Keto OS Review

Does Keto OS work?

What Is Keto OS?

Created by Prüvit, Keto OS, which stands for Ketone Operating System, is a “revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.” [1]

Also known as the keto diet, KETO OS is a line of supplements that promise to turbocharge your metabolism and send your body into ketosis without resorting to the draconian no-carb, all-fat diet.

The History of Ketones

Known for centuries, it wasn’t until a hundred years ago that ketones (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) were used to treat seizures in kids with epilepsy. A “neuroprotective effect” was produced, which calms the nervous system. Soon researchers were exploring an expanded use of ketones to help with mental, emotional and cognitive health, according to Prüvit spokesperson Andra “Dr. Andy” Campitelli , a naturopathic doctor. She says ketone use was expanded as a tool to enhance athletic performance. Ketones result when the body burns fat for fuel. [2]

Prüvit on Better Business Bureau

There are two Prüvit profiles on the Better Business Bureau site, one in Indiana and one in Texas. Both sell Prüvit products, but have no website link. The Texas profile has an F rating, mostly for lack of response to customer complaints about return issues. The Indiana profile has an A rating, but no reviews or complaints, and it’s only been open a year. Neither profile lists the CEO the same as the website. There is no phone contact on either the Prüvit website or the Texas BBB profile, only an “Ask a Question” form that goes via email. The Indiana profile does have a phone number: (812) 631-4282. [3] [4] [5]

What Keto OS Does?

Keto OS tired and exaustedSo Prüvit claims Keto OS supplementation helps shed fat, build a better body by boosting metabolism, give you more energy and strength, helps with focus, concentration and mental clarity and helps improve mood. On the website home page the first claim is “better fat loss.” Interesting, since very clearly among other admissions in its disclaimer, Prüvit says KETO OS is “not a weight loss product,” on its KetoU FAQ video. [2]

And they still say any weight loss one might experience is dependent on diet and exercise. There you have it. What every good doctor, nutritionist and dietician will tell you: eat healthy foods and exercise.

That’s the weight loss secret. So is KETO OS a weight loss product or not?

What Happens When You Eliminate Carbs?

It’s not a news flash that cutting simple, bad-for-us carbohydrates from our diet can lead to weight loss. But the problem for anyone who has tried a restrictive diet plan—like one where carbs are all but eliminated—is it’s very difficult to stick with.

When you eliminate carbs dramatically and suddenly, your body goes into ketosis; there is not enough glucose for fuel, so your fat is burned and ketones are built up. For some people there are side effects like fatigue and headaches; for others, none. While in nutritional ketosis, especially with exercise, you lose fat, blood sugar is reduced, good cholesterol goes up and bad cholesterol goes down—all of which are great for reducing the risk of heart disease.

But KETO OS says go further. Since the process of getting to that ketosis sweet spot can take weeks for most, with exogenous ketones—which you eat or drink—blood ketone levels are elevated right away without the extreme diet restriction needed for a natural ketosis that comes from a gradual but major shift in what you eat. The supplement ketones remain in the body, they say, from 3 to 6 hours. Water soluble, they will not be stored or converted to fat.

Note that all the claims made about KETO OS on the website make sure the use the words may, might, and suggests when discussing the research Prüvit says shows how exogenous ketones act as neuroprotectors that help cognition, increase energy, focus and concentration, regulate blood sugar, and—for the purposes of this review concerned especially with weight loss—“exogenous ketones change body composition.” [6]

And while they say you don’t have to change your diet—let the sugar and the ketones battle it out—even those who don’t change a thing will still experience the benefits, although Prüvit recommends that people follow a low-carb diet and exercise daily while taking their supplements. So it seems that unless you’re already close to an acceptable and healthy weight, with near to or normal body fat, just adding the supplement alone won’t cut that fat. You have to put in the work. There is no specific meal plan per se; rather Prüvit suggests one follow a low-carb diet, albeit one that’s not too restrictive. But KETO OS does have a cool recipe kit to help make their ketone drinks better—yummy keto smoothies. [7]

Keto OS Side Effects

The side effects of exogenous ketones from KETO OS products are many. The company admits that “often” people have “digestive upset,” and that use of their product “can be a little bit dehydrating,” which leads to mineral loss, which equals fatigue, headache, diarrhea and constipation. The suggestion is to just drink more water to stay hydrated and replace lost electrolytes with “a bone broth or miso soup.” [2] Hmm.

