Healthe Trim Diet Review

Healthe Trim is a dietary supplement that is meant to be taken twice a day. The ingredients in the supplements are said to all be all natural and include such dietary supplement favorites as green tea leaf extract and chromium picolinate. When combined these ingredients are supposed to help make anyone lose so much weight that they will look like they did in high school.

With the latest version of the Healthe Trim product, the claimed miracle ingredient that is said to be what helps those who take the supplement get “high school skinny” is raspberry ketone. According to the maker of Healthe Trim, this ketone is responsible for transforming an otherwise normal supplement into a new and revolutionary thermo-energy booster that provides long lasting energy and burns fat.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Healthe Trim Diet?

In order to take Healthe Trim in the proper manner, you are not supposed to eat breakfast. The two meals that are recommended are a “light” lunch and a “light” dinner. So, this means that there will be a severe restriction of the number of calories taken in on a daily basis. This will almost certainly lead to some level of short-term weight loss.

However, long-term weight loss would all depend on a person’s ability to stay at such a restrictive calorie level. If you were to go back to any level of normalcy with your diet, then all prior weight loss would likely be forfeited and some weight gain might even occur.

Is the Healthe Trim Diet Easy to Follow?

Taking the recommended two doses of the Healthe Trim diet supplement each day is easy enough. However, what isn’t likely to be easy is living with the low calories that go along with taking the supplements. To add to the restriction in calories there is very little guidance given as to exactly what can and can’t be eaten every day. This can make it tough to determine what constitutes as “light” and can be burdensome to some individuals, especially if you do not have a lot of experience in healthy meal planning.


The makers of Healthe Trim would have you believe that looking as skinny as you did in high school is as simple as taking two of their all natural supplements each day. Words like “thermo-burning” and “skinny” are thrown around quite liberally on the Healthe Trim website, but what isn’t mentioned with any level of urgency is the fact that in order to follow the instructions of the supplement, you must eat very little throughout the day.

While two light meals might be enough to technically get by on, it isn’t necessarily a safe way to achieve weight loss, nor is it an easy way. Add that to the fact that these supplements come with the hefty price tag of $60 per month. At the end of the day, you can simply starve yourself with a dangerously low daily caloric intake and likely achieve the same results without Healthe Trim, though that isn’t recommended either.

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