The Hungry Girl Review

The Hungry Girl is a book that is thought to help women and men eat more cleanly with a healthier slew of recipes at hand. The book and website are brain powered by author and creator Lisa Lillien who believes that good food should be easy to cook, and easy to find. There are no weight loss promises throughout the book, that if you follow and cook the recipes you will lose weight. They are healthy though, which makes a body feel better and maybe even help shed a few pounds along the way. This is not a diet per say, rather a healthy cookbook for people to utilize in their homes.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Hungry Girl?

As stated above, this is not a diet per say but rather a guide to eating healthier meals on a more regular basis. The recipes in the book are rather creative alternative to your non-dieting choices such as a burger and fries. It is geared at the person who is sick of dieting foods, and just wants a healthier alternative to the foods they are already craving. The portion sizes are also rather generous which does not do the dieter good even if the foods are healthy alternatives. There is also use of artificial sweeteners, which will in turn not help your waistline, so this will have a negative impact on people trying to lose weight with this cookbook.

Is Hungry Girl Easy To Follow?

This is a cookbook, not a dieting program! Of course it is going to be a little more difficult to follow, as all of the cooking must be done by you in your own home, everyday. There are well written instructions on each meal, and how to prepare it so that definitely makes life a little easier, in the tough world of navigating through cookbooks. The book itself is well written, but the actual idea of following it daily may be hard to do if you are really looking to lose weight with this book. All in all there must be preparation before you hit the store, which deems this a little more on the difficult side.


The Hungry Girl cookbook has a lot of healthy alternatives to foods that are considered bad for us. If you are wanting potatoes, it may recommend butternut squash. If you are wanting to make cookies it may suggest healthier options such as pureed pumpkin instead of canola oil or eggs. This is a cookbook of alternatives and substitutions, and it is not a diet program or even a diet cookbook. The portion sizes are overly generous, which could get people looking to diet in trouble and the foods are rather funky regarding the alternative options. It will require adventure from your taste buds, as well as more patience at the grocery store when looking to make your first couple meals. Planning ahead will be crucial with this cookbook, as many of the ingredients to the recipes people don’t just have lying around their homes.

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