Keto OS Product Flavors

The products, at 30 servings each:

  • KETO OS Max – Swiss Cacao at $130
  • KETO OS Max – Maui Punch at $130
  • KETO OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl at $85
  • KETO OS 2.1 Orange Dream at $85
  • KETO KREME at $74. [8]

KETO OS Ingredients

The primary ingredients in KETO OS drinks—besides cocoa, caffeine, stevia and sugar alcohols—is beta hydroxybutyrate, which “puts ketones in your blood.” Mayo Clinic medical laboratory scientists describe beta hydroxybutyrate as being the greatest of the three ketones found in the blood and is present during “carbohydrate deprivation.” [9]

L-Taurine is another ingredient which is not uncommon in other weight loss or dietary supplements. It’s an amino acid found naturally in meat and fish that regulates mineral and water levels in our blood. It’s said to improve athletic performance, but side effects and long-term use need further study. [10]

The chocolate swirl drink also includes an amino acid blend of taurine, tyrosine, arginine, and leucine. Of these, the one that’s a proceed with caution is tyrosine, which is best used for people in extreme stress situations where one is seriously sleep-deprived—it’s used in the military and for astronauts, for example.

An aside about the caffeine. Each serving has the equivalent of one cup of coffee, it’s claimed. That said, some KETO OS products can be ordered “charged”—meaning with caffeine—or caffeine-free.

The Science Behind KETO OS

Science behind ketosisKetogenic diet studies have definitively demonstrated the indisputable short- and long-term benefits for overweight or obese people, especially those with high glucose and cholesterol levels. In a study published in the Fall 2004 Experimental & Clinical Cardiology journal, 83 obese subjects were fed a very low-carb, high-fat and -protein diet for 24 weeks—a ketogenic diet. After the study was completed, subject weight and body mass, bad cholesterol, and blood sugar “decreased significantly.” The study “shows the beneficial effects of a long-term ketogenic diet.” [11]

Again, for many folks who are familiar with the diet merry-go-round, you’ve probably been on a ketogenic diet (think Atkins) at one time or another—but as is often the case with any diet, it’s hard to stay with it. It’s for that reason ketone aficionados say adding exogenous ketones is the way to go.

Ketone Supplement Research

So what do nutrition and medical journals say about ketone supplements? From a study published in the 2016 Nutrition & Metabolism(London):

Our research demonstrates that several forms of dietary ketone supplementation can effectively elevate blood ketone levels and achieve therapeutic nutritional ketosis without the need for dietary carbohydrate restriction. We also demonstrated that ketosis achieved with exogenous ketone supplementation can reduce blood glucose, and this is inversely associated with the blood ketone levels. Although preliminary results are encouraging, further studies are needed to determine if oral ketone supplementation can produce the same therapeutic benefits as the classic ketogenic diet. [12]

That’s encouraging for ketone supplement manufacturers and users.

Keto OS Reviews

Visit Prüvit’s website to see keto before-and-after images, which are always fun to check out. [13] But I am always dubious of reviews about a product on that product’s website. So I went to, since you can purchase KETO OS products there.

Keto OS 5 Star Review – …Chocolate is divine and helps me stay on track…

Reviewer “GM Bennett” (2016, 5 stars) says, “So glad I can buy this here in a pinch. I can not live without my KETO OS Chocolate is divine and helps me stay on track for my ketosis. Have lost 45 lbs with the help of KETO OS.” [14]

Keto OS 1 Star Review – …haven’t lost anything…

“Kara Day” (2017, 1 star)—not a fan—says, “I’ve been on this for over 30 days and haven’t lost anything. I was really looking to lose around 10-16lbs and nothing. Not impressed because it is very pricey.” [15]

Keto OS 5 Star Review – …almost chemical bitter aftertaste…

Reviewer “Jennifer M. Snow” (2016, 5 stars) did not like the taste, but did like the product. “This stuff has a weird, almost chemical bitter aftertaste that makes it really unpleasant to drink. I haven’t found anything that will really cover it up. However, it works as advertised, boosting energy.” [16]

Keto OS 1 Star Review – …does not work…

“Ms. A” (2016, 1 star) says, it “does not work.”

Your test strip indicates you’re in ketosis only after consuming a glass of the product. I am very familiar with getting and keeping my body in ketosis from previously doing the Atkins diet. I strictly followed the KETO program for 2 weeks and was never able to achieve ketosis “naturally.” The product does not work. Follow the Atkins diet if you want to achieve ketosis. [17]

Keto OS Alternatives

Table Explanation

Based on our research people frequently try to compare Keto OS to other weight loss solutions. Often the brands and their products are different in many ways which makes it hard to compare apples-to-oranges. This is our attempt to compare below 6 and pick the winner, even if in some cases the margins are very, very small, and the choice is personal. This is not necessarily to say that we recommend any of the winners, instead this is simply author’s opinion when asked to compare each. Please take this information with the grain of salt and do your own research. If making dietary changes we recommend consulting with your medical doctor.

