Jenny Craig Diet Review

Jenny Craig Diet Review
6.6 out of 10
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Does Jenny Craig Live Up To Her Word?

In the early 1970’s in New Orleans, Genevieve Guidroz Bourcq was working at Body Contour, a weight-loss salon where women strapped themselves into vibrating machines believing it would help them lose weight, when she met Sidney Craig. They bonded over their common love for the weight-loss industry and quickly became a couple. In 1979, the pair moved to Melbourne, Australia, where they launched Jenny Craig, a powerhouse international weight-loss company that has garnered millions of subscribers over the last 37 years. However, despite its household name status, Jenny Craig is a very expensive program with wavering results which unlike most modern day diet programs has stayed behind times still offering processed food which in recent decade has become an epiphany of what bad food is. Let’s look at it to determine if maybe processed and prepackaged does not really equal “bad”.

Jenny Craig Diet Melbourne AustraliaHow Does The Program Work

The three-pronged program goes as follows: attend weekly meetings with a Jenny Craig coach, eat from the official Jenny Craig frozen food menu, and complete 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. With 600 centers worldwide, participants must pick up or subscribe to a delivery system to receive their weekly food rations for a hefty price tag of $560 a month.

“The coaches help you find solutions,” says Mary, a representative for Jenny Craig. “They’ll teach you the skill set to maintain your weight. They’re going to hold you accountable, and they’re going to motivate you the right away.” Jenny Craig coaches are the company’s main strength. Many of them are former subscribers of the diet themselves, and all have gone through comprehensive training. Weight-loss coaching is considered one of the best ways to shed the pounds. According to a 2011 study from Rio de Janiero University, those who receive weight loss coaching are 17 percent more likely to lose weight than those who fly solo.* In addition to the weekly coaching, Jenny Craig offers chat rooms, forums, and Skype sessions with your coach when you’re traveling.


Representatives are encouraged to mention the popular 2015 John Hopkins University study when pitching the diet to potential subscribers. “In the study, over the course of a year, people in Jenny Craig lost the most weight out of all the diets,” says Mary. This is only partially true. According to the study, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are the two most successful diet programs, and both are more effective in maintaining weight loss than any other plan. However, the researchers determined that no plan has proven to sustain weight loss over 12 months.*

Jenny Craig coachUnlike other diet programs, Jenny Craig tries to go by the federal regulations as much as possible. Dieters are told they should be losing no more than two pounds a week because that’s what the National Institute for Health recommends. Yet, at $560 a week, depending on your weight-loss goal, this could be a very slow and expensive path to losing weight.

The second you hop on the phone with a representative, Jenny Craig has a surreal way of making you feel like it’s the only solution to your weight loss struggle. Representatives sweet-talk potential clients with promises of permanent results all while eating delicious meals with minimal calories. Their pitches are peppered with mentions of studies and awards.* It’s hard not to be swayed by Jenny Craig’s allure.

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig insists that all three recommended meals a day only encompass around 1,200 total calories. Generally speaking 1200 calorie a day diets will help lose weight but the question is if that loss is sustainable?

We have found many customer reviews and conclusion to make is that most do lose weight but the weight is regained once the diet is stopped.

“You really are just a number they don’t care, the longer you are there the better for them, but if your weight loss slows down it looks bad for them. I see more bad reviews here than good. Kirstie Alley lost and gained it all back, and we never see or hear about Valerie Bertinelli any more wonder if she gained it all back too. Stop wasting your money people looking for a quick fix, you can do it on your own without going bankrupt. I did, it just takes a lot of discipline and really wanting to do it for you. Jenny is not a lifestyle change, the food is processed and unhealthy and I now suffer from joint pain, which could be a result. Good luck to all of you who are battling the bulge, but Jenny is not the answer. I feel sick when I think of the money I have wasted, could have put my daughter through university. Sad but true.” – Tracey of Calgaryp*


Despite boasting more than 70 meals, the Jenny Craig menu is meat-heavy, with very few vegetarian options. Vegans and the lactose-intolerant should forget about it, as all vegetarian dishes are made with dairy.* Clients are required to adhere to a strict food regiment: three prepackaged meals, with options such as Cheesy Chicken Enchilada and Florentine Breakfast Pizza; stick to two snacks or desserts a day, like Cheese Curls and Key Lime Pie; five servings of fruit and vegetables; and at least two non-fat dairy foods. All these items may sound quick and tasty, however only eating prepackaged foods for an indefinite amount of time has its eventual consequences. According to a 2010 study from the University of Melbourne, those who only consume processed foods are much more likely to suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem, and general emotional distress.*

Jenny Craig Diet emotional distressJenny Craig offers what seems a good return policy but beware, you only have 3 days to “change your mind” and might have trouble getting your membership fees back. One of Jenny Craig Diet users found herself feeling “ripped off”, please see her experience explained bellow.

