Glow 15 Diet Book Review

Glow 15 Review

Glow 15 is a diet book based on the science of autophagy, and it was written by author Naomi Whittel. This book primarily focuses on women’s health and wellness. Whittel promotes a clean lifestyle as well as anti-aging benefits which gets many people interested. If you are not familiar with what autophagy is, it is simply:

“The word autophagy is derived from Greek words “auto” meaning self and “phagy” meaning eating. Autophagy is a normal physiological process in the body that deals with destruction of cells in the body.”

In other words, it reuses and recycles cellular waste.

The book is marketed to unlock key breakthroughs that will essentially better your lifestyle and help you to lose weight. Achieving these things all while feeling younger and more vibrant. This book believes that food is medicine, and that healthy fats are our friend. It is believed that healthy fats are the body’s preferred fuel.

How Does The Glow 15 Diet Work?

When looking into the actual structure of the diet itself, it was somewhat of a letdown. There are many “jumbled” points on health and dieting strewn throughout the entire book. Randomly, Naomi provides a 2-week meal plan program. This 2-week meal plan structure is essentially the diet in a nutshell.  The author makes a point to tell the reader to get more sleep, go in for massages, and take care of their skin. This is all well and good, but there are no real “groundbreaking” tips and tricks as marketed.

The 2-week menu plan is devised of recipes coming only from Naomi’s cookbook, so if you do not like these recipes you are simply out of luck. Sure, you can supplement and swap as needed but it will be at the cost of going outside of the diet guidelines. Some people described the eating plan as high veggie and average protein consumption, tied in with expensive supplements and sugar substitutes. It is also very low calorie, which left many of the dieters starving at the end of the day!

Is The Glow 15 Diet Dangerous?

No, this diet is not dangerous at all but it is really scattered and somewhat thrown together. The book itself costs under $25.00 and the author provides advice and clarity on her personal website, but it still seems confusing for many. It has not been said to be an “easy-read”, with many struggling chapter to chapter. On the Glow 15 website, she offers free gifts as an incentive to order. Those free gifts include her recipe book PDF, as well as an online workshop that she claims costs $149.00 normally. The workshop focuses on metabolism tips and how to increase your natural energy.

Pros and Cons of The Glow 15 Diet

There are some pros to this diet book, such as an alternative way to think about dieting as a whole. A lot of people like a new approach to the lingo. The fasting, low calorie, and cheat day talk can get rather mundane. The Glow 15 diet mashes up many ideas into different chapters leaving the dieter to pick and choose what they feel is right for them. The price is also another pro, because it is not going to break the bank. On the flip side of things, picking and choosing information is not always a good way to operate, and has left many readers confused and overwhelmed. In many different reviews submitted on this diet book the customer wanted to like the book, but the content was too scattered.

Another con lies in the fact that the book focuses on looking younger, when most people just want to become healthier and lose weight. There are also small details throughout the book that were not executed properly:

Erika said, “I REALLY wanted to like this book, as I think the information Naomi is trying to share with us is great; however, the book seems thrown together (find the section where it says “change” is a 5 letter word for a very basic example) and the Glow15 Sample Plan is incredibly confusing and hard to follow (as well as which recipes to choose on which day).”


This diet book is basic. The author gives you a 2-week meal plan to follow that goes hand in hand with her cookbook. She tells a lot of personal stories, and includes a lot of mismatched scientific information to try and keep the reader interested in learning. This diet book is nothing more than a tough read with limited resources for actually getting a diet started. For a reasonable price the book might be worth the read, but there are not a lot of great success stories tied with its format.


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