Julian Bakery Review

Julian Bakery Review



Update: May 25, 2022

7 Out of 10
Julian Bakery Review
Julian Bakery Review
Julian Bakery is a paleo food company that is based out of Oceanside, California. The name seems friendly and the products look delicious, so I wanted to look into their company more. They offer paleo protein bars, Julian Bakery paleo wraps, Julian Bakery paleo bread, as well as other products like ketone bars and cereal. When I hear the word bakery, I think fresh bread baking with a variety of other options to choose from, which brings only good memories. In this case, they are offering healthy foods, so I can only imagine people’s willingness to try healthy food out of a fresh bakery, right? Wrong. You can only order it online or buy it in select stores in Southern California.

Julian Bakery Claims

There are little to no claims made on the direct website, but there are descriptions about each of their products and the ingredients inside. This information is nice to know, and not every company supplies its customers with an ingredient list. They have no terms and conditions from their website when directly looking at purchasing, so it was hard to tell if they had a money back guarantee. Just from reading different Julian Bakery reviews, if you open their products you are not eligible for any sort of refund. For 12 bars it will cost around $29.99 plus shipping costs, and for the paleo wraps it will cost $8.99 plus shipping for 7 wraps. If you have a Julian Bakery promo code or Julian Bakery coupon, however, it will drop the price.  Regarding their protein bars they claim,

“Incredibly delicious bars each with 20g Protein (From Egg White, Organic Plant Protein, Grass Fed Beef) these awesome bars are 100% Paleo, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Grain-free, High-fiber, Dairy-free, Whey-free, No Sugar Alcohols, and High-protein.  Our bars range from 150 Calories in this variety box and are from 1 Net Carb. Lab Verified with Labs Mart in Michigan for nutritional accuracy.” [1]

When talking about their Instaketone bars they say,

“This bar is specifically designed to be a meal replacement bar for the IKDiet® (Phase 1 or 2) as it curbs appetite and cravings up to 4hrs or longer.  This bar improves endurance, mental clarity, fat loss, and provides sustained energy making it the ideal fuel for any sort of fitness activity.  Taste like an orange Starburst (0g Sugar).”

Finally, in references to the paleo wraps,

“Did you know that our unique organic prebiotic fiber promotes weight loss helps to curb appetite and improve digestion without bloating? Now you do! Versatile? You bet. Feel free to create whatever dish you’re craving with our wraps.”

As you can see, these are all just claims about what the products may be able to do for you, but there is little word about company background, philosophy, or service. The checkout cart is supposed to be protected, meaning it is cart protected and your e-mail is also e-mail protected. The company is big on marketing, so if you don’t want to add your e-mail it’s probably better not to anyway.

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Julian Bakery Ingredients

Because there are a variety of products I will just highlight a few of the ingredients from some of their better selling products. Be mindful that this company promotes “cake like” paleo bars all over their Facebook page, but many have noted that they taste like an extremely hard laffy taffy bar in texture. The ingredients have been notorious for getting completely stuck in your teeth, with a lot of trouble getring through the bar without picking ingredients out.

Cinnamon Roll Paleo Protein Bar Ingredients (Net Carbs 6)

Egg White Powder, Organic Prebiotic Fiber From Tapioca, Organic Sunflower Seeds (Ground), Organic Cinnamon Flavor, Organic Cinnamon (Ceylon), ProDura™ (Probiotic) Lou Han Guo (Monk Fruit). [1]

Paleo Wraps Ingredients

Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Digestive Resistant Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber, Organic Flax Meal, Organic Ground Chia, Organic Tapioca Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Sunflower Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Psyllium, Citric Acid (From Citrus), Sea Salt. [2]

Almond Paleo Bread Ingredients

Purified Water, Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Lemon Juice, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt. [3]

Instaketone Bar Ingredients

Beta Hydroxybutyrate (goBHB), Organic Digestive Resistant Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber (Non-IMO), Egg White Powder, Organic Sunflower Butter, Amino Acid Blend (L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine, L-Leucine), Calcium, Sodium, Orange Extract Oil, Citric Acid (From Lemon/Limes), Lou Han Guo (Monk Fruit). [4]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Julian Bakery

The main premise behind this company is to provide people with paleo protein and paleo approved products that they otherwise could not get at the grocery store. There is also a lot of talk about the ketogenic diet on this website, and some of their products reflect that diet too.  They provide the interested customer with a blog to read which has studies and articles promoting their products, and the diets behind their products. Sadly, this blog is rarely updated with articles and you have to wait a few months in between each post, which does not keep the customer engaged. For example, there is a lot of talk about the Instaketones and the ketogenic diet on the blog and why it is a good way to go.  They state,

