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The Ideal Protein Review

The Ideal Protein Review
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Word On The Street About IDEAL PROTEIN Program

Have to admit they have a decent social following and many fans that claim it has helped them achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

Oh yes, it works. You do not have to exercise because your food intake is so limited. I think Ideal Protein should improve the crap they sell you. I find most of it unappetizing. No refund or exchange in any way if you do not like it. If I had known all this before I started, I would have found another way to do this. I hate doing this because the supplemental protein tastes so disgusting!

There are many customer comments available online. Some were satisfied with their weight loss results and some more diet savvy people were not impressed at all.

Low calorie intake sometimes results in loosing pounds.. did not work for me … the products are very expensive so of course you will eat less ! The bars are great but at $30 for just 7 bars – products are also mostly soy – which are bad and cheap not to mention. So I’m not sure why it’s so expensive… I would say don’t even bother with this diet.

Another consumer who most likely understands the value of clean eating made a comment:

Works for the short term – bad for your body & lab tests will reveal how dangerous it can be

Another consumer has a warning about the extremely low caloric intake:

This is one of the worst diets you can go on and it is expensive! You pay $400 for the first month. That only includes your first week of food. After that, you will be paying at least $120 a week for food.You will be eating about 500 calories a day. Of course you are going to lose weight. What happens when/if you reach your target weight. You are going to go back to the way you ate before the diet and naturally you are going to gain the weight back. This diet is NOT how you would normally eat. If you want to go on a sensible diet, reduce your portions and add protein to your diet. That way you will be eating how you normally eat, but you are just eating less.

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How Much Does IDEAL PROTEIN Cost?

The Ideal Protein cost is $325 for the first two weeks. Need to lose more? Make sure to take into the account that it will be costing you upwards of $400-$600 a month. to continue this seemingly easy but expensive weight loss style. The cost includes 3 prepackaged meals a day, supplements and initially a bottle shaker. Remember you will still be spending extra cash on that one meal and hopefully sharing it with someone because who wants to eat leftovers for 2 or more nights a week.

Ideal Protein Diet is and expensive four-phase diet that involves a one-on-one coaching with a health practitioner or trained consultant.

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Developed by a Parisian physician Tran Tien Chanh who in his findings claimed that a standard North American diet causes pancreas to overproduce insulin leading to enhanced sugar cravings and therefore weight gain. If A plus B equals C, finding the solution to the underlying problem should not be that difficult. Change the diet and off you go with your new and improved self.

Solution that dr. Chanh came up with or developed, does seem somewhat simple:

  1. Eliminate sugar
  2. Teach the body to use stored fat, protein, and glycogen for energy
  3. Lose weight

Just like the A+B=C. Sounds very simple but is it? And how exactly does he suggest “training” the body?!

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If Ideal Protein is the diet you will choose to try you will first have to visit a local clinic. After the initial consultation, and determining how much weight you should lose, depending on your age, height and personal goals, you will be enrolled in a 4 Phase program.

  • Phase 1 – also called a “Lifestyle Building” phase. This the initial phase where you are required to eat 3 prepackaged meals of choice from what Ideal Protein program offers. This is mandatory and cannot be substituted with a healthy, clean meals. It does ask for one home cooked meal which generally should be dinner. It should be very simple and lean: 8oz of protein and a side of veggies. This phase can last indefinitely, depending on your weight loss goals and needs.
  • Phase 2 – otherwise known as “Ideal Difference” phase. This Phase meant to last for a year after your weight loss goals have been achieved. Learning how to maintain your weight while still consuming Ideal Protein products.
  • Phase 3 – doing and implementing what you have learned during Phase 2.
  • Phase 4 – A phase that is called “Lifestyle Living” and pretty much explaining itself. Maintaining your weight for life.
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Is it me or does it sound that there aren’t really any phases other than lose the weight and maintain it?

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Are There Side Effects With Ideal Protein Diet?

As with any high protein diet constipation would probably be the most obvious side effects possible but could be avoided by adding lots of fiber, exercise or using over the counter constipation relieving remedies. Smooth tea seems to be everyone’s favorite option as it is inexpensive and fast acting. These will work if you did not suffer from constipation prior to starting a high protein diet. Some other side effects may include:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Upset Stomach
  • Irregular Bowel Movements
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As a certified health coach I can tell you that lowering your calories, eliminating sugar and eating high protein meals will not only help you lose weight but will also help eliminate carbs and sugar cravings. I can also tell you that eating healthy, clean and nutritious meals can never be replaced by prepackaged meals. Consider learning how to cook and find a diet protocol that not only offers but encourages healthy eating while discouraging prepackaged, processed food consumption.

Bottom line is save your money and invest it in organic, clean food which will in turn not only make you healthier, build your immune system but will help you get rib of the unwanted weight for good instead of spending upwards of $600 dollars for a program that is not really geared towards health education or long term success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COST of Ideal Protein Program?

$400-$600 a month

How can I get in touch with the Ideal Protein Company?

60 Jean-Proulx,
Gatineau, Qc J8Z 1W1
Phone: 819.772.4447
Toll-free: 1 866.314.4447
Fax: 819.772.0416
E-mail: [email protected]

What are side effects associated with the Ideal Protein Program?

Upset Stomach
Irregular Bowel Movements

Can I exercise while on the Ideal Protein Diet?

Only light exercising is recommended and most cardio exercise should be avoided.
Stretching, moderate yoga, walking, lifting light weights, resistance training, are all acceptable exercises.

Does insurance cover Ideal Protein diet?

If you have medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure then you are much more likely to be reimbursed by your insurance company for our services. Whether or not you are covered, you are responsible for paying all of your fees.

5.2 Total Score
The Ideal Protein Scorecard

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