LeptiBurn Diet Review

LeptiBurn Diet Review
3.9 out of 10
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A company called Biotrust Nutrition produced the weight loss supplement Leptiburn in 2012, and they are based out of Aurora, Colorado. Leptiburn is a weight loss supplement made to regulate the amounts of leptin in your body, which controls your metabolism.* The supplement bottles are filled with 120 capsules, and are meant to be taken at breakfast and lunch. Because of the simple quick fix mindset, they are trying to sell to their audience; this product seems more like a ploy than an actual solution for long term weight loss. Due to the lack of independent customer reviews easily accessed, this product seems like it needs to get the customers trust a little bit better before they go on and purchase.

When calling into the Leptiburn Support line, there was an automatic voice on the other end giving me options. The website does a good job of explaining everything clearly, so the amount of questions I actually had was irrelevant. They offer a one year 100% money back guarantee, which is great, and they charge $9.95 for shipping anywhere in the USA. One bottle of Leptiburn is meant to last you one month, and it costs $69.00 before shipping. This is pricey for any diet pills whether they are tested or untested. Thankfully they offer the money back guarantee. They are rated well on the Better Business Bureau site, click here to see it.


Do Dieters Lose Weight On LeptiBurn?

This product has seen both good and bad results, and the mixed customer reviews from outside sources are not helping the weight loss supplement convince potential buyers who are on the fence. I wish more customers would speak out about the product directly on the main page of the website, so that they can get a feel for what they are looking into buying. To take the supplements, you are to ingest 2 pills before lunch and dinner. There were many negative customer reviews when looking into outside resources other than the website, but they were recently all taken down mysteriously. This does not surprise me, as companies such as this are constantly looking to cover their backs from honest customer reviews that are less than stellar.

On the website, they have Shawn Wells who is their Chief Scientific Officer who played an integral role in the development of the product. We are not given a lot of easily accessed information about their clinical studies or background to the research.* We do know that this product is simply a diet pill, with other avenues of support tied to it as well as research, but it isn’t easily accessible.  Irvingia gabonensis is said to be higher in fiber which makes on feel more full longer. Aframomum melegueta is simply a spice with little to no scientific research on its ability to help one lose weight.*

Is Leptiburn Easy To Follow?

Because you are simply taking two pills before lunch and dinner, the process is not that hard to follow. I really would have loved to see more “facts.” There is no restriction to how long you need to take the pills; many people take them as long as they need to. Biotrust does not warn against side effects from Leptiburn, however if you are pregnant or nursing you are not supposed to take the pills.  It could be due to the fact that the pills contain the ingredient ‘Irivinia Gabonensis’ and it has yet to be treated for long-term safety interactions. The pills are said to have a stimulant free formula, but they do contain caffeine in the form of Green Tea Extract, so if you are caffeine sensitive beware of this upfront. The money back guarantee is good, as they offer you a one year opened, or unopened refund policy which takes some of the risk away for the customer initially. I liked this about Leptiburn, and the company BioTrust! They also offer:  Meal Plans, Food Recipes, Health Coaches, Email Support, and a support group (with not much activity) if you need those avenues of support.


This company does sell their product outside of the website, on Amazon which opens them up to different reviews without skewing the results, but not many customers have purchased or reviewed from Amazon which is rather odd. Their Facebook page is said to be monitored and constantly ever changing, but there was not as much activity as I was anticipating to see. The good news is they have a Facebook page, as many times companies do not even offer this to their customers. When you have a large amount of “likers” on Facebook, and not a lot of participation it implies that the followers were bought and fabricated to make the company look more successful than they actually are. They do offer a forum on their website, but it is very complicated to read through, and the layout is more confusing than worthwhile. They do not really promote healthy diet and exercise which again makes me think this is just another hopeful quick fix weight loss pill, which will only leave your wallet lighter.

Leptiburn as a weight loss supplement is not much different than other weight loss pills on the market today, and it is rather expensive. I would not waste my money and time trying out this product out for weight loss purposes. BioTrust as a manufacturing company seems like they are good for the most part, but the claims about LeptiBurn that are made does not make them any different from the other millions of diet companies out there. While there is evidence that raising leptin levels and reducing leptin resistance will help aid in weight loss, it is not the sole reason behind weight loss. Save your money and experimenting on this one, folks!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

  • We are glad to hear you did well and thank you for sharing your experience with this product!

  • Marisa

    Wendy; I’m sorry that you had such a rotten time with these people. Personally, I have never had any issues with BIo-Trust. I use their protein powder every day, and have done so for about 1 1/2 yrs. From my own research, I find that this product is the best of the lot in terms of sourcing of ingredients, and quality of ingredients. It makes a lovely smooth, thick shake – very tasty. The vanilla flavouring is not overpowering, and acts as a neutral base for other additions like nut butters, fruits, vegs, etc. The price of a huge jar of protein powder is $67US, which is about even with all of the other companies’ similar products. There are discounts available when purchasing 3 of these at a time, which is kind of a big outlay for me all at once, but is a better deal financially.
    Whenever I have a question, they are quick to answer. I haven’t had any financial issues with them with respect to the 100% money back guarantee. There was one product that didn’t do much for me – the IC5 which is supposed to reduce the amount of carbs that your body retains. You take it with your highest carb intake meal of the day. When I called to discuss this, there was no issue with a refund; I chose to apply the refund to a future order, so it was not literally a refund, but an honest deal nonetheless.
    I’m aiming to reduce carbs and increase protein. Since I started this dietary change, I have lost 55 pds, and none has come back. I find them to be open and above board, and I have investigated their quoted studies on their site. I have never found any issues with regard to their integrity or their intentions. I do agree that I get a kabillion marketing emails from them, which tends to be annoying. And I, too, am not that fussy about the ebooks; although, they are free so I suppose that electronic transmission of this data is equitable. I don’t have any association with this company beyond the usual business/consumer relationship.
    Altogether, I’m very happy with the products I have purchased from Bio-Trust, and the support available on their site.

  • consumerscompare

    We are very sorry to hear you had a negative experience with LeptiBurn company but thank you for sharing it with others.

  • WilSaxMan

    WOW!! Impressive!! So how has the product worked out for you? It’s been 3 months did BIOTRUST (step it up!?)

  • Zonehalo

    I am Shawn Wells, the CSO for BioTrust. And I get that this is an ad for PS1000 and the products, but grains of paradise/Afromomum has 3 human studies at or below our dose. IGOB131/Irvingia has 2 human studies at our dose. We also have 3 human studies on our finished product through the University of Tampa. One on safety parameters (its safe and stimulant/caffeine free), a second one on acute energy expenditure (it burned an extra 200 calories a day), and a third on body composition changes…of which over the 8 weeks participants taking leptiburn lost significantly more fat than the placebo group and ate less. Please put the truth in here…especially when using my name. Thank you.

    • Willie Horn

      You tell them SHAWN!!! I loved that last sentence before thank you! “Please put the truth in here..especially when using my name. Thank you!”

      I may buy some of this stuff now!!

    • consumerscompare

      Dear Shawn, thank you for leaving your comment. If you can provide links to the studies done by Leptiburn we would be happy to add them to our review.

  • PJ

    I think you’re mistaken that the bottle of LeptiBurn would only last 15 days. The bottle contains 120 capsules, so taking two twice daily would last 30 days, tho it is still expensive. I have not tried it, but was researching it.

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