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The Mediterranean Diet works in different ways depending on which “Mediterranean” part of the Mediterranean Diet you are talking about. Because Italians eat differently from Greeks, who eat differently from the French and so on, it all depends on which style you choose as to how the actual diet goes.

However, the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston developed a Mediterranean Diet pyramid which goes over all the important foods of the diet. Mostly, the diet consists of lots of stuff that is good for you, lots of stuff that taste good but might not be so good for you, but none of the red meats and other sweet treats that many people crave. Of course what would a Mediterranean Diet be without a little bit of wine? This is allowed in moderation and, yes, you are expected to work out as well.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is a popular diet, but the results that participants have experienced are really a mixed bag. Some say that they lose a lot of weight on the diet, but usually those are individuals who are obese to begin with. Others say they have moderate success and still others claim actual weight gain as a result of the diet.

Of course those who incorporate exercise with the Mediterranean Diet had better success than those who didn’t. This is likely why the Mediterranean Diet strongly encourages exercise.

Is the Mediterranean Diet Easy to Follow?

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the easiest diets to follow, but honestly, they don’t ask you to give up a whole lot. What they have you give up is made up for with rich oils, like olive oil, and even wine, so it’s kind of like taking away some candy and then replacing it with different candy. So, it might not be hard to follow the Mediterranean Diet, but with such loose rules on what you can and can’t eat, that likely explains the mixed bag of weight loss results.


The Mediterranean Diet can be pricey especially if you get fully immersed in the diet. Some bottles of wine can cost $60 or more and you have to remember that you will be looking at olive oils, nuts, artichokes, and other goodies that can cost a pretty penny.

You can get away with eating and drinking less expensive products, but that comes with consequences. First, you will likely not enjoy the diet as much as cheaper foods and beverages are just, cheaper. Additionally, when you are not eating the right items that the Mediterranean Diet calls for, any weight loss that might be expected to occur will likely not. So, unless you want to spend a bit of money, the Mediterranean Diet might not be the perfect diet for you.

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