Keto OSAlternative
Keto OSShakeology
Keto OSKegenix
Keto OSPlexus Slim
Keto OSThrive Patch
Keto OSAdvocare
Keto OSTrim Down Club(Favorite)

Keto OS vs Shakeology

I have spent hours and hours researching, and writing, about both of these diets, but in a battle between bulge-busting diets where it’s Keto OS by Pruvit vs. Shakeology, who comes out on top? Before I tell you which one takes the cake (literally, out of your hands) let me say that in concept, I get both. Keto OS is about putting your body into ketosis (where you banish carbs and your body burns fat for fuel) and Shakeology is essentially a meal replacement shake. Both of these diet approaches have some adequate science to back them up. We know, for example, that if your body burns fat, you lose weight. And we know that if you replace one or two meals a day with a low-calorie (but hopefully very nutritious) shake you will likely lose weight. This is a tough one. They are both pricey, although Keto OS is far more expensive. I prefer the idea of getting the proper nutritional support to put your body in ketosis by cutting all the white, refined, and processed carbs and instead, getting good carbs from healthy foods. Shakeology, while I personally would not do this diet, meal replacement shakes, when done correctly with nutrient-rich shakes in place of a plate of food, inches out Keto OS …by a nose. So it’s Shakeology for me.

Keto OS vs Kegenix

Kegenix vs. Keto OS. Weight loss, energy and focus, is how Real Ketones describes an experience with Kegenix. Like Keto OS, the products are based on putting your body into ketosis (where you burn fat to fuel your body instead of carbohydrates) without resorting to the restrictive no-carbs-at-all lifestyle. Reviewers love both, but they love Kegenix a little more. Plus, I think that since Keto OS is a multi level marketing business, people get turned off by that (I know I do). But wait. So is Real Ketones (makers of Kegenix). So let’s go back to the actual product: they both work on the same principle. They both are MLM companies. They both work (relatively; well if reviewers are being honest). They are both expensive. This is almost a tie but, based on customer reviews (especially since the science is so similar) it’s Kegenix by a hair.

Keto OS vs Plexus Slim

I have done my homework, folks. I spent literal days researching the ‘pink drink.’ The Plexus Slim slogan, ‘Drink Pink and Shrink’ while catchy put me off from the beginning. However, I was more than willing to do the work and save my opinion until all the facts were in and it’s like this; in the Plexus Slim vs. Keto OS title match, it’s Keto OS absolutely. The pink drink says it’s probiotic, chromium, garcinia cambogia, coffee bean extract, et al formula will work magic. I say it’s junk. Keto OS, though expensive, is a more sophisticated and science-conscious approach to weight loss. Put your body in fat-burning mode without resorting to the prohibition of all carbs. I’m not a huge fan, but plenty of people are and in the final analysis, it’s Keto OS over Plexus Slim. No doubt about it.

Keto OS vs Thrive Patch

This is simple. In the Thrive Patch vs. Keto OS matchup, Keto OS is the clear winner for me. And I have read and researched for hours on both. The Thrive Patch delivers garcinia cambogia, coffee bean extract (the research paper on this following a clinical trial was retracted. Yup, the researchers pulled their own work because this supplement is likely not safe and/or effective), Coenzyme Q10 (our bodies already make this antioxidant!), and the forskolin, while touted as a weight loss breakthrough just doesn’t stand up to the rigors of science. It’s a gimmick. Using a dermal patch to deliver these ingredients may sound cool, new and even interesting, but it’s garbage, in my opinion. Keto OS is not cheap, but there’s at least some science that has shown signs of efficacy. So it’s Keto OS for the win.

Keto OS vs AdvoCare

AdvoCare and I are not friends. And I have tried and tried through lots of research to warm up to this product line but just cannot. In the Keto OS vs AdvoCare showdown, it’s barely a match. Not even close. And again, I’m not a huge fan of Keto OS, but am even less than thrilled with AdvoCare and here’s why: First, AdvoCare’s line runs the gamut from vitamin, mineral, and nutrient blends to sports nutrition, athletic performance enhancement, and weight loss, or what AdvoCare prefers, weight management. You may be familiar with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and the AdvoCare 10-day cleanse. These supplements are a combination of laxatives, vitamins, minerals, and one ingredient that has actually some science behind it but, and this is the big but, there’s not a thing in these detoxes or cleanses and weight loss supplements that cannot be gotten cheaper, and better in fact, though healthy eating. Plus, a number of reviewers complained emphatically about adverse side effects. And finally, I am absolutely put off by the fact that all their testimonials have fake names and images and all its endorsers are paid. AdvoCare admits it, so Inguess they get points for that. I’ll take Keto OS over AdvoCare any day. If I was going to do either, that is.

