Hiburn 8 Review

Hiburn8 is a product produced by a company called “Skinny Body Care” which was founded not that long ago (2010) by a man named Ben Glinsky and is an MLM type of company. I have seen many MLM companies and am well aware of their reputation. Honestly, some of the MLM companies are really trustworthy and provide great job opportunities as well as worthy product, however some do not offer either.

Hiburn8 stands out of the crowd as they have a different angle on weight loss. I have reviewed so many products that promise to burn fat, amazing energy, and other sought out benefits while just taking a few pills a day. They all claim the same results but most of them fail to provide it. Hiburn8 is very similar to those products in regards to the promises. But what is different is how the product works and when it is taken.

The company does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for people purchasing the products for the first time. No refunds are offered on reorders.* The customer must send back any remaining products if more than one bottle is purchased and pay the shipping fee. No refunds are offered for shipping and handling.

The company can be contacted via e-mail at [email protected] or phone number at (817) 479-9198.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Hiburn 8?

When trying to figure out how well the product works we try to look to outside sources for honest customer testimonials. There are so many review sites reviewing the products but those are just personal opinions of a few people. That is why we try to look to sites like Amazon.com, weight loss forums, or see if we can contact any genuine users.

Although the product is heavily marketed as a weight loss solution we were not able to locate many testimonials that had positive experiences when it actually came down to weight reduction. However, many have said that it has improved their sleep and helped them to stay calm, especially for those who endure daily stress. Many have noticed an improved energy upon waking up. That might be due to improved, restful sleep.

The three main ingredients advertised for the product are Collagen, Calcium, and Garcinia.

There are so many products containing Garcinia Cambogia that I doubt I have gone one day without seeing it advertised somewhere. Be it Facebook, news sites, or health blogs. It was originally popularized by the famous TV doctor  Dr. OZ. He has had a lot of backlash lately about advertising bogus useless products and a lot of people question if he has been doing this due to the fact that he might have some financial benefits tied to the sales of the products he promotes.

Garcinia Cambogia has been associated with weight and fat lossss, but in reality clinical studies show that there was very little difference in fat/weight loss between groups using Garcinia Cambogia versus the placebo group. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients that have been used to lure people into buying products can be beneficial in one way or another but not when it comes to weight loss.

One of the interesting choices for an ingredient is collagen. Most of us know that collagen is used in many skincare products to help with skin elasticity and promote healing. Recently more and more companies have been using collagen not only for cosmetic purposes but medical purposes when it comes to helping with the healing and repairing of body tissue. Calcium which helps to build strong bones is also needed to ensure proper function of the heart, muscles, and nerves.*

Is Hiburn8 Easy To Follow?

The instructions are pretty easy as the product only needs to be taken once a day at night, on an empty stomach. It might be difficult for some, as many like to snack at night even right before going to sleep. This might help prevent night time snacking as the product works best if taken a few hours after your last meal or snack. It is explained that your body can work better on utilizing proteins and other ingredients in the product when the stomach is empty, not working on processing food.


I can see the benefits of taking such supplement as Hiburn8 when it comes to helping your body repair and build itself. Ingredients like collagen and calcium are definitely essential when it comes to ensuring your bodies proper health. It makes sense that by taking this product at night, it can help your body sleep better and recover to wake up more rested and feeling refreshed. I do not, however, see any weight loss benefits or even a hint of possibility of losing weight. Sleeping better can help the body’s metabolism work better and more efficiently which in turn might result in a small weight loss in a prolonged period of time. Using this product while taking on a healthier lifestyle of exercise and clean foods however might work for some but it comes at a steep price of $59.95 for the supply of only one month.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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