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he Macrobiotic Diet is one that closely clones two popular, yet tough, dietary lifestyles; vegetarian and vegan. While there is not one “standard” Macrobiotic Diet there is a set of rules that applies no matter which path you follow.

For the most part, you have to totally avoid any foods that contain chemicals or that have been processed in any way. The Macrobiotic Diet focuses on buying and consuming all-natural and organic foods, most of which can be found at whole food stores or bought from local growers.

Any meat on the Macrobiotic Diet is extremely limited to only once or twice per week and will consist of fresh fish or other types of fresh seafood. Along with “unnatural” food, eggs and dairy are absent from the Macrobiotic Diet as well.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Macrobiotic Diet?

Due to the fact that the Macrobiotic Diet is one that is made up of all-natural and restrictive foods, the probability of losing weight is pretty good. However, this is also going to be due to the fact that while on the Macrobiotic Diet, exercise is highly recommended. Even so, long term weight loss with the Macrobiotic Diet is not common as it is a hard diet to stay on for any significant amount of time.

Is the Macrobiotic Diet Easy to Follow?

In a way, the Macrobiotic Diet is easy to follow as it allows the participant to shape their own dietary plan. However, cutting out meat almost entirely is against what our bodies are naturally programmed for. Therefore, cravings will likely abound which almost always leads to cheating.

Furthermore, the Macrobiotic Diet is not one that is friendly to any restaurant with the exception of a specialty Macrobiotic Diet specific restaurant (not many of those). So, those who enjoy going out will have a hard time with the diet and even holidays can become tricky as many holiday food favorites are a big no-no on the Macrobiotic Diet.

You also have to be into planning meals with limited resources. Remember, you will only be able to eat all-natural whole foods so coming up with fresh recipes can be somewhat challenging after awhile.


The Macrobiotic Diet is a diet that promises ultra health and even says it will ward off diseases. However, this all comes with a price as whole food stores and local growers will cost more than your local grocery store. Furthermore, the Macrobiotic Diet is hard if you like to be very active as there are not many days in the week where you will get enough of the right kind of calories to work out in a safe manner. While it may be an all-natural diet, it isn’t really an all-inclusive diet.

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