Keto OS vs Trim Down Club

Finally, when you take all six of these diets vs. Trim Down Club it’s a real no-brainer for me. The Trim Down Club is not a panacea. No ‘diet’ is. But what the Trim Down Club gets right, it really gets right. It is the clear winner out of all the above weight loss options. You avoid processed, refined, junky bad-for-you crap food and instead, shop for, prepare, and eat delicious healthy, whole fresh food meals with your family (no different diet for everyone; the Trim Down Club is a way of life eating for all). The camaraderie is key: the Trim Down Club is a club after all, a place where we all meet and figure out this weight loss journey together. I like that. Plus, it’s really cheap. A couple of fast food salads (don’t eat it them!) costs more.

Is KETO OS Worth a Try?

What's better than keto os?

Depends. Go for it—if you can afford it, because the KETO OS supplements are not cheap. My feeling is it’s smarter, safer and cheaper to get to ketosis naturally through nutrition, by cutting the sugar that’s found in nearly all processed foods—the dreaded and deadly high-fructose corn syrup, for one, is in everything. Check the labels in your pantry. And when you’re shopping—you can avoid high-fructose corn syrup, but it’ll take some digging.

So, cut the processed foods out, limit simple carbs, also known as white stuff—soda, candy, sugar, white bread, white rice, white pasta, potatoes (except sweet potatoes), desserts, pastries. Instead eat oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and bread, brown rice, black beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, barley, bananas (freeze them then blend for banana “ice cream”), apples, cherries, spinach…you get the idea. These are all perfect carbs for our bodies and will not only do the body good, you’ll lose weight eating them instead of those fries, nachos, doughnuts, and Little Debbie’s. And there are scads of keto-friendly (low-carb) recipes out there on the Net for the occasional sweet treats that won’t send you back into sugar-shock.

Yes, your body will crave this crap for a little while, but you won’t end up with the myriad side effects that come with ketone supplements. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money so you can put up that basketball hoop you’ve been thinking about.

Review Sources

So What Really Works?*

#1PS1000 ProgramReviewVisit
#2Mayo Clinic DietReviewVisit
#3Weight WatchersReviewVisit
#4Trim Down ClubReviewVisit

*Individual results will vary.


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  • Elaine Campbell

    My husband takes this for his memory, and yes it does work for him. No weight loss, just better focus and memory retention.

  • Ruth

    I purchased this product with the promise that if I didn’t see any positive results, I would get my money back with the “90 day money back”. I did not have ANY positive results. I tried all the coach suggestions. I gained weight and had diarrhea every time I took it. Then, I tried to return it…and was told the policy changed and they would only take it back if it was unopened! I am still fighting to get my refund. Buyer beware with this company!!

  • Born with a Sense of Humor

    I was researching this product as I seem to do better on low carb (I’m a carb & sugar addict). I prefer to go running while caffeinated, so that level doesn’t bother me. I’m reading these comments and just rolling my eyes.
    People – Mr. Ferguson is simply stating that, if you start using a product, in conjunction with cutting back on simple carbs as instructed to by said product, you will lose weight quickly in the beginning. Most of it in this first stage is simply water weight. If this is the first time doing a low (<30g) carb, it's pretty exciting! Almost a miracle!
    I can usually cut down on carbs and go into ketosis pretty quickly, and I usually do this once in awhile to kick start dropping water weight.
    As for the people who are focusing on the whole "120 cups of coffee" comment… really? These are the ones who need a "sarcasm font" to help them get a joke.
    The name calling and arguing is just hilarious. I commend Turd for actually trying the product and am excited to hear his final thoughts.
    Funny, the one person that everyone is attacking is the one person who might sway my decision on trying or not trying this product.
    Please let us (me) know how it goes!

