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Juice Plus product line review

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Juice Plus was founded in 1970 by a man named Jay Martin, and the company’s headquarters are located in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. They offer a multi level marketing strategy for their representatives to make extra money while selling and endorsing Juice Plus. The company’s product that I am going to look further into, is their Juice Plus blends, which are found on the company’s website and on Amazon. There are two different blends, the orchard blend and the garden blend; both have over twenty servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving. There are three different ways you can purchase the product, either in the form of a powder (different product), capsules, or chewables. Overall, the product seems very reputable, and worth looking into further.*

When calling into the support line, I was greeted by a representative who told me that their return policy was not really set in stone, and that the product had to be unopened. I asked her if I opened it how many days would I get to try it out, and she said if I opened it and didn’t like it they would work with me on a return but would not give me the specifics if I would be reimbursed 100%.* Most people are not aware of this when they first purchase so this is something to be aware of. The cost of the product is $44.50 for two bottles of Juice Plus Powder.* The Better Business Bureau rated the company an A+ see it here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Juice Plus?

This is not specifically a diet program; rather it is a way to get your body feeling healthier. There is adequate research, that we are all aware of, stating that fruits and veggies do a body good, so there is nothing not to like about this product as a whole. The clinical studies done on this product specifically, however, were fully funded by Juice Plus, so there studies do not mean much to an outsider trying to do honest research.*

There have been many reviews on the product being good, and the users did not see any nasty side effects, which was reassuring. The main problems were with the business practices as a whole (multi level marketing up sells, auto ship problems, and over billing.) This is very standard with a business model like this, which makes me hate multi level marketing schemes, and auto ship programs in general. Ask questions, and make sure you are fully aware that if you buy from the site you will be automatically enrolled in an auto ship program.*

“Juice Plus is very overpriced. I have done my research on this and there are many other competing products much more affordable than this. Juice Plus keep claiming their exclusive and unique benefits but that is all marketing – they pay doctors to speak about it and have people giving “testimonials” but anyone with basic scientific and statistical familiarity knows that testimonials are not a reliable proof of any claims to quantify the health benefits of a product. There is nothing so unique and good for you on this to justify this price. Also, this is a processed food, it does not replace fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle.” David Marquez

“My wife and I took Juice Plus for 9 months, we saw no changes to the requirements for our drug medications despite claims from the company that we would require significantly lower dosages, our colds came as they had always come and it cost more than most over the counter supplements.” Alan Flewitt

Is Juice Plus Easy To Follow?

Products offered by Juice Plus are a no brainer to use, as you simply add the powder mixture to your drink and follow the directions on the bottle. Or if you are taking the capsules, you follow the instructions, and ingest the capsule. Same goes with the chewable. Not too hard. I personally like to enjoy tasting my fruits and vegetables, as they are pretty tasty and less expensive than Juice Plus (but that’s just my personal opinion!) Consuming this supplement alone with not make you a healthier person, but it will help get the ball rolling. There is a lot to be said about the benefits of creating good healthy habits such as a well-rounded diet, exercise, herbs, teas for cleansing, and fruits and veggies too. Many people did not enjoy the amount of “pills” they had to take each day versus just consuming fruits and veggies (as stated above). Side effects have been noted from customers: IBS, headaches, and stomach aches.


Looking into this well-rounded company as a whole, they are not terrible. I have definitely come across much worse! They do have an adequate social media following, and the content was relevant and interesting to potential buyers. Be aware of their multi level marketing business practices (dishonest reviews, and product being sold for too much), and the auto ship programs if you are not interested in becoming a member that way.* When calling into their support line, my questions were answered promptly so it was not a headache to call in to try and get something accomplished.

The product is sold on Amazon as well, so there are many customer testimonials that were non-bias, from which you can get a really good feel on how people accept the product. For some, it was great and for others they saw no difference in their overall health. It is a rather expensive investment to not see any real results, which is why it might be better to just stick to the basics and eat your fruits and vegetables the normal way, and that’s from your local grocer.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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