LA Weight Loss Diet Review

LA Weight Loss Diet Review


Update: May 25, 2022

7.2 Out of 10
LA Weight Loss Diet Review
LA Weight Loss Diet Review
The LA Weight Loss Diet is the spawn of the formerly popular LA Weight Loss Centers that used to number over 650 locations nationwide, and they have been around since 1997. Now, most of the centers have begun to shut down as the company is transitioning to an online platform that is currently promoting the LA Weight Loss Diet. The program offers different nutritional supplements, bars, as well as a menu plan to follow. The premise of the new diet is one that has several steps. Step one is conducted for two days every two weeks and is meant to be a detox for dieters featuring a special juice. Step two puts the dieter on the Rapid Weight Loss portion of the LA Weight Loss Diet until they lose 20 pounds. The third step is a transitional one that allows dieters to eat a wider variety of foods. Step four sees the dieter incorporate LA Lite bars twice a day and step five has the dieter start supplementing with LA SmartTrim Nutritionals, which are vitamins and minerals.

All foods and products are provided by the LA Weight Loss Diet program and are shipped to the home of each participant. Participants are expected to workout three times each week in order to ensure maximum results. You have the choice to enroll in an auto ship program for a discounted rate, or just sign up for a package that does not re-bill. The prices are very expensive with the cheapest option being around $209.95 starting.

The Facts About LA Weight Loss

Dieters who do lose weight on the LA Weight Loss Diet usually do so in the short-term. Because all the foods are expensive pre-packaged foods the tendency to want other foods is great. This means that unapproved foods are easily entered into the diet making long-term weight loss much harder to achieve. You will be purchasing the groceries to eat your meals, as well as their packages that include:

  • 8 boxes of LA Bars which contain 7 bars per box
  • Take Off Juice
  • Slim Down Powder

If you want all of these products you will have to purchase the most expensive package, which is the Gold Package at $255.95. All of the ingredients are located in the links above. As you can see they only show insight to their bars ingredients. The company also offers a ton of different add non products like grilling cookbooks, cookbooks, shaker bottles, a monthly diary, water bottles, and portion control kits.

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What’s The Word?

 The LA Weight Loss Diet is somewhat easy to follow. On one hand they provide everything for you, even online support, but on the other hand they make it hard to stick to the diet. Even though foods are already made for you, you still run the risk of not liking what is sent to you, which leads to going off the diet quite a bit. In addition, if you like to go out to eat then you are out of luck with the LA Weight Loss Diet. Where other diets make it possible to dine out, this is not a possibility when all the food is provided for you. Let’s see what actual customers had to say about this diet.

Colleen spent over $700 dollars to try and get through the program, and warns dieters not to fall into the same trap she did. “I joined the LA Weight Loss group in my town. I was told that I would not have to buy their products and could get my dietary needs at the local grocery stores. This is not at all what happened. They hired local young people, put them in a lab coat and called them dietitians.” They then started hawking products such as pills, potions, cookies, bars, etc.” Colleen did not feel that her spend of money was well worth it for her personally.

Cheryl said, “Overcharged, food is gross, and not much freedom of choice. Never had the same counselor from one session to the next, and a lot of the counselors do not know their information from a hole in the ground. I was just so glad to see the place go! I also did not like their LA Lites nor their Take Off Juice.” Which was similar to others commenting about the flavor, taste, and consistency of the weight loss products.

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What Does The LA Weight Loss Diet Offer?

Overall, the weight loss centers are closing down and moving to a more revenue-generating platform, which is much more convenient – online. You are going to lose the in person support and will but will be  gaining online support and a larger group of people to interact with if wanted. They offer you nutritional bars and shakes that will act as your snacks, as well as a juice that has not been said to taste very good. You will get a guide to the foods you can eat, and you will also be given recipes to look at online, which is very helpful for the dieter just starting out.

  • Company Offers Support
  • Time in business
  • Expensive
  • Auto ship Program
  • No insight to all of the products ingredients
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Bottom Line: Is LA Weight Loss Worth a Try?

The LA Weight Loss Diet is one that makes you pay at every level. No matter what step you are on there is some type of special food or supplement you are expected to take that can only be purchased through the LA Weight Loss Diet website. While you can buy all the products separately for various prices, those interested in this diet are better off paying for the monthly plan. However, your pockets have to be deep as the LA Weight Loss Diet has two costs; expensive and more expensive. For an auto-pay option, which can be hard to get out of, the cost for the LA Weight Loss Diet is $189.95 per month. Should you choose to go month to month, you will pay $255.95+ per month. Add some foods that are not included with the pre-packaged foods to your costs too as it isn’t as all-inclusive as it indicates. Add it all up and you quite simply have a diet that is likely more about selling products than it is about helping people lose weight.

7.2 Total Score
LA Weight Loss Scorecard

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