“On a low-carb keto diet, fat (as fatty acids) is released from your fat cells and travels via your bloodstream to your liver. In your liver, the fatty acids are processed into ketone bodies, which are just water-soluble molecules that can be used as an alternative body fuel.” [5]

When looking up different studies on the ketogenic diet, it has been around for quite some time, especially for treating people with epilepsy. This low carb, high fat and protein diet has been said to nourish the brain and encourage overall fat loss throughout the body.   In one study done on the overall effects of a ketogenic diet, they quote,

“Ketogenic diets are commonly considered to be a useful tool for weight control and many studies suggest that they could be more efficient than low-fat diets, although there is not concordance in the literature about their absolute effectiveness and even some doubts raised about safety. But there is a ‘hidden face’ of the ketogenic diet: its broader therapeutic action. There are new and exciting scenarios about the use of ketogenic diets, as discussed in this review, in cancer, T2D, PCOS, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.” [6]

Other than that, they provide a line of foods that contain simple ingredients that also coincide with the ketogenic and paleo diet movements. Many people have converted to this style of eating, so it was a smart move to create products that these people can quickly consume. When paleo first came out, there was a ton of meal prepping involved (there still is) and it was harder to just grab snacks on the go. Times have changed, and companies have acted on this need, but how well does Julian Bakery really cater to their customer base?

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Word On The Street About Julian Bakery

I wanted to spend some time on this section, because it was rather surprising to say the least when I dove into the actual facts. On the outside, the company looks like it supplies people quality products, and that is that. But there were many enraged customers who thought the customer service from this particular company was one of the worst they had seen (hundreds of people saying the same thing). First and foremost, once you order, you will not get your money back if you even dare rip one corner off of the packaging. Secondly, when you order, you will not get your products in a timely manner. Third, the products were under par and falsely advertised for a number of reasons. Some people waited weeks for in state shipping, which in my opinion is just not acceptable at all.   Sadly, Julian’s Bakery is also facing some class action lawsuits, which also does not work in their favor, and it has to do with the claims they are making about their bread. They brand the bread as a zero net carb, but is it so? According to the FDA,

“Your Net Carb Zero Bread product is misbranded under Section 403(a)(1) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 343(a)(1)] in that the label is false or misleading because the calorie content is greater than 20 percent in excess of the value for calories declared on the label [see 21 CFR 101.9(g)(5)]. Your label states the product contains 35 calories per serving size of 43 grams. However, FDA’s analysis found your product contained 54.4 calories per serving, which is 155% of the amount declared on the label.” [7]

Many people feel this company has been lying just to make money, which has caused quite the uproar and backlash. The once popular Julian Bakery paleo company is now under heat. When it comes to nutrition and providing the public with reputable products, there are no free passes for lying and providing terrible customer service. What looks like a good protein, paleo, and keto product might just be a hoax after all. So what did some of the customer have to say? Brace yourself, as these reviews are common amongst many people who are associated with this brand.   Mia posted on the yelp page for a location now closed in La Jolla, CA (2017, 1 star),

“I don’t know about service, but I bought a loaf of almond paleo bread from Whole Foods on Postmates, and it tastes awful. I mean, I can eat most anything and I’m the gal who will eat it b/c I don’t want to waste food, but I can’t even smell it. It’s almost chemical-like. I wish I could explain. but I have to throw out the loaf.” [8]

Natalie M. posted on the yelp site out of Southern California (2017, 1 star),

“Ordered the Instaketones absolute horrible taste!!! Not to mention that it gives you diarrhea!!! I went on their Facebook site and warned everyone to please read the reviews on Amazon and yelp before ordering. Not only were my comments deleted I was blocked from their site! Horrible customer service!” [9]

Polly G. also posted on the same yelp site as Natalie (2017, 1 star),

“Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps are disgusting. And, way overpriced. I ordered a pack of 7 wraps. I opened it and could not even eat one wrap. I let the company know, but they offer no resolution. You bought it, you keep it! Poor customer service. I’ll NEVER do any business with Julian Bakery!!” [9]

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The Bottom Line: Is Julian’s Bakery Worth A Try?

Risky. While it looks like they have it all together, they really do not, and it would be a gamble to purchase anything from this bakery. There were so many angry customers, especially pertaining to the lack of customer service, poor food quality, and slow ship time. When you buy the products, you are forced to keep them whether you like them or not, and the company will not compromise with you at all. I like the simple ingredients, but why do they feel the need to lie about their bread products? It just doesn’t seem like this is an honest and reputable company to support when it is all said and done sadly.

7 Total Score
Julian Bakery Scorecard

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  1. Julian’s Keto Thin Bread tastes horrible. I tried. I forced myself to get through a loaf because I wanted to give it a fair shake. It took a month. I could only choke down one disgusting slice at a time. I am a very liberal eater. This should not be classified as ‘food’.

