Hidragenix Review

Hidragenix Review



Update: May 25, 2022

What is Hidragenix

Hidragenix Drops is a weight loss supplement said to help detox and rid the body of toxins, and chemicals to improve for immune and gut functions.

It was developed by Dr. Drew Sutton, an ENT surgeon who has a long time interest in weight loss industry.

Ingredients In Hidragenix



African Mango

Eleutherococcus Sentiocosus Root Extract

Astragalus Root Extract


Raspberry Ketones





Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate


L-Ornithine HCl



Hindragenix Review

Does Hidragenix Decrease Appetite?

Ingredient list suggest that this supplement does have the potential to decrease appetite.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Hidragenix?

Looking at the ingredients list, it looks like Hidragenix supplements can help dieters lose weight by helping suppressing appetite and aid with elevated fat burn. However, just like with any weight loss supplements, without changing your eating habits, movement and controling daily stress levels it is unlikely that a supplement alone will be able to ensure a weight loss success.

How Much Does Hidragenix Cost

Product prices varies depending on how many bottle you choose to purchase.

1 bottle of Hidragenix cost – $69

3 bottles of Hindragenix cost – $177

6 bottles of Hindrogenix cost – $294

There are various offers after you select the initial package. You can choose to add more bottles at a lower per bottle price up to a total of 12 extra bottles for $348.

Is Hidragenix Easy To Follow?

Very simple dosage instructions. Dissolve 1 ml of oral supplement in a warm water and drink once a day preferably in the morning.

Word On The Street About Hidragenix

This is a brand new product that has just hit the market. There simply cannot be authentic reviews yet, as the product has just been launched in March, 2022. We will have to keep an eye out for what real users have to say on the effectiveness of this new weight loss product.


Hidragenix is one of the newest over promising weight loss supplements on the market without real customers to confirm its efficacy.

The natural ingredients in the supplements suggest a possibility of it being effective when paired with healthy diet and exercise.

Whenever I see a long video that you can’t click out of it screams “run” to me. I understand the logic of it: the longer the customer stays engaged with the video the more likely they are to purchase the product. But rarely have I seen a product worth investing in that has to engage a customer in a long probably made up story to make them interested long enough to convince in trying it. It might just be and my clinical view of the diet industry and especially the marketing techniques involved.

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