  • ShanaF

    What a biased hit piece! Geesh, look at the the feedbacks he pulled. A real journalist soul have given feedback from both sides. Does it out you in Ketosis? Yes! I have the ketone test strips to prove it, both urine and blood. Blood test is the most accurate. I am a type 2 diabetic. My bg levels have stabilized to 95-100 fasting within 2 weeks. No spikes or sudden drops. I have those charts from my meter app that can prove it as well. (All downloaded straight from my meter). I was already on a low carb diet due to my diabetes so I had no stomach upset. People who are not on a low carb to begin with MUST wade in slow and build up to a full packet or that will have stomach upset.

    As far as caffeine and 120 cups of coffee: Do your research! Pruvit offers mom caffeine as well. The only difference I can feel is my energy increases at about the 30 minute mark with the CF.

    BTW it is far loss not weight loss. You measure by inches not pounds as muscle which Keto OS preserves weighs more than fat. A good promoter will tell their clients to measure themselves weekly to see those results.

  • Samantha Carter

    About 6 weeks ago I said “YES” to BETTER!!!

    I ordered my Keto/OS Orange Dream and Chocolate Swirl !!! For 5 weeks I have been drinking my Ketones everyday!! For the most part it’s only been once a day! There are some days I have drank my Ketones twice a day. This drink has helped me in so many ways! I have slept better then I have in many years! I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day! I have more natural energy to play with my 2 wonderful kids, and get everything I need to in my day done. I have better focus and can finish something I started. I have control over my appetite for the first time ever! I am not drinking soda, or eating sugar, I eat smaller portions and I am not craving nasty fast foods!

  • Jane

    Have lost weight while using this product but I’m also following an alkaline diet so not really certain which is being more effective. The problem I have is getting the product shipped. First time got an email with a tracking number but when I checked it UPS read ‘voided.’ Contacting the company was a long drawn out process even though my credit card had been charged! After two weeks finally got the order but no explanation. Ordered a second time and still waiting two weeks later…even though company updates says it’s in Canada! No response from support! I think it should be illegal to charge a credit card before shipping. Wish I could find a consumer advocacy group to register a complaint against Pruvit Canada!

  • Mike Anthony

    There are plenty of actual doctors that are pro and con towards exogenous ketones.
    While it’s true that Nutritional Ketosis is the ‘real way’ to burn endogenous fat, using products like Keto OS give the consumer a leg up on getting started.
    I’ve done that before- and had great success- but it was terribly difficult, and nearly impossible to sustain. Cooking separate meals for myself and 4 children wasn’t sustainable, so I fell off of it. This time around, the supplement makes switching to a LCHF diet absolutely effortless.
    Keto OS has appetite suppressant effects, along with the rest of the cognitive enhancements; that alone will cause a drop in caloric intake…which naturally leads to weight loss. What few people are saying about this product, is that the cognitive effects elevate your mood so much, clear your brain so well, making dietary choices is actually a joy, now- like the saying goes: when you feel good, you DO good.
    The combination of effects from using this product justify the pricing. I’ve used three different kinds, and this is by far the only one that actually does what it claims to do.
    In the interests of total transparency, I *do* provide it to people, reluctantly; I’m not a fan of mlm businesses, but I am a sworn and sold fan of Keto OS. I’ve dropped 26 pounds in 8 weeks, using it and loosely following a keto diet. Due to a bad back, I needed some help dropping weight without exercise being a usable option- and this product has helped significantly to get my body to the point where exercising, as an option, is now back on the table.
    The science is there.
    Thousands of testimonials are there.
    No one has to believe; we all have the right to an opinion…
    …but walk the walk before you talk the talk.

  • Joshua James

    Well I’ve been doing this for about two months … I started at 186 pounds and 12.5% body fat… ice since dropped to 168 and less than 8% body fat… Yes it does jump you into ketosis …1 serving has kept me ijn ketosis for 5 days so I would say the supplement is washed out by then … Not a reliable website or research done by this site …. anyone with any real questions or concerns are welcome to cokntact me directly … “everything on the internet is true” – Abraham Lincoln

    • Turd Ferguson

      How do you know you’re in a metabolic state of ketosis? I assume you have urine test strips? Don’t you understand that if you are taking this supplement that has ketones in it, then when you urinate you are also peeing out the ketones you are taking….on to the test strips? How hard is this for people to understand? Really hard, apparently.

      • Grim

        Turd gets his product from his Mom? I assume when she brings it down to her basement where he lives. Along with meatloaf.

        • Turd Ferguson

          No, but I do bring my meatloaf down on your mother. If you know what I mean.

      • Winter Buklad

        I did a blood ketone test approximately 1 hour after drinking and my ketone level went from 0 to 2.1. So yes, it does work.

