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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Reviews from ConsumersCompare

Jenny Craig is a long-term weight loss plan that provides you with prepackaged meals and a caloric diet of about 1,200 calories per day. There are over 70 different meal choices to choose from when you first start the Jenny Craig diet. They offer convenience of meal choice, so that you don’t have to think about what you will be eating. Alongside of eating the Jenny Craig packaged meals, you are allowed to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, as well as low fat dairy products.

The big question is, “How much does it cost?” Every month you will pay a fee, and this doesn’t include the cost of your food. The most expensive is the $39.00 monthly rate, with no enrollment fee, and one weekly consultation session. The next is $19.99 monthly, plus a $99.00 enrollment fee with three consultation sessions per week. The cheapest option is the $14.99 a month rate, with a $25.00 enrollment fee and no consultation sessions. The meals are then a separate cost, and you also have to pay for shipping. You can expect to pay around $100.00 a week for meals per person. As you can already see, this is getting expensive! Jenny Craig as a company is not approved by the Better Business Bureau, see here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Jenny Craig Diet?

Right on their website, it says lose a significant amount of weight in two weeks, or your first two months of membership fees are free.* Because a consultant monitors this program, support groups, and prepackaged meals, it has seen success. The initial phase of the weight loss program has been successful, when reading customer testimonials. There have been negative reviews from customers during the maintenance phase, as there are no real tools and guides to follow to help you keep the weight off. Not everyone can afford to eat Jenny Craig meals for the rest of their lives, so it would have been nice of the company to provide support once the customer is off of the program, trying to keep the weight off.

There were also negative reviews about the consultation meetings, and the lack of time they were willing to spend with the customers. Finally, the meals are prepackaged which always is a concern for me. The taste has been reported to be “okay,” which makes the Jenny Craig journey a lot longer and harder if the food you are forced to eat in the beginning is not great.

“Even on the diabetic diet option, I had the worst blood sugar crash of my life, I was very ill at work, sweated through all my clothes and was very hot and shaky. Thank goodness I work in a hospital so help was there. When I asked for a refund of the $200 I paid for a year membership (you get 3 months free), the woman hemmed and hawed and finally said “no refunds after 3 days.” I did find it in the small print. I was calling only 6 days from starting. I advise others to avoid this company, once they get your money they will find an excuse to keep it. 3 days is not long enough to find out if it’s going to work for you. And read the small print, they have lots of disclaimers.” Paulette

“I order a trial 3-day food kit and it came with hairs inside the packaging. When I called them, they told me that they would send “the hairs” to a lab to confirm they were indeed hairs. Then they would maybe replace the little dressing sample that touched the hair. REALLY?! WHAT A JOKE. It is disgusting.” Nelly

Is The Jenny Craig Diet Easy To Follow?

The Jenny Craig program is somewhat easy to follow, and there is no time limit to how long you can be a part of the program. It is all based off of your weight loss rates, which could get expensive if you are not seeing quick results. In the beginning, you are only consuming the prepackaged meals made from Jenny Craig, and as time goes forward – when you are halfway to your weight loss goal – you are able to eat a few meals from home, and this is where you will spend the next four weeks completely transitioning to home-cooked meals. At the beginning of the Jenny Craig Diet program, you do not have to shop at all, due to the prepackaged meals, but over time, you will have to incorporate the habits you learned into your grocery-shopping regimen.

There are also in-person meetings and support groups that are optional to attend. Nationwide, there are over six hundred weight loss centers where these groups meet. Because a lot of the “food work” is done for you, it is not hard to follow, however the cost of paying for the service may be hard for some to follow financially. As you will see below, the items on the Jenny Craig menu are not your normal diet foods. Fettuccine, cheddar cheese, burgers, and milkshakes are your options. When going home to try and cook this way after eating the Jenny Craig pre-made meals, it may be harder to keep the weight loss off. Side effects have been reported to be blood sugar crashes, dislike of the food and the way it tastes, as well as pure exhaustion from spending too much money on the program.

Example Menu:


Biscotti with Cranberries and Almonds, Breakfast Scramble, Or Cheddar Cheese Omelet.


Asian Style Chicken, Baja-Style Chicken Quesadilla, Beef & Cheese Slider, or Beef Chow Mein


Cheese Ravioli, Cheesy Chicken Enchilada, Chicken Carbonara, or Chicken Fettuccine.

Snacks and Dessert

Apple Crisp, Bruschetta Veggie Chips, Cheese Curls, Chocolate Dream Shake and Cookie Dough Anytime Bar.


Overall, Jenny Craig Diet program has seen success nationwide, and has many different support groups, social media accounts, and forums in which customers are actively engaged. While the concept of Jenny Craig seems like a convenience and a dream come true, it could be the opposite. With some customers staying on the program for over one year, this program can get extremely expensive. The food has not been said to taste great, and there has been word of the consultation meetings being somewhat shallow. All in all, it just seems like it would be very costly to lose and keep the weight off with the Jenny Craig program.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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  • Linda

    I have tried it a few years ago before I got into a healthy lifestyle due to my son being diagnosed with ADHD. We first tried medication and then after lots of research and money spent on “specialist” I was advised to change his diet. It was a huge adjustment for the whole family. we were used to eating everything and anything that tasted good (no wonder we all had weight problems). I really cleaned up our pantry, fridge and we pretty much eliminated gluten, diary and of course all food colorings and additives. Our diet actually sounds very similar to what the number 1 rated PS1000 program is like. We eat clean, use supplements and my whole family has lost weight and have the best lab results.
    I would never recommend to anyone eating pre packaged food , ever! It is loaded with ingredients that your body should never ever see or smell. Do yourself a favor and get educated on what it good for you. No cancer or other diseases will ever touch your body if you give it a healthy diet.

  • Mark Eulo

    I’ve got to tell you that the Jenny food is excellent! It may be frozen, but it doesn’t taste frozen. It tastes great. Food quality and taste is not an issue with Jenny Craig.

  • Gail Dempster

    is the shipping free

    • consumerscompare

      Hi Gail, shipping is an extra cost depending on how many meals you purchase.

  • Gwen Faucett

    I love Me by Craig. I am single and it is easy. Yes it can be expensive but it is worth every penny. I have lost over 30 lbs. You can lose even if you don’t exercise I intensely. So the.more you e exercise the more you lose in a week.

  • Anita Ritchey

    I love Jenny Craig. I had 30 lbs to lose and I lost 25 before having back surgery and getting off the program. It has been about 9 months since I left Jenny and I bounce back and forth with 5 lbs. Christmas I really did badly, but quickly got straightened out after getting on the scales after Jan. 1. I haven’t returned to Jenny yet because I am having knee surgery soon and I have had to quit my job. Jenny is expensive, but I plan to cut something else out of my budget to get back on after knee surgery. I felt the best I have ever felt when on the Jenny Craig program. They have desserts in their diet and I have a sweet tooth. The foods are delicious which definitely surprised me after trying the other prepackaged diets.
    ahr, atlanta, ga

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