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Glycemic Load Diet Review

Glycemic Load Diet Review
Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Glycemic Load Diet is a diet book and guide that was written by Dr. Rob Thomas. According to Dr. Thomas, starchy foods contained in the average diet, such as carbohydrates, are one of the main benefactors to the growing obesity epidemic around the world.

The Glycemic Load Diet is a low carbohydrate diet that has been refined in order to reduce an individual’s glycemic load within their diet. The glycemic load is the impact of blood glucose levels that foods contain. This helps contribute to insulin resistance, which is prevalent in 22% of the population, which then leads to weight gain.

The Glycemic Load Diet states that you should not eat more than a quarter of such starchy foods at one sitting and that you should also cut out all juices and other drinks that contain large amounts of sugar. Foods that are high in fiber and naturally low on the glycemic index are a staple with the Glycemic Load Diet. Conversion charts are used to adjust serving sizes of almost any food imaginable. Also recommended is a stimulation of slow twitch muscle fibers by way of walking on an every other day basis.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Glycemic Load Diet?

The Glycemic Load Diet can be effective with weight loss in the short-term. However, just like any other low carbohydrate diet, there are going to be certain restrictions that make the diet harder for some to stick to. The Glycemic Load Diet is one that will leave dieters with regular cravings which cannot be given into if weight loss is expected to last. So, for a long-term weight loss solution, the Glycemic Load Diet is likely not the best option.

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Is the Glycemic Load Diet Easy to Follow?

The Glycemic Load Diet is easy in that you can have virtually anything, but you can only have many of your favorite things in very low moderation. In some cases, you can’t have any. Because the diet is focused on the glycemic load in foods that means you will be eating more natural foods, but that doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy what you are eating.

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At $16.95 for the Glycemic Load Diet book and guide, the diet is not all that expensive to try. However, the Glycemic Load Diet is simply a low carbohydrate diet with a few twists. While the idea is nice, it still lacks the ability to be called a totally balanced diet. Many nutrition experts state that it is better to lose weight on a more gradual and steady basis as long as the diet itself is well balanced.

Additionally, any weight loss that might be enjoyed with the Glycemic Load Diet could be quick lived if the dieter returns to their normal eating patterns once they are finished with the Glycemic Load Diet. Therefore, the Glycemic Load Diet is only a diet that should be undertaken if you can resolve to change your eating habits and lifestyle on a more permanent basis.

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