Kinobody Review

Kinobody Review

The Kinobody program is a set series of workouts created by founder Gregory O’ Gallagher. The idea behind the fitness series is to take the user on a step by step journey. A journey of becoming more slim while sculpting muscle mass all at the same time. Gregory does not want his program to scare people. They will not balloon up and look like a massive body builder when following his program. He strives for that “hard body” look with sculpted arms, legs, and torso. To purchase the program is starts online. The actual fitness series themselves are internet based.

How Does Kinobody Work?

To start off there are a few different programs to choose from depending on your immediate needs, and they are focuses around losing weight, building muscle, leaning up, and toning. Throughout the different workouts, the rest and recover time is rather long (1-2 minutes) and this style of workout to rest ratio is highlighted very brightly.

Program 1

The Aggressive Fat Loss Program- ($69) The program focuses on becoming more lean with strategies like intermittent fasting, meal manipulation, as well as the higher interval training which promotes leaning muscles and fat.

Program 2

Warrior Shedding-($69) This program aims for moderate weight loss and focuses on how to build dense muscle tone.

Program 3

Greek God- ($69) Building muscle mass all while staying lean and clean is the goal of this particular program. Heavier weights and lower reps are going to be seen in some of the workouts.

Program 4

Goddess Toning Program– (for women) $69 and focuses on toning and leaning the entire body.

Program 5

Kinobooty– ($69) Just as it sounds, this program focuses on building the butt muscles up!

On the main website there are a ton of different programs to choose from, as you can see above. They also sell supplements, cookbooks, and fitness gear such as weight lifting belts online. All of the digital fitness series come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but there are conditions: “In order to protect ourselves from abuse we reserve the right to refuse refunds to people that we deem to be ‘serial refunders’.” The supplements come with a 60-day money back guarantee, but the bottle cannot be opened.

The Bottom Line: There are five different programs to choose from all executing different goals whether that be bulking up, leaning up, or just seeking a better booty.

Pros and Cons of Kinobody

There is nothing too riveting about the fitness programs. They are standard run of the mill ways to lose weight and become stronger. The founder Gregory O’ Gallagher does a good job of marketing. He does this with selfies and pictures of ripped individuals to make a point that he loves to be in shape. The pros are the numerous programs to choose from. Many of us already know, one size really does not fit all needs.

A con is the fact that the programs are all digital, and some people do not have home set ups for these workouts. Many gyms also frown upon members who bring in “outside” training inside due to taking away business from the trainers they hire to personally help people. So if you want to try and do these workouts in your home gym, you might have to try and hide the fact that you are following a digital stream downloading from your iPhone.

There is really nothing harmful about getting into good shape, minus the fact that some intermittent fasting is encouraged. Fasting is not for everyone, so always listen to your body and try and make the best decision for your health if you decide to try any of the programs. The costs are not terrible either, which I am going to chalk up as a pro!

The Bottom Line: There are no major cons associated with this program. There are a few pros such as convenience through digital (can be seen as a con too) as well as good costs involved.


The Kinobody program really offers the whole package for those who are willing to give it a shot. From fitness programs to cookbook and weight lifting belts the founder has the customer covered in a lot of different areas. Is it for everyone? No. The digital format truly is not for everyone, so keep this in mind if you are wanting someone a bit more hands on. It can also be lonely if you do not have a family member or friend going through the series with you! Overall, there are no real red flags about the Kinobody program as it is just another harmless workout series for people to try their hand at.


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