        • Turd Ferguson

          Winter, anything you ingest gets in your bloodstream. That’s why alcohol makes your feel warm and fuzzy. I never said you wouldn’t get ketones in your blood by ingesting them. I suggested it wouldn’t put you into a medical state of ketosis in which your liver is naturally producing ketones any faster or more efficiently and it hasn’t been proven to. You really need to google and find out the differences between exogenous ketones & endogenous ketones and how they both effect the body. I’m not even saying this supplement isn’t beneficial or healthy. I’m taking it now. It seems to give me good energy. However, it won’t keep you in ketosis with a carb-heavy diet and it won’t put you into ketosis in 45 minutes. It takes time for your body to switch it’s fuel source from carbs to fats(ketosis).

          You saying you had ketones in your blood after you took a supplement with ketones in it isn’t brain science. How is this so hard to grasp?

    • Juanita Matticks

      Which brand are you using

  • Lori Fields

    I started the Keto OS Thursday April 27th 2017, I HAVE NOT changed anything about my diet and I’ve lost.7lbs already! I figured, anyone can lose weight cutting carbs and sugar out of their diet. So I decided to see if it actually works without changing any part of my diet, and it DOES! So for you non believers…it does work.

    • Lori Fields

      So 7lbs in 4 days

  • divingbelle

    I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and my #1 complaint is constant fatigue, I’m on day 3, and I have more energy than I’ve had in years…this is my personal journey, not a medical claim…I can also choose to take caffeinated or uncaffeinated versions. I’ve been taking 1/2 packet in the am and one at lunch, to trouble with my digestive tract and I get bouts of IBS, so I’m pleased my body can tolerate it. Like anything people inject, some can take it and others can’t.

  • Denise

    I disagree with this. I have lost 4 pounds in 10 days, feel great, sleep well and I’m not hungry. I don’t feel jolted drinking orange caffeinated version at all. I love this product and have seen amazing results in my friends.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Okay 4 pounds in 10 days becuase you’re eating a keto diet without carbs so you have lost 4 pounds of bloat and water weight. Has nothing to do with these pills that fill your pee with ketones and makes it look like it “jolts you into ketosis.” I always lose 4-5 pounds my first week in keto without these supplements. Stop wasting your money.

      • Turd Ferguson

        jesus christ

      • Rachel Vrabel

        It’s not a pill either dumbass. If you’re reading this, Turd face Ferguson has no idea what he’s talking about. Refers to it as a “shake” in one comment, a “pill” in another. Gimme a break dude. Hit me up and I’ll send you some of mine to try!

        • Turd Ferguson

          Pill, smoothie, fucking inject the shit into you. Doesn’t matter the vehicle. It’s a god damn placebo and hasn’t shown to actually put your body into a state of ketosis any faster. You just piss out the ketones you drank with the shake also when you text via urine strip it shows ketones. Doesn’t mean your body is in ketosis and producing them naturally ya doofus.

          • Rachel Vrabel

            Where on earth are you getting such misinformed information? There’s a shit ton of research behind this product. Yea, I lost 13 lbs from a placebo…my mom lost 15….my brother lost 20….my cousin lost 15 – all within 4-6 weeks. Everyone feels energized and is experiencing ketosis. This ain’t no placebo effect buddy, exogenous ketones are real. Your doing your mom a disservice. You should order some for her and see for yourself. Pruvit offers a 60 day money back guarantee…. I’m not into arguing online. But you have got to have some hidden agenda carrying on like you have been on this forum. Good luck to you.

          • Turd Ferguson

            No, I have yet to find one credible study on this specific product. ONly anecdotal evidence can be found. But, I’ve taken it upon myself to order two months worth. I’m going to do keto exactly like I did 6 month ago. Same diet, same workout plan, etc and I’m going to supplement daily with this. I will tell you in a couple weeks if my results are better than they were the last time I did keto without this supplement. Im guess it will be the same. I think this is simply a very expensive energy supplement. But, we will see.

          • Jane

            Hey, good luck getting your product in time so that you can provide an update in ‘a couple of weeks!’ Perhaps delivery is better in the States?

          • Turd Ferguson

            I already have the product. I have OS and the Kreme coffee creamer. My mother bought them and I told her I’d try them out for her as the guinea pig and order her more. I’m a 5 days into taking it daily. I got into keto in 3 days, not 45 minutes. To me, so far, the supplement is very good for sustained energy, but so far I think it’s hardly worth spending $100 per month on it. Will update in a couple more weeks.

