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Healthy Chef Creations was founded in 2001, and the company offers a healthy home delivery meal system with just a click of a button. They have a delicious seasonal menu with over 1,000 different recipes that rotate, so you should never get bored of the chefs meals and options. They offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and low carb options for those who have specific dietary needs. The company claims their meals all contain organic ingredients, which will ultimately cost you more money. I wanted to get into the details of price, and if these meals are really as good as they are marketed to be. The healthy chef meals are broken up into many different packages which come weekly, and you can choose from:  

  • The Healthy Chef Diet– $47.99-$59.99 per day. A Mediterranean style diet aimed at weight loss.  
  • Healthy Mommy– $47.99-$59.99 per day. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, desserts, and 2 snacks. 
  • Healthy Living- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner– $47.99-$57.99 per day. 
  • Healthy Living- Lunch and Dinner– $32.99-$39.99 per day. 
  • Healthy Living- Breakfast and Dinner- $32.99-$39.99 per day. 
  • Healthy Chef Simple- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with sides. $39.99-$49.99 per day.  

The more weeks you purchase, the cheaper it will be, and you are given a 1 week option all the way up to a 13 week plan, which will be the most cost effective. Make sure you pay close attention to the different week options, because there are 4, 5, 6, and 7 day options inside of those weeks you can pick out. There are also options to order a la carte, which varies in price and meal. For breakfast, the average a la carte meal cost is $10.99, for lunch the average is $12.99, and dinner is around $14.99 per meal. There are also kids’ options, which can cost around $5.99 per meal and they are only for lunch.  [1 

Company Contact Information: 

1435 Howell Branch Rd. 

Winter Park, FL 32789 

866-575-2433 or email [email protected] 

Healthy Chef Claims 

There are pretty basic claims that this particular company throws out, as their healthy meals are supposed to taste like a home cooked or friend prepared meal for you and your family to enjoy. The company tries to take the thinking out of eating, with their meals giving off the “click, knock, door” approach, which simply means your order can happen with the click of a button and will be delivered to your home in no time. There is also a healthy chef app, which you can order from too.  

“Most of our entrees come in two basic serving sizes: regular and large. Our regularly sized dinner entrees are generally based on a 5oz main item with two half-cup sized side dishes, and target an average of 400-500 calories.  Breakfasts and lunches are generally targeted for slightly fewer calories.” [2] 

“Each meal is individually packaged and sealed for freshness in a BPA-free container that is recyclable and both oven and microwave safe.  The oxygen is removed from the meal containers, and your individually sealed meals are delivered in one of our insulated cooler boxes with ice gel packs for shipping.  Using our proprietary method, our cooler boxes have been tested to stay cold, but not freeze, for up to 36 hours in extreme shipping conditions.  We ship our meals overnight via FedEx, so you receive your meals fresh, not frozen, and ready to eat.” 

Important Regarding Refunds and Cancellations 

“If you place an order for a multi-week plan or place an order using a promotional price discount or offer, and you receive any of the meals from such order and then subsequently cancel your order for the remaining future (non-current) delivery dates, you shall be charged the standard undiscounted weekly price for the plan or meals and other items delivered (including any for the current delivery date), and you shall be credited/refunded the balance remaining. For example, if you purchase a 13-week plan using a promotional discount, and after nine weeks cancel your order for the remaining four future (non-current) delivery dates, you would be charged for nine 1-week plans at the standard 1-week plan price, and you would be credited/refunded the balance remaining, if any. 

“As our fresh meals are made-to-order and perishable, Healthy Chef Creations does not accept product returns. Except as otherwise described herein and as required by law, all refunds or partial refunds will be provided as promotional discounts that will appear as a credit in your Healthy Chef Creations account online and will be automatically applied as a discount on your next purchase(s). These promotional credits shall expire if not used within two years after issuance. For cancellations only, you may elect to receive your net refund amount for your cancelled order on your payment card or via check instead of as a promotional credit on your Healthy Chef Creations account, less a $25 charge for processing.” 

Word On The Street About Healthy Chef 

Some people absolutely love meal delivery services, and enjoy the free time the healthy and hopefully delicious meals will provide. Others, approach these companies with complete skepticism due to their high price and somewhat interesting tasting meals. For one person and one week of food, you could pay up to $419.00 and even $785.00 for two weeks’ worth. I don’t know about you, but this exceeds most people’s food budget for a single person, which makes this program not for everyone. So what exactly did the folks who ordered from Healthy Chef Creations have to say about the value of the food they were paying?  

Joanne J (2016, 1 star),  

“Horrible customer service.  The “coach” I am working with does not seem to know anything, yet I am told she is the lead.  The food is OK, but so far, there is nothing I could not do myself at home with ease. One of my snacks today is a fruit “platter.”  It's just some fruit thrown in a vacuum sealed tray.  I actually ate my own apple instead.  The cost is way too much for the small portions.  I will not be ordering again.” [3] 

Hillary P (2016, 1 star),  

“Well, not really anything to say that has not been said by other reviews. This was my first time trying Healthy Chef. The fruit was OK, but as I live in California our local fruit is better. One of the containers broke in transit and food was all over the entire FedEx box. I love the concept, but forget this place. The “coach” emailed me once in 3 weeks. I feel sorry for people who think this is good food. It is mass produced in a vacuum sealed tray. Frozen food at the grocery store is better. Don't bother. Big waste of money.” [3] 

Joan (2017, 5 star),  

“My family is so thankful that we found HEALTHY CHEF CREATIONS for my octogenarian dad. This company stands SO far and above other prepared meal companies it's hard to compare. HEALTHY CHEF CREATIONS uses fresh ingredients; the meals are fresh, smell and taste wonderful, and provide variety that make my dad feel he has his own chef–or is ordering from a different restaurant menu every night. There has not been a single thing he has not liked. Yes-it takes planning (ordering 8 days prior to delivery) but once we fell into a routine, it's been great and can't be beat.” [3] 

Examples Of The Meal Options  

So now that I have reviewed the company, prices, and what others have said about it, what about the food options? I will provide a few sample menus below from the a la carte section:  


Banana and Flaxseed Pancakes; Breakfast Fruit Plate; Breakfast Quesadilla; Mexican Scrambled Eggs; or Cinnamon Roll Cereal. 


Almond, Orzo, and Goat Cheese Salad; Caesar Wrap with Chicken or Shrimp; Chicken Tacos; Cobb Salad with Turkey; or Walnut Chicken Pesto Wrap. There are a variety of vegetarian and vegan options too. 


Asian Marinated Tofu over Bok Choy; Broccoli Alfredo Pasta; Filet Mignon; Shrimp Alfredo Pasta; Spanish Style Beef Stew; or Wild caught Fillet of Fish.  


Almond Shortbread Cookie; Blueberry Cheesecake; Coconut Date Rolls; Dried Dates; Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake; or Pineapple Cobbler. [4] 

The Bottom Line: Is Healthy Chef Worth A Try?  

Risky.  The idea of the healthy chef meals are applaudable, but they are in no way affordable for what you will actually be getting. There were either extravagant reviews, or absolutely terrible reviews with nothing in between. For those who were unhappy, they seemed to dislike the food and thought the portions were too small for how much they were paying. The program is one of the costlier programs on the market today, which does not help ease your mind when thinking about purchasing. Overall, the ingredients are organic and the meals are fresh, not frozen, which is a positive, but you will be paying for it. Don’t confuse Teresa Cutter and her healthy chef book with this program, as they are two completely different things! If anything, this program is good for someone who is unable to cook at all for themselves and can finance it all without grimacing.

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