Karl Lagerfeld Diet Review

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet is a diet that was jointly developed by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Dr. Jean Claude Houdret. It was Lagerfeld who sought out the help as he wanted to fit into the fashions that he was designing for men who were slimmer and trimmer than he was. The end result was an ultra disciplined diet that saw Lagerfeld lose 92 pounds in a little over a year.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet consists of three phases and each one is equally as stringent. The first phase is only meant to be followed for two weeks and sees participants get 800-900 calories per day consisting of meals made up of a protein supplement (designed by Dr. Houdret and sold separately) and a serving of vegetables. Phase two is much the same with the exception of the program allowing for an increase of calories to 1000-1200 per day and the evening protein supplement to be swapped with another type of lean protein. The third and final phase is a bit less on the restrictive side and allows for some food favorites to come back in moderation as well as an increase in the daily caloric intake to 1200-1600 per day.

While the diet does sound harsh, that is exactly how Dr. Houdret designed it. He says that dieting should be a form of punishment and that if you are not willing to show ultimate will power then you are doomed to failure.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Karl Lagerfeld Diet?

By cutting calories to such low levels and totally cutting out fats there is no way not to lose weight on this diet. However, the intake of foods is not nutrient sufficient and is therefore only going to produce weight loss that comes at the cost of overall health and well-being.

Additionally, any weight loss that might be realized will evaporate quickly if the dieter returns to any normal level of eating once they go off the Karl Lagerfeld Diet. This makes the Karl Lagerfeld Diet one that is not very good for long-term weight loss success.

Is the Karl Lagerfeld Diet Easy to Follow?

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet is not a diet that will come easy to many. The fact that so many foods and food groups are cut out to such a large degree means that cravings will be constant. Those who lack a lot of will power will struggle to faithfully stay on the diet. Unfortunately, straying, or cheating, of any kind will simply kill any weight loss progress enjoyed.


When cutting out fats to the degree that the Karl Lagerfeld Diet does the end result is a lack of essential fatty acids. Similar results will be realized with the Karl Lagerfeld Diet as there are many foods and food groups that fall by the wayside. Even though the Karl Lagerfeld Diet book is only $19.95 it is a diet that simply can’t be done in a safe manner making the cost irrelevant.


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