  • Trixie

    Sorry, but I will have to disagree with you. This is working great for me so far. Have not changed my diet at all and it has cleared up my dermatitis in just 2 weeks. Also lost one and a half kilos in that time. I definitely have more energy and looking forward to seeing what the next 4 weeks brings. Just wondering if the person who wrote the article bothered to try it out for themselves or just wanted to write something biased on which they had no personal knowledge on?

    • Turd Ferguson

      So you haven’t changed your diet at all or your lifestyle and lost 5 pounds just by taking this? Doubt it

      • Rachel Vrabel

        Haha… Trixie is experiencing the magic of exogenous, therapeutic ketones!

        • Trixie

          Maybe, all I know is that it works for me.

          • Rachel Vrabel

            I was actually directing that to Turd being sarcastic. Exogenous ketones ie Keto OS is amazing!

          • Trixie

            Lol just realized that sorry. Note to self, do not get on social media when you have a migraine! What I failed to mention to the troll was my diet was actually worse as my brother was staying with me at the time and the amount of sugary processed food he brought into the house was more than I usually have..and if it’s in my cupboard you know I’m gonna eat it lol.

      • Trixie

        Actually yes, and I really don’t care that you doubt it. It’s just how it is.

        • Turd Ferguson

          If you changed your lifestyle then maybe those other changes attributed to your improvements and not this pill. Lol

    • Trevor Axford

      just curious what is your diet? if you are taking a lot of carbs then it will be impossible for your body to go into ketosis as you are providing a fuel source that your body will automatically use first instead of the stored fat. Ketosis requires a low carb high fat diet. Your weight loss may just be water or if your hunger is being suppressed you may be taking in less calories. I too am taking Keto OS and it does give you energy and make you feel better.

  • John Genua

    Who’s paying you to trash this product? 4 months 1-2 times per day along with the LC-HF diet and down 28 lbs. There’s a non-caffeinated version if you’re caffeine sensitive.

    • Trixie

      And it’s about one cup of coffee not 120 like they have written.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Dumb fuckk. People have been losing tons of weight on keto low carb high fats for decades. Ever wonder if you would have lost same amount of weight without spending money on this fake shake?

      • Mike Anthony

        Please see my latest post on here.

        • John Genua

          Thank you- Turd Ferguson (real original call-back to a 2000 SNL skit) seems to be very angry….I’m not a MLM fan either, this stuff was not pushed on me, and it works. I do intend on attempting to holiday it eventually and watch the results with just the diet alone

      • John Genua

        “Ever wonder”- no I lack common sense and logic- instead I angrily type on a review site all day.

  • Rachel Vrabel

    Keto has worked great for me twice. The first time I lost 11 lbs in three weeks drinking the orange. A year later I’d gained some weight back and have been drinking the Bio max Maui punch. I lost 8 lbs in two weeks and I love the energy. Been back to drinking it six weeks now and my body continues to change. Fat is being reduced and my workouts are great! Love the energy and it does not give me the jitters at all. It’s expensive but the best supplement I’ve ever been on.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Why not just take much more affordable energy supplements? They would do the same thing. This supplement doesn’t get you in ketosis faster. It’s fooling you.

      • Rachel Vrabel

        You’re misinformed. Prüvit brought exogenous ketones to the market place and there are no other products that even compare. Unless you want ketones made out of China by imitator products. It’s a bit pricey, agreed, but worth it. More affordable “energy” products are not ketones. If you like shitty diet pill supplements that give you the jitters and don’t have any longevity then you can buy something cheaper. Keto OS puts you into ketosis within 30 minutes and you’ll stay there all day. I do not follow a strict ketogenic diet by any means and stay in ketosis. Nutritional ketosis is difficult to get into unless you are perfect with your macros, been there done that. Even some keto dieters have a hard time getting into nutritional ketosis or staying there. Have you even tried this product? Why are you bashing it when so many people have had life changing experiences on it? Myself included. If you’re doing keto diet and having great results, good for you. Some people need the help and like the energy and focus it brings. Peace.

        • Turd Ferguson

          Not being in “nutritional ketosis” means your body is not naturally producing ketones. You’re just pissing out the ones you’re drinking and thinking you’re in ketosis.

      • Trevor Axford

        I don’t think the product is truly getting you into ketosis faster but it is helping you to eventually get there by having quicker weight loss results (whether it is just fluid or not it is still a positive result) which keep people motivated and without all the side effects that come along with changing your bodies fuel source like headaches and mood swings

        • Turd Ferguson

          That’s fine. I’m on board with that. Some people on this site actually think because they drink this and piss out ketones 45 minutes later that they are “in ketosis” which is what I was disputing.

