LiftMode Phenylethylamine Review

LiftMode Phenylethylamine Review


Update: May 24, 2019

6.8 Out of 10
LiftMode Phenylethylamine Review
LiftMode Phenylethylamine Review
What is phenylethylamine? Phenylethylamine (PEA) is also known as the “love drug,” and has been said to affect mood. This trace amine causes the brain to release dopamine—which regulates emotional responses—as well as norepinephrine, responsible for the fight-or-flight response of the brain.   Phenylethylamine is found in foods like chocolate and drinks like red wine. People needing more stimulation than can be gained from food sources can take phenylethylamine supplements. Supplements work quickly, but can come with side effects. [1]  LiftMode’s Phenylethylamine brand offers a 7-ounce bottle of powdered product for around $15.00, which can be purchased in a variety of places, including online at The recommended dosage is 1-to-2 600 mg servings (1 level scoop is a serving) once or twice a day. Exceeding the recommended dosage can cause blood pressure to rise.  LiftMode has an A-plus rating on the Better Business Bureau, with no reviews and no ratings in the four years since the profile was started. The BBB starts ratings at A-plus and adjusts it down as reviews and ratings come in.

LiftMode Phenylethylamine Claims

  • Rapid, powerful increased energy for up to 1-2 hours
  • Strong Mood-lift which can last several hours
  • Increased focus and endurance

Phenylethylamine HCL or Phenethylamine supplement powder is a trace monoamine found in all animals and plants that acts as a promoter of catecholamine (dopamine and norepinephrine) release. The benefits of Phenylethylamine supplements include rapid, short-lasting, powerful mood-lift and increased energy, general feelings of well-being, increased learning capacity and may be partly responsible for the ‘runner’s high’. Dosage of Phenyethylamine is recommended at around 100-500mg in the morning or 30-40mins before exercise. Side effects are dose dependant and may include high blood pressure, headaches, flushing, rash, anxiety and upset stomach. If used in combination with other stimulants, or MAOI / monoamine affecting medications, side effects may be more pronounced. [3] Phenylethylamine (PEA, Phenethylamine, Beta Phenylethylamine or 2 Phenylethylamine) … acts to release dopamine and norepinephrine, and thereby to act as a stimulant and mood-enhancer, as well as an appetite suppressor. [1]  Online published personal reviews on the effects have found interesting additional mood enhancement from PEA use including a feeling of general well-being, creativity, awareness, attention and sexual desire. Phenylethylamine is commonly known as the ‘love drug’ and is found in high levels in especially dark chocolate (i.e. pure cocoa). … PEA has short lived effects, and can be variable from person to person. If too little PEA is consumed, no effect will result – and some people metabolize PEA so quickly that normal serving sizes of PEA will have no effect on their own. If too much PEA is consumed, overstimulation can occur, resulting in high blood pressure, headache and anxiety among other negative effects. Therefore, it is important to approach PEA with patience and caution to ensure finding the optimum serving size for your individual metabolism. [3]  … Phenethylamine powder acts predominantly as a stimulant and mood-enhancer producing energy, mood lift and euphoric sensations. … the effects also include appetite suppression. … PEA boosts neurotransmitter signals to enhance cognitive function. … is also useful in anti-aging due to its activity on catecholamines in the brain. As we get older, our catecholamine release system begins to degrade, resulting in lower energy and mood. PEA is able to rectify this by enhancing the release of catecholamines. In research articles … Phenylethylamine may be able to reduce distractibility and improve focus and concentration.… Phenyethylamine benefits also include increased learning capacity … There have been numerous reports of the use of PEA as a support for calm mood in contrast to the symptoms of acute anxiety disorders and panic attacks and it appears to be highly effective in this regard. [3]  That’s a LOT of claim.  LiftMode also offers cautions in regard to this supplement:

  • As with all stimulants there are side effects to Phenylethylamine use. These are generally dose dependant and are usually mild at the recommended serving size. Side effects can include headache and upset stomach. If taken at higher than recommended amounts, or combined with other stimulants or MAOI / monoamine affecting medications, more serious side effects including high blood pressure, headaches, flushing, rash, anxiety and jitters can also occur.
  • other stimulants, beta blockers, MAOI’s, blood pressure medication, allergy or asthma medication could all interfere negatively. [3]
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LiftModePhenylethylamine Ingredients

600mg of Phenylethylamine hydrochloride (HCl)

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind LiftMode Phenylethylamine

