Hunter Farmer Diet Review

Hunter Farmer Diet Review


Updated on Aug 12, 2019

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The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution is based on the idea that there are only really two types of metabolisms in the world: the farmer’s metabolism and the hunter’s metabolism. Created by Dr. Mark Liponis, the Hunter Farmer Diet Solution is a guide to help dieters decide which type of metabolism they have, so they can eat properly and enjoy weight loss as a result.

Those with farmer’s metabolism are supposed to eat a high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet. Those with a hunter’s metabolism are said to thrive on a low-glycemic diet. The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution book contains recipes for both and exercise is also recommended for both, though it varies according to the metabolism type.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Hunter Farmer Diet?

Dieters taking the advice of the Hunter Farmer Diet Solution book may lose weight, provided they choose the right type of metabolism for themselves. Since there are supposed to be two types of metabolisms, then it stands to reason that the weight loss expectations would vary. However, regardless of metabolism type, weight loss with the Hunter Farmer Diet Solution would depend on the dieter’s willingness to exercise the recommend amount of days, and time, each week.*

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Is The Hunter Farmer Diet Easy To Follow?

The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution is easy to follow, as far as following the advice on finding your metabolism type, but that does not mean that the suggested diet that comes with that metabolism will be easy to follow. Depending on the type of diet a dieter ends up on, foods may prove to be too much or too little.

In addition, the recommended exercise may or may not be to the liking of an individual dieter. However, they will not know until they actually find out under which metabolism classification they fall.

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The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution sells for $19.95, but it makes some big claims by stating you are either one metabolism or the other.* In reality, every individual has their own metabolism that is unique to them, and trying to fit into a specific mold can prove costly when it comes to weight loss.

Additionally, the Hunter Farmer Diet Solution either has you go on a lower-carbohydrate or higher-carbohydrate diet. While one or the other may promote weight loss in the short term, it is only with a balanced diet that long-term weight loss can be achieved. Therefore, you are far better off finding a program that offers guidance in both nutrition and exercise and that doesn’t try and lump you into one classification or another.

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