  • Umph707

    I’m a non-believer (and I’ve tried it).

    Follow my logic:

    Step 1: A carb-restricted diet causes hormones to breadown
    fatty acids in stored fat cells.

    Step 2: The fatty acids get pushed to the liver where (by
    way of enzymes) they break down further into ketone bodies.

    Step 3: The ketone bodies jump into the blood and get pushed
    to various areas of the body that need it (energy).

    Step 4: All leftover (un-needed) ketone bodies are shoveled
    into your kidneys to be sent out of the body via your urine.

    Since KETO OS is ADDING ketones to the body (opposed to
    forcing the body to PRODUCE them), I think its fair to say that taking KETO OS
    starts you off in STEP 3. If that’s accurate, then STEP 1 & 2 have not
    occurred, which means the breakdown of fatty acids haven’t occurred. That would
    be PROBLEMATIC for those using this product in hopes of burning fat/forcing fat
    oxidation. However, a case could be made that using KETO OS long enough will
    trick the brain into become keto-adapted, where the brain decides it will
    switch its energy preference from glucose to ketones. I think this might be
    able to happen by the continuous presence of ketone bodies in the blood (i.e.
    the continuous use of KETO OS) Yet, I’m unsure if that’s the case.

    So, in my opinion, the follow is either true or likely:

    1. Taking KETO OS will NOT provide any immediate fat loss

    2. Taking KETO OS can provide energy during workouts.

    3. Fat loss benefits will only occur if the continuous
    presence of ketone bodies in the blood force the brain to become keto-adapted.
    Extended use (maybe weeks or months) of KETO OS may POSSIBLY trick the brain
    into become keto-adapted.

    4. KETO OS may suppress hunger, which may directly result in
    preventing additional weigh gain. This means you may stop from gaining more
    weight, but doesn’t mean you will lose your current weight.

    Is there anyone out there ready to use biochemistry to suggest that I’m wrong?


    • Janessa May Baake

      This is exactly what my wellness coach told me. Not bad news, but not good news either. One can never expect a quick fix!

      • Turd Ferguson

        IT’s a scam so it’s clearly bad news.

        • Denise Davidson


          • Denise Davidson

            I took keto os max for 3 days. My kidneys shut down and I was in hospital for a week. The only change I made was drinking this product. My nephrologist told me that this supplement caused my kidneys to shut down.

    • David Bradley

      How long did you try it?

      • Umph707

        Just short of 90 days.

    • Kari Gold

      It’s worked for me. I’ve lost weight, and most importantly, after 20+ yrs of struggling with flu like symptoms, sometimes up to 3 weeks out of a month, I haven’t been sick for months while on Keto OS!! I have taken some of the best supplements for years, and still continued to get sick, until I started taking Keto OS. Bottom line- it works.

      • Dear Kari, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and our readers. Congratulations on finding what works for you!

      • Turd Ferguson

        Have you changed your diet and your lifestyle while taking shakes or no? If you haven’t changed anything and just drinks shakes and have lost weight then it’s a miracle shake lol I HIGHLY doubt you have. It’s likely that you are eating better and taking shakes and you attribute benefits to the shakes which is bullshitt.

        • Rachel Vrabel

          It’s not a “shake” lol. So you’ve answered my question from my previous comment….you haven’t tried Keto OS. And it kinda is a miracle product for some. 😉

          • Turd Ferguson

            No, I haven’t. My mother wanted to try it and asked me to research it. Pretty pathetic.

          • Turd Ferguson

            What I found researching I mean.

        • Trixie

          Troll much?

          • Turd Ferguson

            You just aren’t making sense. If I say that my teeth are healthier because I’m taking a pill, but I happen to start brushing & flossing them more during the same time span that I started taking the aforementioned pill, couldn’t you say there’s a chance me brushing and flossing was the true reason my teeth became healthier and maybe not the pill? Think please.

          • Trixie

            I never said I was healthier, ffs, I was just explaining what my experience was. You’re an idiot. My diet did not change, I did not start a low carb diet in conjunction with taking the supplement. I did the whole low carb thing years ago, being that strict does not work for me. Try using your reading comprehension skills..

      • Umph707

        I’m glad you loss weight. But if something “works,” then it works for the majority, not a minority. Yet, it seems like the outliers are those it has worked for, opposed to those it hasn’t. All I’m saying is the science doesn’t support the claim. Nonetheless, keep using what has worked for you, because it wouldn’t make sense to stop.

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