Mend-a-Body Diet Review

The Mend-A-Body Diet is from the company by the same name that claims to specialize in wellness and waistline management. Along with meeting with a personalized coach, the Mend-A-Body Diet nutrition program is used to help participants achieve the body of their dreams.

The Mend-A-Body Diet consists of a very specific nutrition formula, which is a carefully mixed blend of 40-30-30. In layman’s terms this means 40% of a participant’s daily calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% coming from protein, and 30% coming from healthy fats. While much of the food that a participant will consume can be purchased at their local grocery store, there are also a number of supplements that the Mend-A-Body Diet offers for sale.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Mend-a-Body Diet?

Because dieters will be working one-on-one with a health and nutrition coach, they will likely lose weight, at least in the short-term. However, any long-term weight loss success, or failure, would really depend on each individual. Should a participant not wish to continue with the Mend-A-Body Diet program, then it would be up to their own will to maintain the lessons learned. Should they return to their “normal” level of eating and/or living they may lose much, or all, of the weight loss success that they might have already gained.

Is the Mend-a-Body Diet Easy to Follow?

With the advice of a personal coach and a well crafted diet plan, the Mend-A-Body Diet is probably easy to follow as far as what to do and what not to do. However, it should be noted that the diet itself will be one that restricts participants of many of the everyday foods that they might be accustomed to. Therefore, cravings will likely occur, and will have to be fought off consistently for optimal results.

In addition, daily physical activity will be required. The problem is that the actual activity is not defined until a participant meets with their health and nutrition coach. This might mean facing an exercise regimen that is too tough to handle for some, which can lead to a weight loss deadlock.


The Mend-A-Body Diet might be a diet that can work for some, but it is also a diet that comes with plenty of costs. There is first the cost of the program that you choose which can vary many degrees. Then there is the cost of supplements, which again can vary many degrees.

In fact, on the company website under the frequently asked questions, the question about cost is simply answered with, “Our program is one of the cheapest around as the return for pounds lost and health gained are usually much better for your investment than most other programs.” Such a statement is not one that lends a lot of confidence to how straightforward pricing is going to be. This leads to the thought that when it is all added up, the cost of the coach, supplements, and other factors, is quite likely going to be too much for the average dieter.

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  • Ashley Eng

    I am writing with great concern. I have worked for Mend-A-Body Solutions for over 5 years and saw your write up explaining the diet. It is completely inaccurate. Whoever wrote the review/analysis has clearly not done their research and knows very little about our program. Having done this lifestyle and coaching thousands over the years and keeping the weight off myself, I find it very insulting.

  • wizdomcraze

    wow. terrible reviews for this diet. Let ME tell you about it since I lost 70 lbs in 4 months on it. I have also done weight watchers too many times to count and Jenny Craig twice. Mend A Body (MAB) is a high fiber, non inflammatory, low glycemic diet that is particular in a few things; the amount of time between meals, certain hi fiber, lo glycemic foods, lowfat proteins, certain fats, proper meal sizes, to name a few. These particulars are easily assimilated into your life within a couple of weeks. The first week is different than the weeks that follow in that it clears the glucose from your cells- very quickly. It’s not an easy week but it’s the most motivating week (I lost 14 lbs that week- most lose around 10) and it clears the sugars out of your system so that you have no cravings. That is the feature that makes it successful for me- it was easy to follow because my cravings were gone. Completely. That was very strange AND liberating to me.
    They offer support by the coaches on FB that supply recipes galore-no sitting in on boring demeaning WW meetings. : / You can sign up and become a coach yourself if you want.
    JC is highly processed food, treats are high in white carbs and sugar. Sure, the calories are proper for weight loss but only because the portions are small. I was CONSTANTLY , miserably hungry on JC, learning later that I still had lots of glucose flooding my system, keeping the cravings going.
    WW works but it’s a lot of work to stay on the diet and to many choices for me to make to be successful. And for me, a 1/2 to 1 1/2 lb loss a week is not enough to keep me motivated. On MAB, i could lose 3 1/3 lbs /wk on average when I was spot on the diet. During the summer, i would have cocktails and MAB approved dessert on the weekend and my weight loss dropped to 2- 2 1/2 lbs/wk. BIG difference for long term weight loss motivation. And sure, there were weeks when i lost nothing – those 3 day holiday weekends are diet killers.
    With MAB; buy your own supplements, many do. I get mine through my chiropractor. Shop their grocery store- I did until I knew where to find the products in grocery stores. I still order a few different items from them since I cannot find these in grocery stores.
    You do get a coach for a once a week weigh in for 6 weeks(if you choose that route. i did and it was worth every penny), then you’re on your own so to speak. She or he is always a phone call away after that or ask the FB community how they handled a problem. The support and recipes on FB was the difference for me.
    It’s been the only diet where I have been able to convert it to real life situations; I can cook for friends and they don’t know the difference. My teens and their friends LOVE the desserts.
    Addressing why it’s hard to get info about the program; if the particulars were widely known, they would be out of business. They are in a business to make money as are JC and WW. Read up on the owner and her struggles with weight gain entering middle age- rejecting her Dr.s comment that this is what happens to women in Middle age, and experimenting with and researching foods, she lost the weight, kept it off, tested it on her friends- they lost weight too – then went back to school to attain a degree in nutrition to make sure all bases were covered on the nutritional end and launched her business.
    FYI. I don’t work for her, have never met her, will get nothing in return for writing this review -but the diet works and I was scratching my head when I read the review. I also read the JC review- that’s way off too- not sure what’s up with the editor here but do your homework elsewhere before making a decision based on these reviews given here.

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