Hallelujah Diet Review

3.8 out of 10

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The Hallelujah Diet was developed by Pastor George Malkmus after he says he successfully beat cancer. After his life changing experience, Malkmus created the Hallelujah Diet to help others eat the way in which he believes God would have us eat in the Garden of Eden.

The Hallelujah Diet is basically a diet that is 85 percent raw and 15 percent cooked foods, with the cooked foods mostly coming at the end of the night with the last meal of the day. It is a vegan-style diet and there are no meats, fish, dairy, eggs, caffeine, or alcohol allowed. The diet is to be complemented with a supplement created for the Hallelujah Diet called BarleyMax.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Hallelujah Diet?

Dieters undertaking the Hallelujah Diet will almost certainly lose weight at least in the beginning.* This will be due to the fact that the diet, which is very restrictive, allows for only a small amount of calories each day. That means a dieter who is used to a large amount of calories will lose at least some weight as their body adjusts to the reduction in daily calories.

Is The Hallelujah Diet Easy To Follow?

The Hallelujah Diet will not be an easy diet to follow. First, the diet restricts many comfort foods, and even comfort beverages like coffee and wine. This can lead to some adverse effects like headache and jitters. In addition, the Hallelujah Diet consists of foods that are lacking in sustenance; therefore, dieters who are used to a hardier menu will struggle with the Hallelujah Diet.*

The Hallelujah Diet will also prove to be a hassle for anyone who likes to be active. With such a small amount of calories allowed, finding the energy to be active will be tough.


The Hallelujah Diet book runs $14.99, but the costs quickly pile up with this diet plan. You also need to buy a recipe book separately at $24.95 and the BarleyMax powder at $37.95 for a two-month supply. Now add to that the cost of raw foods, which are more times than not found only at specialty food stores.

Now, consider the creator George Malkmus. While there is no real evidence that he actually beat cancer, there are reports that he had a stroke and now has high blood pressure, which requires him to be on medication. With the cost and the red flags, the Hallelujah Diet is clearly one to avoid.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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  • Norma Jean Vaughan Slagel

    You attempting to lump hallelujah diet as a weight loss diet only. It was never marketed that way. Tho you may be able to lose weight on the diet, the main focus is that it is to beat cancer. You do a dis service to those looking into a diet to help heal a life threatening illness called cancer. Shame on you you. Because of this I will no longer click on your links having proved you are frauds.

    • Linda Nitzschke

      I agree. And, by the way…Rev. Malkmus had a stroke because he thought he didn’t need much sleep at night. He had been flying all around the world, giving free seminars, and that’s what more than likely caused the stroke. His wife, Rhonda, took him to the hospital when it happened, and they wanted to give him a bunch of toxic meds, but she was afraid that, alone, would be enough to kill him since he hadn’t had any meds in many years, so she took him home and give him extra BarleyMax and carrot juice around the clock, and even tho this was a very serious stroke and the doctors thought he’d end up dead when he left the hospital AMA, it didn’t take much time under Rhonda’s care to where he was back to normal, with no residual side effects. Now, if they had any reservations about the power of their diet plan, they could have hid the fact that Rev. Malkmus had had a stroke, but they didn’t. Instead, they used it as a tool to improve the program and to emphasize that rest and enough sleep was a very important part of remaining healthy.
      No, no “real” proof that Rev. Malkmus beat cancer. He just happened to have a baseball size tumor in his colon discovered right after his mother died of colon cancer (or more probably died from being treated with chemotherapy), so it is very likely he did have cancer. There are many, many testimonies, tho, from people who have had their diagnosed cancer cured. And, by the way, you may want to check out the Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico, where they are saving a remarkable number of people with cancer, including stage IV cancer, in people who go there after having all the awful, toxic treatments here in the States before going to the Oasis when there own doctors have given up hope on them. They use similar methods to the Hallelujah Diet. I personally know of a young girl who, at the age of 11, went there with a tumor in her brainstem that the doctors here would not touch. Well, they treated her, and she is now 16 and cancer-free according to her latest MRI.
      Your 2-minute warning was very unfair to the Hallelujah Diet people/program, the work they do and the information they’ve shared for years for free. I know they employ at least one Ph.D. who has been studying diet and nutrition, as well as have used the wisdom garnered from The China Project (or Study), which is considered to be the most comprehensive study ever conducted that linked diet to disease. Rev. Malkmus was also awarded a Ph.D. by Cornell University for his independent study over the course of many, many years concerning the same. Even just adding freshly juiced carrot juice to your diet can make a difference in your health. Plus, their diet isn’t as stringent nor as hard to follow as it used to be. Rhonda has put together a cookbook with a 5-star system people can use as a guide as to what is the best thing to eat and what other more “normal” foods you can have once in awhile. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it !

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