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ICON meals were created to fill the void of people wanting to find healthy, nutritious foods especially for those who are committed to physically challenging lifestyle or those seeking to become physically fit but also wanting to have quick, nutritious meals. They explain their mission as one to create delicious, fresh and healthy meals at an affordable price.The idea of course sounds fantastic but we of course want to find out if promises reflect the reality.

There is no membership required, nor will you be automatically shipped foods on a regular schedule. All you have to do is login with an e-mail address and make a selection of timed delivery or choose from a la carte menu items.

Is Icon Meals Diet Healthy?

We found a statement online that ICON meals do not include any preservatives and prepare their meals with as many locally sources ingredients as possible.
Looking for reviews from their customers we found out that it might not actually be the real and only truth.

According to Dee L. meals are not made from the ingredients claimed by ICON meals.

you should be ashamed icon meals for promoting “healthy” protein treats, what’s so “healthy” about sugars when icon meals has consumers fooled by your protein popcorn line! i guess this is why you wrote the ingredients around the circle so small so consumers can not see all the sugars & high fructose corn syrup you use in your product line! consumers don’t be fooled by this company read read read their labels pure sugar and the most unhealthiest popcorn ever! ***no lie check out their website to see for yourself***”

Interestingly, ingredient lists on most foods that are packaged is blurred so you cannot see what the food is actually made out of. It does list how many carbs, sugars or fats is per serving but what kind of ingredients it contains is not easily accessible.

So after some searching online I was able to find ingredient list for their cookies and a few other packaged items.

Ingredients included but are not limited to: glycerin, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, margarine, soy lecithin, BEta-Carotene, Maltitol, Potassium Sorbate, and finally to add salt to the injury Sucralose.

I don’t know about you but even my 10 year old who has been gladly watching documentaries with me on what healthy food is, effects of sugar, wheat and so on, could tell you that this list is not a list you would want to see in the all natural, healthy food. Seeing so many ingredients in just one food item I was not even going to bother looking for anything more but seeing Sucralose gave me a conformation how these products are made to be attractive caloric content wise but are nowhere to being considered healthy.
So now the question we should first answer is “what do we consider healthy food?”.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans healthy diet should consist of:

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.

So if examples of healthy ingredients are based on the ones we mentioned and are outlined in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans then it is clear that ICON meals are not being completely honest in their advertising and might be deceiving customers by omitting the truth.

Do ICON Meals Diet Help Dieters Lose Weight?

Portion control is one of the most effective ways to see short term weight loss results. Limiting calories is the easiest and most effective way, in my personal opinion, to get rid of weight fast. Is it the only way? Is it the safest way? To answer that I need to explain that portion control can be very effective if done right. If you control your calories by eating healthy, nutritious, vitamin and mineral dense diet then yes, you will not only succeed to lose weight but will also improve overall health.
Does ICON meal provide the most nutritionally dense, healthy way of losing or maintaining weight? The available evidence does not suggest so. Sure, their freshly made meals are most certainly better than fast food restaurant meals or prepackaged frozen dinners but it is not the cleanest solution to having meals and saving time.


Return policy is not the most generous when it comes to trying to satisfy the customer. The company requires to return the products back within 48 hours of receiving it. Customer must pay return shipping fee and might be charged restocking fee but the amount is not listed.
There were a sizable number of unhappy customers like Mindy Z. who posted: “My meals got to me 3 days late. broken, melted and smelled horrible. Not their fault I suppose but After several emails, all they did was refund me my money back on a gift card. Had to go back, re-order everything and wait another 3 days. Extremely disappointed. Waste of food and my time” Mindy Z.

If the sole purpose of purchasing these meals is to save time and money ICON meals might be a good solution for you. If you are looking to improve your nutrition, learn the basics of healthy eating and lose weight ICON meals will not be hitting those goals.

Company Information

2770 Main Street, Suite 159, Frisco, TX 75033

Founded in 2013

Website: www.iconmeals.com
Phone Number: 844-879-4266


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