Maximum Weight Loss Diet Review

Maximum Weight Loss Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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Who is it for?
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The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss is the brainchild of Dr. John McDougall, who worked on a sugar plantation in Hawaii and found that his older Japanese and Filipino patients, who ate mostly rice and vegetables, were thin framed and mostly disease free. In contrast, the younger generation who consumed mostly animal based foods were fat and full of disease.

Thus, Dr. McDougall created the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss. On the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, dieters eat a diet that consists primarily of plant based foods, with up to 90 percent of the calories coming from complex carbohydrates. Foods to avoid include oils, olives, meats, fish, eggs, dairy, fats, and refined flour products. By doing so, dieters are said to be able to lose weight and keep it off.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss Diet?

The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss is extremely restrictive and the amount of calories allowed will be a drastic reduction when compared to a typical diet. So, dieters can expect to lose at least some weight in the short term. However, long-term weight loss would depend greatly on the dieter being able to maintain such a restrictive diet and their willingness to add in some exercise.

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Is The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss Diet Easy To Follow?

The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss is not unlike many of the vegan and plant-based food diets in that it will be very hard for many to follow. Dieters who are used to having a certain amount of animal-based foods in their diet will struggle greatly with the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, with hunger and cravings being a likely recurring factor.*

While exercise is recommended, it is only touched on; therefore, a dieter who is a beginner in the world of fitness will likely experience some confusion and frustration trying to figure out what type of exercise would best complement their efforts with the McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss.

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The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss book retails for $18 with an optional cookbook for another $16.50. However, the diet consists of absolutely no animal-based products whatsoever, making it a diet that is hard to do and possibly not safe.*

While too many meats and fats are in fact not good for the body, it is typically recommended to have a properly balanced diet, as opposed to cutting out an entire food group. Humans are meant to eat both meat and vegetables, and it is possible to eat both in a responsible way that will still promote weight loss in a safe and effective manner.

  1. Both, I and my husband followed this diet for two years around 1998. It was hard and even harder going to other people’s homes to eat. But, we had great results loosing all the weight we wanted to and eating great amounts of food. I lost 80 lbs in the two years. My husband lost 30. Not only that, it really kicked our health into high gear. Felt great. My husband’s cholesterol went down to 150. We lost all signs of arthritis and cut our medication for migraine headaches way down. We went back on a regular diet because of how hard it was to maintain when visiting family, our kids and friends. Wish I were back on it now, and am seriously thinking of it.

  2. My husband & I have been followers of the Plant Based whole food program since 2014.
    It’s the diet profile we strive to follow in our daily routine.
    It takes personal determination to follow any change of habit. We’re not perfect but our diet pattern is onboard with the Dr McDougall plan.
    There are definite personal health benefits. It’s especially healthier for the animals’ well being…& the planet’s.
    Getting together with friends means we often bring our own food & enjoy the company! Or we eat some items & eat later. Even when we travel or cruise it is possible to choose well.

  3. Dr McDougall is spot on, if you really want to change your health – follow his well documented & effective plan!

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