Herbalife ShapeWorks Review

Herbalife ShapeWorks Review



Update: May 20, 2019

6.3 Out of 10

Herbalife is a health and nutrition company that has been around for some time now and is mostly known as a multi-level marketing company. The latest diet craze to be created by Herbalife is the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet.

The Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet consists of several variations specifically for those who are interested in weight loss. Depending on the program you select you will pay $85 to $210. Once you are paid up you will receive a variety of Herbalife products and a seven day meal plan.

The idea with the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet is to carefully monitor the amount of protein that your body gets each day and then supply that protein in part with Herbalife products. This in turn will help keep you feeling full all while reducing the amount of calories that you take in on a daily basis which in turn leads to weight loss. When followed properly the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet promises up to four pounds of weight loss each week.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet?

Dieters on the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet will tend to lose weight especially in the short-term. However, the weight loss success will only be able to be maintained so long as the dieter continues to reorder the products needed to do the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet. Therefore, any long-term weight loss success will come at the expense of your bank account.

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Is the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet Easy to Follow?

The Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet is not hard to follow as your meal plans are laid out for you. However, the meal plans can be a bit monotonous for some and because some foods will be cut out completely your body will likely experience cravings. Should you give into those cravings then the idea behind the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet will be lost and your weight loss success will be greatly endangered.

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The Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet can work for weight loss, but keep in mind that you will have to continue to use the Herbalife products in order maintain any level of weight loss. That means spending an arm and a leg as most packages for the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet will only last about two weeks. So, should you go with the $210 package you are looking at about $420 per month just for the Herbalife ShapeWorks Diet program supplies. Add to that the other various supplements and products that Herbalife highly recommends and you get a diet that is extremely expensive to undertake.

Additionally, it should be stressed that Herbalife is first and foremost a multi-level marketing company. So, should you choose to use their products at any level you can expect to hear many pitches as to why you too should become a Herbalife distributor, which may not be a hassle you want to deal with.

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