  2. BUYER BEWARE!!! It’s honestly and sincerely disgusting!!! I simply do not believe anyone who reviews this bread as anything other than the terrible texture, terrible tasting, terribly over priced scam health food that it is. Once purchased you will discover you’ve been duped by the ad showing you this bread being used in a grilled cheese sandwich – absolutely 100% false advertising because I tried it and it WILL NOT toast up like a grilled piece of bread in the least! The company blocks you on Instagram if you leave a negative review, tells you to contact them for a refund if you leave a bad review on Google, and refuses to help you after telling you to contact them – I’m not the only one they’ve done this to and I am certain I won’t be the last. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

  3. The Keto bread is absolutely disgusting. It is falsely advertised as being useable in ways that it absolutely will not result. It is dense like pound cake, and the texture is like cornmeal at best. I shared it with a Keto friend and we both there it out as unusable because of the taste! When you leave a bad google review they tell you to contact them to resolve it – when you contact the company about this $30+ farce (they force you to buy three loaves to order it) they tell you too bad and refuse to refund any money at all – that’s a recurring happening being reported in reviews, so not just my experience. They block you on Instagram if you leave a negative comment and delete negative comments on Facebook – both happened to me. BUYER BEWARE!! There are numerous bad reviews for this company – even with the BBB – but they just keep ripping people off.

  4. HOrrible tasting product….the Keto bread….just simply horrible. How dare they have you buy 3 to just taste and then refuse to give you your money back. I will be disputing the charge on my card as I would not even offer this to the homeless.

  5. Alright this product was barely adequate to eat, as the aroma is disgusting. After toasting at the highest temperature on the toaster and then putting it back in for another go, it was less smelly. The worst thing about the bread is NOWHERE on the bag does it say to refrigerate after opening and my loaf went moldy in 1 week. So trust me this bread that cost over $10 dollars for 1 bag is NOT worth the price.

  6. Worst product ever. Received moldy but told it was a chemical reaction. No where is that mentioned as normal. Products should be usable but aren’t. Worst customer service and return policy ever found. DON’T BUY UNLESS YOU LIKE TO THROW AWAY YOUR MONEY!!!

  7. I have tried several of the Julian Bakery products.
    Protein Bars – Like eating a bar of butter with the consistency of Taffy. Sticky in the teeth to the point of gross, especially if you warm them like they recommend for better taste, but hey don’t taste good either. Hard Pass.
    Crackers- Deceptively dangerous. Carb count is not “that” low and calories relatively high. If you are just craving something crunchy and have the self-discipline to only each a few, they can be a good addition to your low-carb routine.
    Bread- I happen to love the bread- all varieties I have tried. I toast multiple times on low then once on high to get a crunchy result. Big fan here
    Overall- their products are RIDICULOUSLY expensive though. Seriously, a loaf of bread (before tax) is over $13. It would be great if they had a rewards program or ANYTHING that helped with the feeling of being gouged.

  8. The worst bread I have ever put in my mouth. Texture is like carboard and the taste was just absolutely awful. Save your money.

  9. It is possible to not leave any star? no? it should!!!

    Save your money fellas, don’t waste money on this super expensive junk food.

    Chocolate chip cookie:
    Horrible looks you can see picture on the bag container vs reality looks like years old, what about the taste? i hade to split it out, something HORRIBLE.

    If you eat everything it could be your food in case of the 3th world war, horrible taste i can tell if it taste chocolate, is a piece or chewing gum.

    Gummy, Flexible, Sticky…what the heck?!?!?
    a little sweet, the only way to eat it is that, bake it make it a little crunchy put some butter on top and eat it.

    Overall…i do not think these product have to be that expensive also if they will taste good.

    i e-mailed them asking for a return this is been the answer:

    we are sorry but we can not accept returns…

    You know what i hope you will close you sweet backery soon…for ever, this is the only way you will stop to fooling peoples.

  10. I’ve been on a paleo diet for over 20 years and have tried pretty much every paleo and gluten free bread out there as well ad have attempted to try a few recipes some good and some a flop. I have to say that Julian Bakery’s paleo coconut thin sliced bread is by the THE WORST bread that I have ever tasted. It’s just horrible, it tastes like cardboard! I’ve tried toasting it, topping it with vegan cheese, avacado, and jam and nothing improves the taste. The crust tastes like it has plastic in it. Just horrible and can’t believe that they charge $14.99 for a loaf. Can’t believe they’re still in business and that whole foods carries them.

  11. Horrible product. The keto almond bread bas a sickly sweet taste and smell. It is gummy even after toasting. I complained to them and was told they don’t refund based on taste. So I registered a complaint with the BBB.

