Maple Syrup Diet Review

maple-syrup-dietBeyonce is one of the most popular singers on the airwaves today and thanks to her fame, the Maple Syrup Diet is gaining a lot of notoriety. Because Beyonce, and other famous stars, are talking up the diet, it is making a lot of everyday people want to try it out as a result.

The idea behind the Maple Syrup Diet is to cleanse the body of all impurities in only ten days. This in turn helps the body lose a lot of excess weight. The catch is participants can only consume a special drink that consists of grade B maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water. The drink is to be consumed eight to ten times per day with a senna laxative tea and saline water drink being recommended each morning. Beyonce attributes this diet to her fast weight loss success and for many who have tried it, they swear by it.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Maple Syrup Diet?

The Maple Syrup Diet is so restrictive in calories that it would be almost impossible not to lose weight on the diet. Because an average male intakes about 2,600 calories per day and an average female intakes about 1,900, the Maple Syrup Diet’s estimated 500 calories per day is a dramatic cut.

However, any weight loss that does occur would be very temporary. Once a participant goes back to a normal way of eating, many of the pounds that were lost will quickly find their way back to the body. For long-term weight loss, this is not a viable solution.

Is the Maple Syrup Diet Easy to Follow?

The Maple Syrup Diet might have you lose weight fast, but there is nothing easy about being on it. Forget the fact that the special maple syrup concoction tastes terrible, but the total absence of sustainable food is likely to be too much to handle for many. In most cases, a participant may be able to handle the stress of the low calories and absence of solid foods for a day or two, but to try to maintain it over the entire ten days would be a challenge.

In addition, those who are used to working out daily will find that this is not possible with the Maple Syrup Diet. At such a low daily caloric intake, working out would simply be too hard and too dangerous.


To use the word “diet” in the Maple Syrup Diet is simply misleading. It is more of a way to fast, but fasting of the body for ten days is not something that many in the health care professionals would recommend. Yes, you will lose weight on the Maple Syrup Diet, but at what cost? No matter how much weight you might lose, you will be putting your overall health at a great risk. In the end, no amount of weight loss is worth your health, regardless of what the Hollywood stars are saying.

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