Kraze XL Diet Review

Kraze XL is a thermo genic diet pill manufactured in the United States by the company Pure Results Nutrition. The product is sold on Amazon, as well as the original Pure Results Nutrition homepage. The company is based out of Palmer, Alaska and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee for all of their products offered. The companies preferred method of communication is e-mail ([email protected]), and they provide a phone number 1.800.272.9195, but when calling it won’t connect through. The company offers a few different weight loss supplements such as Barsafen and GC800, which is a simple Garcinia Cambogia supplement. They are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Kraze XL and the Pure Results Nutrition brand claim that this diet product will help enhance your mental focus, energy and metabolism, as well as help you burn calories fast losing fat. The ingredients in the supplement are: Green Coffee Bean Extract (800mg), Raspberry Ketones (200 mg), Garcinia Cambogia Extract (100 mg), Caffeine Anhydrous (100 mg), and Green Tea Extract (100 mg). As you can see there are an abundance of stimulants in this pill as a great majority of the supplement is made from Green Coffee Bean extract.

Kraze XL Diet ReviewDo Dieters Lose Weight With Kraze XL?

Many users reported some weight loss, but nothing extremely special in the long term, because this product has been said to work extremely slow. In each bottle there are 30 small capsules that have no after taste, which is nice. The company decided to run a special where they gave away product either free, or heavily discounted so that people would try the product and write a good review no later than 2 weeks after receiving the product. Many customers said that the product was working so slowly, that it did not give them enough time to really evaluate it before they had to submit their review in. I would not say the 5 star reviews are the most accurate. Side effects seen are headaches, crashing, jitters, as well as increased heart rate.*

Liz* came right out and said, “I received this product in exchange of my unbiased review I used this product for a month and I saw no results. My appetite was still the same. Metabolism changes from person to person.”

“Does give you energy and I did notice I was less hungry but no weight loss. We are all looking for a quick fix but really there is none. Just exercise. And eat right. The only way to really lose weight!” K29*

 “The product didn't really bring any change into my weight or body fat levels, even though I supplemented it with a healthy diet and frequent exercise.” Said, A.P.* They then went onto say that they are attempting to burn fat in a very difficult area while in the teen years, so results are going to be hit and miss. A.P. gave a three star review because the customer service rep was willing to offer a full refund with no questions asked when told it did not work.

 After taking this for a month, I found that I gained 3 pounds and felt bloated. Now that I have stopped taking it, the bloating is gone and I have lost a pound. This product did not work for me.” Said L Butler* “I received this product 2 weeks ago and it did not make a difference for me.” She then went onto say that she is completely aware that there are no magic diet pills out there, but the natural ingredient list caught her attention. Sadly, one pill has the equivalent to one cup of coffee, especially for people who are sensitive to caffeine. She is concerned that when she stops taking the pills she will have withdrawals from the caffeine decline, and because not actual appetite suppression has occurred Butler felt as if the product really did not work at all.

 Is Krave XL Easy To Follow?

Kraze XL Diet caffeine pillAs directed from the manufacturer, the supplement is meant to be taken twice daily with your meals. Preferably they say you should take one in the morning, and one in the early afternoon due to the amount of caffeine present in each pill. On the bottle there is a warning: “This product contains 103 mg of caffeine per serving which is equivalent to one cup of coffee.” If you already drink coffee, your system will be adding an additional two cups per day in caffeine to the mix if you start taking the Kraze XL diet pills. The Pure Results Nutrition supplement website does not offer a single bit of research regarding how this formula was thought up, or proven to make you lose weight which is rather unsettling for how professional they make their website seem.


Kraze XL Diet pillThere are no scientific facts or research coming from the manufacturer, which comes as an annoyance to people actually trying to learn more about how they came up with their weight loss formula. On top of not having a working support number to call, they offer no social media to the customer, which closes the door to any progressive relationship in the future. The diet pill is loaded with stimulants, which makes it seem like a quick fix that will house weight loss long term. However, many customers even said the product works painfully slow, which in turn has resulted in more purchases down the road for the customer. For one bottle you may spend around $30.00 with shipping, but it won’t end there if you are looking to truly lose some weight.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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