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The Medi Weight Loss system does not like to be associated with the term “diet.” They rather claim to be a lifestyle-changing program, which will try and get you on the path to sustainable weight loss.* This medical program is under professional supervision, and it is going to require an ample amount of work from the customer to see any results. There are physical locations the customer will need to go into, and in order to get started they will need to book an in person consultation. When you begin the program you will receive a complete medical exam including blood panel and EKG. You will receive weekly consultation meetings with a medical professional regarding your progress and or lack thereof, nutritional plans and education, access to websites, and access to signature supplements.

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This weight loss clinic offers 89 offices in 26 states. Click here to see if there is a location nearest you.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Medi Weightloss Clinic Diet?

Throughout the program you will see three phases: 1. Acute Phase 2. The Short-Term Maintenance Phase 3. Wellness Phase. During the first phase you are going to be eating a lot of protein, and after the first week in phase 1 (The Acute Phase) you will add in a few servings of veggies and fruit. All in all everyone’s plan is going to be different, but the general consensus is the extremely low amount of calories they put you on (some people said they were on five hundred calories per day!). The diet regime is so strict, as you are limited to a certain number of foods, and are require to drive into a clinic to check in so many people did not want to go along with this program. There were a limited amount of people who said that they did not lose weight because of how unrealistic the phases were for their bodies.

Is The Medi Weightloss Clinic Diet Easy To Follow?

This program is very difficult to follow because of the price for starters. Your initial consultation is going to cost you $300.00! After that every week you will be spending around $70.00-$80.00 dollars, and this is partially because of the in person visits to the clinics. You are paying to see them, so they better be giving you something amazing in return. The diet plan is also very strict as mentioned above, so many people have a hard time going through the program and making it a realistic lifestyle change for the long term because of the drastic diet changes they were asked to make. This program is extremely expensive, and it is a challenge to follow and complete all of the way through.


I do not understand the $300.00 consultation to just get started, as it is very expensive and unrealistic for the average dieter who needs to lose weight the affordable way. This program is also not available to everyone in the United States due to they 89 offices in only 26 states. On average about a quarter of their new customer base drops out of the program in the first few weeks, and about 30% make it all the way through. Those are terrible percentages for success especially when you are going to fork out hundreds of dollars for it. Always be mindful that when you sign up for a program like this, they are more than likely non refundable so make sure you are ready to commit yourself for the entire program before paying for your expensive consultation.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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  • Lucy

    Has anyone in menopause done the program and had success? I’m considering starting it but don’t want to waste my money if I won’t be able to lose weight due to being in menopause, thanks in advance for any replies

  • Aimee Matarese McCall

    I’ve been using Medi for about 15 weeks. I’ve lost 30lbs, 3 inches from my waist. I have not found it difficult to follow at all. Like mentioned below, the $300 fee covers lab work, EKG, history, etc. So it’s not like you pay them money for nothing like you implied. I used my FSA to pre-pay for 30 visits. The weekly visits are with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant who are very knowledgeable and supportive. I was celebrating my mother’s birthday and gave the menu of where we were going to the NP…she actually researched everything on the menu and gave me recommendations on which foods to pick. You receive weekly hand-outs that are educational, provide ideas for strategies to avoid cheating and many have recipes for meals that are on plan. You also have access to a website that has great information on recipes, mindfulness and exercise. Not only do you get medical professionals that are knowledgeable, you are also given accountability when you see them every week. I think Medi is worth every cent I’ve spent there.


