Lipodrops Diet Review

Lipodrops are drops are natural supplements that are to be held under the dieters’s tongue and are said to help with weight loss. While many of these types of drops are HCG based, the makers of Lipodrops are quick to note that there are no hormones of any kind in the product.* The ingredients in the drops are mainly the amino acids (Inositol, Methionine, Choline and L-Carnitine) and are produced in the USA.

According to the website they do a free weight loss analysis and based on it recommend if you should by the “appetite control” package or you might better benefit from “extra fat burning” package.

30 day supply of “Appetite control” package can be purchased for $69.95 and “extra fat burning” package for $79.95.Each plan does comes with the Lipodrops and adds either “garcinia” or “green coffee extract” supplements. The more money spent the more products, such as a cleanse and detox are offered.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Lipodrops Diet?

According to the website, those taking the Lipodrops formula should start to see results in about two weeks.* However, what is not mentioned anywhere is the fact that these drops are simply supplements and should only be taken with the proper mix of diet and exercise, which is not offered by the company. Simply taking these drops will likely produce little to no weight loss. Any weight loss that might occur would only be circumstantial and would likely not last.

Is The Lipodrops Diet Easy To Follow?

Using Lipodrops can be a bit confusing. Other than the statement that the drops are taken by being dropped under the tongue, there is little guidance freely available. It can be seen on the website that the Lipodrops are taken in different amounts according to the plan a user is on, but those amounts seem to be reserved for those who actually order the product.


With all available information on the company website, that is sometimes hard to decipher, it looks as though Lipodrops packages will cost at least $69.99 per month but could be purchased separately for just under $50. That is a big expense considering there is little to no information as to how effective these drops, no health coaches or customer support groups.

In addition, there is no solid list of ingredients that can be found which is cause for some alarm. Some ingredients are given, such as L-Carnitine, but again, a full list is void of existence. When we asked what is the list of ingredients the answer was “it is a proprietery blend and we cannot disclose that”. The question is then what if someone is allergic to one of the ingredients? You won't know until you try it and then will be charged 50% of the bottle price. Lipodrops are likely a product that will not live up to the hype and with so many proven supplements readily available that can not only help boost the metabolism and shed unwanted weight but will also provide you with key tools like support groups, menus and recipes.

The refund policy is very strict and does not allow for much time. They offer 30 days money back guarantee for unopened bottles but will charge you 50% for all opened bottles. Think twice before you buy.

You can reach the company by calling 1-866-881-1714.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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