, as well as not do their most important job which is keep you feeling more full with less calories. I already don’t like the thought of starving all day everyday, and on top of that having to choke down a bad tasting shake that is supposed to serve as my entire meal. This product is also not meant for the casual dieter, so customers beware before you purchase. The capsules have no flavor, so taking those should not be a problem. This poses another annoyance however, with having to take shakes and pills. If you can remember these steps, the program may work for you. If you have a hard time drinking the shakes, and following it up with a pill capsule this may not be the diet for you.

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