Jennifer Aniston Diet Review

Jennifer Aniston Diet Review


Update: Aug 08, 2019

Even at the age of 40 + Jennifer Aniston looks as though she is in her 20s. This is logically due to her diet and exercise program, which can actually be found in the form of the Jennifer Aniston Diet. Actually, the Jennifer Aniston Diet is one that is comprised of other diets brought together to form a diet what is supposedly fit for a celebrity.

It’s been said that Jennifer Aniston follows the Zone Diet which is basically 40% carbohydrates, 30% good fats, and 30% proteins. Along with that diet Aniston is said to do a lot of working out mainly in the way of cardio and yoga. When all these factors are combined you have the Jennifer Aniston Diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Jennifer Aniston Diet?

Because the Jennifer Aniston Diet is made up of a popular diet that restricts calories and incorporates lots of exercise, the outlook for weight loss is excellent, especially in the short-term. However, what is important to remember is that the Jennifer Aniston Diet is one that has to be followed at all times in order to be effective.

Because the Zone Diet portion of the Jennifer Aniston Diet is one that eliminates certain foods and food groups, cheating can be a regular way of life on the diet. This is something that will greatly hurt any chance of significant long-term weight loss.

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Is the Jennifer Aniston Diet Easy to Follow?

Because the Jennifer Aniston Diet is not really a true diet and is based more on speculation, it is likely harder to follow than you might think. First of all the Zone Diet can be one that is hard to stick to for the long-term and for those who are not into exercising on a regular basis, the stringent cardio and yoga routines might prove to be a bit too much.

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The Jennifer Aniston Diet is really one of smoke and mirrors. If you honestly think that you can look like the Hollywood superstar simply by following a fad diet and doing some exercising here and there you are mistaken. The whole idea of the Jennifer Aniston Diet likely came from those who market the Zone Diet.

So, you can go out and buy the Zone Diet book and then do some cardio and yoga, but just realize that you won’t be doing all that Jennifer Aniston does. Her yoga, for example, is likely taught to her by private instructor and her meals are likely also made for her. In fact, according to the online publication The Inquisitor, Aniston spends over $8,000 per month to look the way she does. Without a doubt, the “true” Jennifer Aniston Diet would be well out of reach financially for the average individual.

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