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Meratrim Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

Meratrim Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesMeratrim is a weight loss supplement created by Interhealth that contains two natural ingredients: sphaeranthus indices and garcinia mangostana. Both of these ingredients have been around for quite some time, and have been known to help the body combat fevers, rashes, fat loss, appetite, as well as achieve or maintain healthy BMI.* The flower, and fruit rind are mixed in a ratio of 3:1. It is said that this product can promote short-term weight loss only, and can be seen as a short-term fix, not a solution. There are some side effects noted when taking Meratrim, and those are slight stomach pain and nausea. There are many different brands of Meratrim out on the market today such as Puritans Pride, Re-Body, and Nutrigold.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Meratrim?

Interhealth put out a pretty bias study, which many people have been referring to in their notion of Meratrim as a scietificly proven product.* I went straight to the source of where it matters, and what is the actual customer base buying the product. What did they have to say? There was a higher number of 1 star reviews over any other star. That is not a good sign at all, especially when these people are not getting anything for their honest unbiased review. This is valuable. Many people initially purchased it because Dr. Oz endorsed it, and now many people are not taking Dr. Oz as seriously as they did just a few years back. This product made a lot of customers feel sick to their stomachs upon taking the pill. On top of the nausea, more customers noted that Meratrim did absolutely nothing but take their money away instead of pounds.

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Is Meratrim Easy To Follow?

This product is simple. You take a pill, and it is supposed to do it’s job. It is always quite frustrating when you spend an upwards of $90.00+ per bottle to follow instructions and see no results whatsoever.* As instructed you are to take two capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. With the number of bad reviews on this product, I would do your research before dropping $30.00-$40.00 or even $90+ on a bottle of these pills. This seems like just another weight loss gimmick that will only leave you feeling a little ill if anything.

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While there are some studies done on this product, they are produced and released by the company who is creating the product. Of course they are going to promote their product, and not send any negative vibes at the supplement. There is always a little hint of bias when a study is done by the company producing the product itself. These type of studies are generally created in a controlled environment which favors the good test results and excludes pieces of information.* For example, there are known studies done where a supplement is offered to people who are doing some type of restricted diet to “help” boost the results. So you have two types of participants: one group is on a diet and takes a supplement and another one is only dieting. First, there is no control on what type of diets each group does, another point to consider is how much weight do each groups have to lose? It is obvious that a 300 pound female will lose considerably larger amount of weight compared to a woman with only 10 pounds to lose even though they will be on the diet for the same period of time.* As you see it is very easy to manipulate the results of these studies when some of the key facts about it are not included. I am sure you have seen adds for different supplements in the newspapers and magazines. Next time you see one please read the small print. The “magic” of that said supplement will not seem as magic once you find out what those claims are based on. All in all, the customers speak for the product, and the reviews were pretty awful to say the least. Getting a three star review is pretty average, but there were a significant amount of reviews in the 1 star category, which does not leave me feeling very confident that Meratrim is the end to weight loss problems. On the bright side, the side effects are rather mild, if you have any at all so this is one positive Meratrim has going for it.

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