The Ideal Protein Diet Review

4.4 out of 10

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The Ideal Protein Diet consists of personal dieting coaches, education, in-person visits, and a whole host of products to choose from for purchase. Their products contain, but are not limited to crunchy bars, pastas, soups, snacks, puddings, drinks, and morning selections. They believe that weight loss can be more satisfying when your taste buds get to enjoy all of the savory flavors like salty, sweet, spicy, and tangy. The company bases a majority of their products and education on protein, because they believe that protein is the key to losing weight.* In all of their products, they claim to have at least 21 amino acids, can be prepared in 20 minutes or less, and have the highest quality protein.* The company can be reached at 1-866-314-4447 or by email at [email protected].

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Ideal Protein Diet?

Many reports have shown a moderate amount of weight coming off for women during the course of phase 1. This range is obviously an average, and not a guarantee because everyone’s bodies are different. In phase 1, the customer is only able to consume one regular meal and then three Ideal Protein meals. The meals have been said to taste very bland, so the struggle may come quicker than you think.* In phases 2 to 4, you are cooking and preparing more of your own foods, which is nice, as the pre-packaged meals can become boring and can be kind of gross. There have been success stories, but there have also been stories where people found the meals unappetizing even though the inconvenience factor of the whole program was high but was expensive overall.

Is The Ideal Protein Diet Easy To Follow?

There are many steps and moving parts involved in the Ideal Protein Diet, which may turn people away initially. According to the website, “The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a 4-phase program featuring one-on-one coaching and a balanced lifestyle education so you can maintain your results after dieting.” Just getting started in this program is no easy task, as you have to fill out forms to try and find a weight loss center closest to you. You have to give away your name, e-mail, phone number, and address to even get started. I hate getting emails from companies I am not involved in, so this is just another way for them to capture email addresses. This program is already starting to become a pain to work with, in my opinion.


Any time you have personal coaching, and have to make in-person visits to a center, it is going to cost you a pretty penny, as well as a lot of extra time. Your initial visit can cost anywhere from $200 to $250, and then you are looking at about $415 a month to get all of your meals and snacks.* This is very expensive for one person, as many families can survive an entire month of food for $400. They try to educate the client on how to lose weight once the official diet is over, but that only can go so far. As far as high protein diets go, you should always be aware of side effects like constipation and the long-term possibility of slowing down your metabolism, as carbs play a major role in protein distribution.* Long term, extremely low-carb diets can do more damage than good.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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  • Debbie Humphries

    Actually, there is nothing ‘bland’ about IP food. There is a wide assortment of products to choose from and some of them are very tasty. Yes, there are also some that I find disgusting, but I’m fairly certain you can say that of any food in general. ( Ever eaten live baby octopus?) Once you learn the IP protocol, the diet is very easy to follow and highly successful, whether you need to lose 20 lbs or 200. At my clinic I did not have to pay any fees up front, nor were there any added fees for my weekly weigh-ins and coaching. I simply purchased the products I wanted week to week. Yes, they are expensive at around $30 for a box of 7. Most clinics though, do charge fees, and I’ve heard of coaches who become like little dictators, and Ip seems to have no protocols in place to monitor and resolve such situations.

    Once you have reached your goal weight, you move on to phases 2 and 3 for 2 weeks apiece, then maintenance, where you no longer use any IP products. Throughout this process your coach should be teaching you how to eat to maintain your weight loss, and if done properly I know people who have been highly successful. As for myself, I’m a stress eater, and after losing around 40 lbs, fell back into old habits and gain d most of it back. I am now working phase one again and feeling fantastic, again . Lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks, and lost that brain fog that comes with bad eating.

    Is ip for everyone? Of course not. Is it the healthiest choice? Nope. IP is full of highly processed ‘pseudofood’, but as a means to an end and a teaching tool, it works for me like nothing else has, and I have never eaten so many vegetables in my life!

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