  12. I bought the keto thin bread after reading a lot of glowing reviews. Unfortunately I cannot confirm these reviews.

    The bread does not taste good. It smells kind of funny. The consistency of it very sun par. The bread will not hold together. It just breaks to pieces simply trying to seperate the bread. Trying to put parchment between each piece is a nightmare.

    I appreciate the idea but the product doesn’t deliver. Speaking of delivery, they are very slow.

    I’m sitting here contemplating if I should just throw it all away? After paying $39.95 for 3 very small loaves of bread. I think that kind of says it all.

  13. I WILL eat Anything…until now. Could NOT eat their NASTY Bread! Stupidly, I bought several loaves before trying. I called customer service & she decided along with me that the bread had SOURED – Before I was even able to get it to the freezer. No mold as yet but it was SOURED. I even asked about just returning for something else – I didn’t request
    money back. But NOPE they wouldn’t even let me exchange it for some of their other products. Horrible bread…Horrible customer service. STAY AWAY!

  14. I purchased the paleo thin protein bars that come 12 in a box. They’re inedible, the ingredients looked great but the bars are very hard, they cannot be chewed. I tried boiling one of the them in hopes of softening it but it was still hard, l banged it against my kichen sink and nothing happened, it didn’t even crack! I’m thinking of using it as a hammer. When l managed to cut off a sliver with my sharpest knife, it stuck to the roof of my mouth and to my tooth. These protein bars are dangerous, someone can get hurt trying to bite down on them, l don’t remember the exact price, but I’m out of about $25-$30 for 12 bars, a very expensive rip off, l thought because of the high protein and fiber that it would be worth the investment but it certainly wasn’t.

  15. Reply
    Christopher Gabage June 20, 2020 at 3:35 am

    If I could give negative stars I would. ABSOLUTELY horrible product AND ABSOLUTELY horrible customer service. I am not one to put a negative review, however DO NOT ORDER THIS JUNK. The “bread” arrived with mold all over it and it was all sticky and slimy. It was DISGUSTING to look at and the smell was even worse! I notified the bakery and they said to send a photo. I sent them a photo of the moldy slimy bread and then they said, send us a picture of the barcode. I sent them the picture of the barcode and then they said they need a picture of some number on the bread that doesn’t actually exist. I finally had enough of their games. No problem. Chargeback with credit card company and blasting them all over the internet for their disgusting product and service.

  16. I placed an order for Keto bread and they want you to order three loaves to
    begin with which is 39.99 for 3; which is ridiculous. They showed how good it
    toasted, what a joke. After I did a grilled cheese I thought it would be better,
    another mistake the bread broke apart. On top of all that it tasted like buttered
    cardboard. I called to try and get my money back, another joke they said they don’t
    give refunds or anything. I know why because they know how bad their product is
    before sending it out. Folks please don’t be fooled by their ads they are money
    grabbing people who have no sympathy for anyone. On top of all that I am a
    diabetic and my sugar levels went through the roof. I caution you I trusted these
    folks but I had to throw 3 loaves of bread, well, I wouldn’t call it bread, in the trash.

  17. I wouldn’t know how their products were, because I never got my order. I spent over $100 and never got it. When I inquired about the order they told it was delivered by FedEx. I said no it was not, and I asked for proof. They were unable to provide the proof. They stopped responding to my messages on Facebook. They refused a refund, and took FedEx’s word 100%. So, I had to go to my bank to get my money back. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  18. If my bread is as disgusting as these reviews describe, I will have my husband sue the company for fraud. His is a lawyer and I promise they will regret it.????

  19. I like the basic cereal, and I hope that the claims of high protein and fiber, low calorie, are true. (Given the lawsuit about their bread, maybe not.) It’s expensive. But the real problem is the shipping. They charge your card as soon as you order. Then your order goes into limbo for up to a couple of months. If you complain to customer service, they give you a canned message to have patience. It is virtually impossible to cancel an order once placed. So good luck in actually getting your products!

  20. Ordered two items on July 16 and they have yet to ship. They’re using COVID as an excuse but based on the reviews I’ve seen, they have a reputation of slow delivery. Wish I had known. They also refuse to respond to complaints, which in my opinion, is surely an indicator of malicious intent: take a customer’s money and hide. They are THIEVES!

  21. WARNING! DO NOT PATRONIZE JULIAN BAKERY. – Julian Bakery shipped me rancid Sunflower Butter and refused to exchange it. Also, their staff lied on the phone and told me their monk fruit syrup was made in the USA. However, when I received the product it was printed made in CHINA. They again refused to make any refund, exchange, or issue a credit.

  22. I have placed 2 orders with julian bakery — the first took a MONTH to get to me the second has been over 3 weeks and when tracking it the products have not been handed off to the shipper yet

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