There have been many different studies done on this little molecule that does big things in the brain.   Concerning increased learning capabilities and PEA, a study published in the 2013 WebmedCentral BIOCHEMISTRY looked into children with ADHD, a condition that usually inhibits their learning rates. They state,

PEA was recently described as a biomarker for ADHD (Scassellati et al., 2012). This novel discovery will improve the confidence of the diagnostic efforts, possibly leading to reduced misdiagnosis and overmedication. Specifically, the urinary output of PEA was lower in a population of children suffering from ADHD, as compared to the healthy control population, an observation that was paralleled by reduced PEA levels in ADHD individuals.” [4]

This suggests increased levels of phenylethylamine can help them focus better and give them a boost in energy.   What about that “runner’s high” claim? cites a study published in the 2001 British Journal of Sports Medicine:

A British research team reports early findings suggesting that moderate exercise increases PEA levels for most people. They argue that this increase causes the euphoric mood often called “runner’s’ high.” And because depressed people tend to have low PEA levels, the researchers say there now is an explanation of why exercise has a natural antidepressant action. [5]

It has been said to be a natural antidepressant, due to its positive effects on the mood from the release of dopamine. A study published in the 1996 Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience found,

Phenylethylamine, an endogenous neuroamine, increases attention and activity in animals and has been shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients. It has been proposed that PEA deficit may be the cause of a common form of depressive illness. [6]

So most of LiftMode’s claims hold up to the science. But the article does add this warning:

Note: Except for this theoretical concern, PEA is considered very safe and has been used by many with no problems. However, patients pre-disposed to schizophrenia or psychosis should not take supplemental PEA without medical supervision. [5]

While it is rare for someone to become addicted to beta-phenylethylamine, some people do get hooked on the runners high. There lies the fine line between not getting enough and getting too much.

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Word On The Street About LiftMode’s Phenylethylamine

LiftMode had decent reviews on Amazon, but people were clearly taking it for a variety of reasons; not just to “feel good.” 81 reviews averaged 3.6 stars, but there were 3-star reviews citing horrible taste and no effects—or bad effects—so I’m not sure the average can be trusted in this case.   “Doc Samson” (2013, 4 stars) said,  

Holy tingly fingers, Batman! I love this stuff as it produces a neat tingling in the scalp and fingers, as well as a slight sense of euphoria. Very interesting! Two things to note: 1) start at the low end of dosing and work your way up, as taking too much can be quite disorienting, and 2) do not do anything that requires significant fine motor skills and/or concentration because you will likely do a very poor job until you become acclimated to the effects of PEA. [7
“Ms. Mke” (2016, 3 stars) said,

Scary stuff. I took a dose Sunday morning before I went shopping and had a seizure at the store. I was taking nothing else just this then drank a diet Pepsi. I’ve never had a seizure before. In reading more about PEA, I read that it’s caused seizures in rats when testing. I’m not sure if I took too much or what happened but I know I will not be using this again. Please be careful everyone. I hope my situation was a one time deal and it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Thanks! [8]

“ry_guy_chi” (2015, 2 stars) had a different sort of problem:

Ok, I like this stuff. The bottom line is, it works. I mass every serving with a scale. I never consume more than 300 mg in a single serving to avoid side effects and I re-dose as needed; less is better with this stuff. What I hate is, in the last two batches I bought, there is literally “garbage” in the mixture. I have found little hairs/fuzz, small black solids, and blue solids. It’s really gross. Seriously questioning the quality… [9]

And “Jeffrey Miller” (2017, 1 star) zeroes in on the taste:

If you’ve ever wondered what rancid hyacinth mixed with battery acid tastes like, this product is for you. Seriously an awful, disgusting taste and felt weird all day after taking it. Definitely did not have an energy boost of any kind. [10]

PEA works on the chemicals in the brain, which can have adverse effects people who they suffer from schizophrenia or other psychoactive and psychotropic conditions. Do not take this supplement late at night.

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The Bottom Line: Is LiftMode’s Phenylethylamine Worth a Try?

Risky. A powerful supplement, no doubt, in terms of a brain-changer. But supplements of stuff that exists in the body already—especially stimulants—can be tricky even if they’re not inherently dangerous in moderation. The dangers lie in not starting slow, and not paying attention to what your body—and your doctor—is telling you.   LiftModes Phenylethylamine is inexpensive, relatively speaking, so it’s not a huge monetary investment involved. But a lot of people couldn’t get past the taste, and the company didn’t have many suggestions around that. And even the “middle of the road” reviews were citing some not-so-great stuff. I think it’s a risk.

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