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MaxiClimber Review 2020 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

MaxiClimber Review
6.4 Total Score
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe MaxiClimber exercise machine is a large device that allows the user to get a workout while vertically climbing up stairs that stay in place. The company MaxiClimber produced a light-weight product weighing roughly around 34 pounds in total, which makes the machine versatile to move into any home or office space if needed. This popular device is sold in many retail outlets around the country, so it is not hard to get your hands on one. In total, the MaxiClimber price is $219.75,adding shipping and handling at $29.95, the total comes to $249.70. [1] From other retailers such as Walmart, you can find it for around $20 cheaper.

MaxiClimber Claims

The company makes claims about how fast and efficient the workout is, and it can be done all from the comfort of your home.

“MaxiClimber® is the affordable, fat-blasting, body sculpting workout that enables you to perform both cardio and muscle toning all in the comfort of your own home. MaxiClimber® works your lower body, core, and upper body muscle groups at the same time, maximizing your workout!”

They also make claims that you will burn twice the calories in just one workout as you would on a treadmill.

“Every time you step on a MaxiClimber, you´ll get a high-intensity, full body workout that targets all your muscles in less time! In fact, an independent study showed that you´ll continue to burn 45% more calories for up to 24 hours after your MaxiClimber workout to provide even greater results!”[1]

The MaxiClimber weight limit is 240 pounds, and the dimensions as told by the company are:

“When fully assembled, the MaxiClimber is 84 inches tall by 36 inches wide and 24 in. deep.” [2]

The machine comes 90% pre-assembled upon delivery, so there is no tampering with it when you get in at your home.   There are no other large claims made by the company regarding results you can get when using the MaxiClimber besides the double calorie burn and the quick and easy installation. They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the machine if you are not satisfied with the workout you are getting. They quote,

“If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, you can request the product change or your money back.”

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind MaxiClimber

Their main claim is simply that you can burn double the calories by using the MaxiClimber, rather than getting on a treadmill. Fitness machines are not typically known for doubling caloric burn, but getting on a stair machine might have you wondering if it truly does work. While the number of calories you burn greatly depends on how intense you are working out, and how long your workout goes for, there have been studies done matching stair stepping and treadmills against each other. Walking on a treadmill burns less calories than walking up stairs, there is no doubt about it. But why and to what extent?   According to Living Healthy,

“The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn climbing stairs. Harvard Health Publications reports that a 125-pound person expends 360 calories using a stair step machine for one hour, a 155-pound individual burns 446 calories and a 185-pound person expends 532 calories per hour climbing stairs.” [3]

They also state,

“In general, walking on a treadmill burns slightly fewer calories than climbing stairs. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 125-pound person burns 270 calories per hour walking at a pace of 4 mph, a 155-pound individual expends 334 calories in an hour and a 185-pound person burns 400 calories per hour walking on a treadmill at a pace of 4 mph.”

There was another study done on heart rate levels when climbing stairs versus walking on a treadmill, done by the International Journal of Physical Education. The study was done on 30 healthy individuals ages 18-30 who were split up into two different groups: treadmill and stairs. The participants were fully aware of the studies that were being done and why they were being done. The results were very interesting:

“Based on the findings of this study, it can be concluded that stair climbing and treadmill walking had equivalent effect on the heart rate with significant difference. Besides, stair climbing exercise is good for alternative exercise because stair climbing possibly provides an important function in cardio fitness and physical activities together.” [4]

There are a few minor conflicting studies on this topic, but overall there is a higher chance of burning more calories trekking up the stairs versus just walking on the treadmill, however, the MaxiClimber site does not provide evidence to this fact on their website. The double amount of calories is a steep claim with no studies given to prove them. There is no doubt about it, however, that this climbing machine does in fact offer a full body workout which means you will feel the burn!

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Word On The Street About MaxiClimber

When looking into MaxiClimber reviews, there was no shortage of customer voices. People were even leaving videos of themselves climbing and going through the exercises. The overall vibe from the reviews was positive, however, there were a few who complained about their MaxiClimber coming damaged and broken, which was frustrating for people who were eager to get fit. See below for the reviews from genuine and paying customers.   Andrea White (2017, 5 star),  

“This is one of the hardest workout machines I’ve used. It looked so simple and it fits the space in my apartment perfectly. I thought I could spend 20min a day on it no problem, however I’m working on going a minute straight. It kills my legs but in a good way!” [5]  
Pen Name (2016, 5 star),  
“I like to use this Maxi Climber. I notice a big difference in my arms, legs and my glutes. I noticed they are a little more defined. And I only do about 5 to 10 minutes everyday including weekends. This was a good investment.” [6]  
L (2015, 1 star),  
“Screws and some of the other smaller parts were left out from the pack again.” [7]  
Jose Zamora (2017, 1 star),  
“Good little workout machine. However, right after I bought it, the digital display went off. I had to buy a battery and when I installed it, the display came back on, however it has not been working since. It turns on but does not count anything. I have had it for 2 years now and now it makes noise when I use it. As if it is about to break down.” [8]  
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The Bottom Line: Is MaxiClimber Worth A Try?

Depends. The delivery of the fitness machine has been said to be spotty leaving people with broken pieces and busted machines. The claims about the machine working to double your calorie burning is somewhat untrue and unproven, however, there are studies done on how walking stairs can elevate your heart rate more quickly. While the MaxiClimber might not work to double your calorie burn rate, it still will give you a really good workout for your body overall. It is readily available for purchase both online, as well as in retail settings, so it will not be hard to purchase if you are interested in getting an all-around body workout.

6.4 Total Score
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  1. 2.8

    I bought one for my wife about three years ago for Christmas. She loves it! However, the rollers are made of some cheap plastic, and they wear out rather quickly. Replacing them is not a problem, but getting them is another story. If it is still under the one year warranty, you can get some, but there’s no guarantee that they don’t look as bad as the ones you need to replace. If it’s out of warranty, they won’t sell you any new ones, you have to buy a three year “Maintenance Contract”. It may be a good thing, but the very idea that they “Require” the purchase of it does not give me a warm and fuzzy. This is an ongoing saga…I’m in an e-mail battle with Miranda after she told me they, “…don’t sell parts. Have a great day.”

    + PROS: Good aerobic workout especially for your legs, and a little for your arms. Wife has been using it nearly every day for over three years.
    - CONS: Rollers are cheap plastic, and unless it's still under warranty, you must buy a maintenance contract to get more.
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