    I joined about 6 weeks ago based on a friends experience and recommendation and have lost 12lbs and almost 8lbs in fat mass. I was very skeptical because I have tried many different programs, lost weight to gain it all back and then some. One of the things that drew me to this program is first it is covered by my insurance, which the way insurance companies are not approving medical needs for other issues was a plus. Second thing that drew me to this program was the medical professionals involved and you actually meet with when you when you go (Nurse Practitioner ,nutritionist,) and the fact they evaluate you PRIOR to starting the program by doing the weight analysis, EKG and blood work. Third thing was, yes they have products they sell (food products, supplements ect), but you are NOT bound to getting them in order for this program to work. As with any weight loss program, whether it is a lifestyle change via food changes or strictly just working out, it is going to take dedication. And also keep in mind, like any other programs, if you get to your goal weight and don’t do your part to maintain (just feel you can start eating any and everything, ignoring portion sizes that this programs trains you to follow, as well as nutritional facts), yes you will gain the weight back. This program is not just a “simple” weight loss program, but rather a “life style” change that you have to be willing to do in order for it to work. Keep in mind once your goal weight is met, unlike other plans, they don’t just drop you and say “ok thanks for being with us you are on your own” like other weight loss plans do, they have the final stage, which is the wellness stage and you continue to go back to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to and maintaining that healthy lifestyle. And trust me after a few weeks, it becomes second nature any way and for me personally, I don’t want to and can’t go back to my old eating behavior.
    The foods you eat are everyday foods you buy in a grocery store. I personally do not get the injection and am losing weight just fine. I think it is a very good program, but it may not work for others. I recommend calling them first before jumping into it and see if your insurance covers it. They find all of that info out for you and let you know prior.

  • Lisa Crapet Bodiford

    I have strictly followed the program for 15 weeks and have lost 38 pounds. I have gone in weekly with the exception of 3 weeks out of the 15 due to my schedule. Yes, this is an expensive program, however I have saved money by not eating out as much, better food planning/grocery shopping, and better food choices. If you stick with it and make a decision to have a lifestyle change, this program helps you get over what I call the “diet hump” and cravings. This diet gives you will power. The combination of injections, water consumption (about 120 ounces pr day), and supplements truly help get my mind off food and I feel satisfied. This diet has fast results if followed and once you drop those pounds and get through that “diet hump”. Hopefully you will be like me and feel encouraged to keep going. The weekly visit for me has been $75 plus $15 for an extra shot = $90. With that I received a double B12 combo shot and a other vitamin shot, a consultation, weigh in, and appetite suppressant (21 pills). This weekly visit helps me stay accountable for my actions and I love the staff’s encouragement. I only take the appetite suppressant 2 times per day because the 3rd one per day keeps me up at night. So the weeks I missed I had extra of those pills to get me through it. During the initial visit not only is there a full health profile including a an EKG and blood work, it also includes a food/liquid/supplement journal, food scale, shaker, bag, ketosis strips, Multi-Vitamin, Calcium, Fish Oil, Fat Burner, and Inner Balance to keep you regular from all the protein/low carb intake. (You will need to replace these at a cost when you have run out and you could always buy the Vitamins somewhere else.) As with many diets, YOU are the one that makes it successful and you have to be truthful with yourself about your food intake.

  • marina617

    They now accept insurance, so that is a huge help

    • Lisa Crapet Bodiford

      I was told they do not and I would have to file my own claims with my insurance provider. They also said most insurance plans do not cover this diet. Were you successful in using your insurance? Did you have to file your own claims? Thanks!


        They actually do accept insurance because I joined about 6 weeks ago and they did all the processing and finding out my coverage and copay PRIOR to me starting the plan. I think that is one thing that drew me to the plan was that INSURANCE covered this as a “wellness, preventative care” plan. Insurance these days rarely cover major issues so for the industry to look at this and feel it is worth covering, which they don’t with any other diet plan (or it is hard for them to approve coverage) says something to me about the program.

        • LisaBMomof3

          Thanks for info.

          • Aimee Matarese McCall

            It depends on the office. Each office has to become a contracted provider with insurance companies before they can bill. Newer offices may not be contracted yet.

  • OPmom

    I have not signed up yet – But, I was told the $300.00 (to $275) consultation fee to get started covers blood work and the initial doctor visit – It’s a fair fee for a doctor visit and sounded like it involved a full medical history, review of lab tests, evaluation of
    current medications and supplements, answers to questions, a
    physical exam and a fully-explained treatment plan etc…

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