Leslie Sansone Review

Leslie Sansone Review



Update: Aug 12, 2019

This is not a diet but a fitness program that might help people lose weight. Leslie Sansone has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She has developed a product from something very
simple as walking. She has released over 100 DVD’s incorporating walking into different fitness routines.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Leslie Sansone Program?

The exercise routines are generally nothing impressive compared to some extreme ones that are on the market today. Will it help tone up your body? Sure! Will it make you lose weight? Not likely, as the programs are not extreme enough to be a good cardio workout or enough to burn a significant amount of calories that will visible produce weight loss. This program must be coupled with a clean diet in order to see significant weight changes in a person’s weight loss journey.

There are many testimonials available on the official Leslie Sansone website. Most likely a nutritional plan was involved in helping people to lose weight. We start off this review by saying this is not a specific diet, rather it is a fitness program that helps people to lose weight.

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Is The Leslie Sansone Program Easy to Follow?

The DVD instructions produced by Leslie Sansone are well put together and are easy to follow. You just need to find the time and the energy to put the DVD’s in and hit play. This needs to happen on a daily occurrences to see any changes in your strength, energy, and possibly weight. But because it is only walking, those changes may occur much more slowly than you may want.

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Walking might be the simplest way to workout. No fitness equipment needed and it is always available just outside your door. Is it the best exercise for your whole body? Unfortunately it is not. It does target glutes and leg muscles but it will not improve the tone of your arm, back and/or core muscle unless other equipment is used. Leslie Sansone does just that, incorporates techniques that will help target areas other than just the legs. This is essentially the key to seeing a full body transformation. While this may not help someone drop a lot of weight, it can at least get them on the track to incorporating harder exercises into their daily routine.

There are many other walking DVD’s on the market. Leslie Sansone is the original (at least the original who got famous doing it) “inventor” of the walking workouts and has helped many people to start moving and improve their health and fitness before actually starting a more rigorous and rewarding program.*

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