Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet Review

Cherie Calbom is known worldwide as “The Juice Lady” and she has ridden her success to a new book called The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet. The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet focuses greatly on fresh vegetable juices and mostly raw foods for the rest of the diet. Two glasses of fresh squeezed vegetable juice is required each day, and the remaining diet is built around raw foods such as vegetables, super greens, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and healthy oils. Small amounts of tofu, legumes, free range animal products, and whole wheat are allowed, with sugar, alcohol, coffee, soda, and sweets being totally off the menu. When done properly, the Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet promises a significant amount of weight loss in only ten days, and says this weight loss is completely safe.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet?

Dieters who wholeheartedly undertake the Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet will certainly lose some weight.* Simply going from what might be an average diet to a diet that consists primarily of raw foods and vegetable juice means that calories will be severely cut. That can lead to some short-term weight loss; however, long-term weight loss would be determined by the dieter being able to stay on such a diet and their willingness to begin exercising.

Is The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet Easy To Follow?

Any dieter who has an average daily diet will struggle mightily with the Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet. Raw foods are hard to live on, even with adding vegetable juices to the mix. Dieters on the Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet can expect a good deal of daily cravings, and because they are having to completely give up comforts like coffee and alcoholic beverages, some side effects like headaches might occur.

The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet also recommends a fair amount of exercise. While it is suggested to build up to it, finding the energy to work out at all on such a restrictive diet can prove to be a bit much for many newbie dieters.


The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet book is $17.99 and a decent juicer will run you around $100. The diet itself is one that will be very hard to do. While the loss of the weight in 10 days sounds great, it is really not a safe and effective way to go about losing weight. Raw foods should not consist of the bulk of your diet, and the fact that many of your daily calories will come from juice means that much of the weight loss will simply be water weight. Water weight is easily put back on and is questioned by many in terms of safety to the overall well being of the body. Digestive problems also may arise with a raw foods diet, so keep that in mind when looking into this diet.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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