“”I was shocked at the prices and not really happy when I discovered I had not been given everything I paid for. The food was awful. Pasta was gummy, rice mushy, too much or not enough seasoning. The meals I enjoyed were no longer on the menu, and I was hopeful some of my choices might be as good, but most of what I tried I didn’t finish. My dogs turned their noses up at the Beef Merlot. I didn’t go back the following week and did not receive any kind of follow-up call. I called customer service, and the phone rep was nice but the policy apparently is, “Too bad, we got your money, so what if we don’t deliver as promised”. Can’t even describe how ripped off I feel. Don’t know if it is true that a big company bought out JC. I would never have gone back if I had known it was this bad.” – Teresa of Miami*

Eating prepackaged meals is damaging to your nervous system and overall mental and physical health. The exceedingly low calorie count without meeting nutritional needs of clean, unprocessed food is bound to cause an uptick in stress and other emotional challenges. Yet, the most concerning aspect of Jenny Craig is there’s no telling or proof if the regiment will help you to permanently keep off the weight.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

Review Sources

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Linda

    I have tried it a few years ago before I got into a healthy lifestyle due to my son being diagnosed with ADHD. We first tried medication and then after lots of research and money spent on “specialist” I was advised to change his diet. It was a huge adjustment for the whole family. we were used to eating everything and anything that tasted good (no wonder we all had weight problems). I really cleaned up our pantry, fridge and we pretty much eliminated gluten, diary and of course all food colorings and additives. Our diet actually sounds very similar to what the number 1 rated PS1000 program is like. We eat clean, use supplements and my whole family has lost weight and have the best lab results.
    I would never recommend to anyone eating pre packaged food , ever! It is loaded with ingredients that your body should never ever see or smell. Do yourself a favor and get educated on what it good for you. No cancer or other diseases will ever touch your body if you give it a healthy diet.

    • Jenni McKinley

      If you are not a doctor, you should not be giving out medical advice. telling people they won’t get cancer with a healthy diet is irresponsible and incendiary. Anyone can get any form of cancer at any time. Non smokers have died of lung cancer. Women who have never had a partner can still get cervical cancer and so on…Doctors have stated in peer reviewed medical journals that there is no need for any healthy person without celiac disease to go gluten-free. Congrats on your weight loss goals, AI am glad it worked out for you, just leave the advice to those who should be giving it. Your example is anecdotal at best.

      • Dear Jenni, our reviews are based on statistics. Just like smoking will not necessarily cause cancer so won’t eating unhealthy processed food. We rely on information provided by research and statistics. In this day and age we would hope that most people would be able to understand the importance of healthy clean eating and the consequences of poor nutrition.

        • Jennilm1816

          The person I was responding to was not on Jenny craig. I have had great results on that program. I was commenting on the person who is not an M.D. Giving medical advice.

          • Listening and watching

            wow seems someone is a angry person

      • Emma Crawford

        Jenni is absolutely correct. Linda said, “No cancer or other diseases will ever touch your body if you give it a healthy diet” and that is absolute B.S. It’s such B.S. that I actually felt offended reading that. That commenter is clearly uneducated about the human body, disease, diets and reality. That level of ignorance is actually scary. No doctor (of any repute) would agree with that.

        Having said that, i believe eating nothing but processed foods can’t be great for you. I’m not disagreeing that eating healthy is necessary. Just to say that you will have “no cancer or other diseases” if you eat healthy…wow. Remarkable ignorance.

  • Mark Eulo

    I’ve got to tell you that the Jenny food is excellent! It may be frozen, but it doesn’t taste frozen. It tastes great. Food quality and taste is not an issue with Jenny Craig.

  • Gail Dempster

    is the shipping free

    • consumerscompare

      Hi Gail, shipping is an extra cost depending on how many meals you purchase.

  • Gwen Faucett

    I love Me by Craig. I am single and it is easy. Yes it can be expensive but it is worth every penny. I have lost over 30 lbs. You can lose even if you don’t exercise I intensely. So the.more you e exercise the more you lose in a week.

  • Anita Ritchey

    I love Jenny Craig. I had 30 lbs to lose and I lost 25 before having back surgery and getting off the program. It has been about 9 months since I left Jenny and I bounce back and forth with 5 lbs. Christmas I really did badly, but quickly got straightened out after getting on the scales after Jan. 1. I haven’t returned to Jenny yet because I am having knee surgery soon and I have had to quit my job. Jenny is expensive, but I plan to cut something else out of my budget to get back on after knee surgery. I felt the best I have ever felt when on the Jenny Craig program. They have desserts in their diet and I have a sweet tooth. The foods are delicious which definitely surprised me after trying the other prepackaged diets.
    ahr, atlanta, ga

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